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Welcome to my survey of Meopta stereo reels. Meopta reels are described here in detail based on my many years of collecting. Plastikolor reels produced by "Kovopodnik Kladno" are also included as well as foreign production of View-Master reels (parent company in Portland, USA), Stereo-Rama (Italy) and Alto-Relevo (Brazil). Also included are examples of scarce View-master reels from the collection of Chinese Art. Stereo reels were also produced in small amounts in other different countries - An example is this scarce reel from the former East Germany (mostly Fairy tales).

Links to the sections of stereo reels are here:

Meopta Plastikolor View-Master
Stereo-Rama Alto-Relevo Chinese Art

When you click on "detail" in the list of Meopta reels, you will see the detailed entry of the selected stereo-reel. You can also find links, if any, to relevant themes in the website Wikipedia. There are only a few booklets in English. Most booklets are available in Czech - symbol Booklet in Czech available in the upper right corner. In the upper left corner you can switch the page to the Czech language.

At the present time, my Meopta reels survey is at 1310 reels, 1261 details, 975 booklets and 1256 pictures.

Meaning of additional letters in reel numbering:

  • x: There are no numbers given on some reels. In this case the reel number starts with the letter "x" in my list and then follows the number of the corresponding series.
  • v: Means variants, when reels with different contents are marked with the same number.
  • e: Means reels made for export (fairy tales, zoo), pictures were described in foreign language.

Other imperfections are described in detail for that particular reel - in notice.

Nearly one third of the titles was made from ORWO film material of bad quality. The colors turned magenta after time. Unfortunately it is not possible to get most of those reels in better quality at the present time. There is also a special categorie of Meopta reels with nude girls. Some of them were numbered (series 3) and normally sold, the others were commercial.

I have also rated each reel according to its rarity. This is based solely on my years of experience of collecting Meopta Reels. The scale is from 1 to 5, with "1" being common and "5" being scarce. When a reel has no detail, it is considered scarce and is rated a 5.

Series of Meopta stereo-reels

(total 40 published series marked yellow, in brackets are figures of numbered reels in series)

Mountains01 (48 pc)21 (3 pc)41 (22 pc)6181101
Towns02 (121 pc)22 (30 pc)42 (156 pc)62 (21 pc)82 (9 pc)102 (7 pc)
Culture - Nude girls03 (25 pc)234363 (1 pc)83103
Spas - Holiday resorts04 (56 pc)2444 (46 pc)64 (3 pc)84104
Rocks - Caves05 (56 pc)2545 (2 pc)6585105
Sights - Castles06 (123 pc)26 (30 pc)46 (33 pc)6686 (4 pc)106
Museums - Exibitions07 (10 pc)27 (5 pc)4767 (10 pc)87107
Rivers - Dams - Lakes08 (22 pc)2848 (10 pc)68 (1 pc)88108
Animals09 (44 pc)2949 (3 pc)6989109 (1 pc)
Sport10 (11 pc)30507090110
Fairy tales11 (51 pc)31517191111
Flora12 (10 pc)32527292112
Aircrafts13 (49 pc)33537393113
Various18 (15 pc)38 (12 pc)58 (8 pc)78 (13 pc)98 (7 pc)118
Expeditions19 (11 pc)39597999119
Commercial - Various20 (90 pc)406080100120