Reel No.TitleYear of issueFileFile No.
0004Boulder Dam, Scenic Auto Tour
0005Boulder Dam, Canyon Cruise I
0006Boulder Dam, Canyon Cruise II
0007Boulder Dam, Lake Mead Drive
0008Boulder Dam, Power House TourSet0008/0011/SP-9008
0009Boulder Dam, Boat Trip to Dam
0010Boulder City, Nevada1946
0011Boulder Dam, Nevada Set0008/0011/SP-9008
0013Virginia City, Nevada1956Set0013/0014/0183
0014Reno, Nevada1956Set0013/0014/0183
0015-ALas Vegas ISet0015-A/B/C
0015-BLas Vegas IISet0015-A/B/C
0015-CLas Vegas IIISet0015-A/B/C
0016Bryce Canyon National Park ISet0016/0017/0231
0017Bryce Canyon National Park II1948Set0016/0017/0231
0021Crater Lake National Park I1948Set0021/0022/0023
0022Crater Lake National Park II1954Set0021/0022/0023
0023Crater Lake National Park III1955Set0021/0022/0023
0026Grand Canyon National Park1948Set0026/0027/0030
0026-XGrand Canyon South Rim1948
0027Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim II1948Set0026/0027/0030
0028Grand Canyon National Park, West Rim Drive
0029Grand Canyon National Park, East Rim Drive
0030Grand Canyon National Park, Bright Angel Trail1948Set0026/0027/0030
0031Grand Canyon Nat'l. Park, Kaibab Trail, Arizona1948Set0031/0032/0036
0032Grand Canyon National Park, Havasupailand 1948Set0031/0032/0036
0036Grand Canyon North Rim, ArizonaSet0031/0032/0036
0036-XGrand Canyon North Rim & Mule Trips1948
0037The Arizona Meteor Crater, Near Winslow
0041Grand Teton National Park I1948Set0041/0042/0043
0042Grand Teton National Park II1948Set0041/0042/0043
0043Grand Teton National Park IIISet0041/0042/0043
0046Glacier National Park I, Montana1948Set0046/0047/0048
0047Glacier National Park II, Montana1948Set0046/0047/0048
0048 Glacier National Park III, Going to the Sun Highway1948Set0046/0047/0048
0049Glacier National Park, Mountain Trip
0051Garden of the Gods, Colorado1949Set0051/0234/0245
0052Frontier Town in the Adirondacks, North Hudson
0053Park of The Red Rocks, Colorado1949Set0053/0237/0246
0055-ABrooklyn ISet0055-A/B/C
0055-BBrooklyn IISet0055-A/B/C
0055-CBrooklyn IIISet0055-A/B/C
0056Golden Gate International Exposition, Foreign Exhibits
0056-A Coney Island I1956Set0056-A/B/C
0056-BConey Island II1956Set0056-A/B/C
0056-CConey Island III1956Set0056-A/B/C
0057Golden Gate International Exposition, Buildings
0057-ALong Island ISet0057-A/B/C
0057-BLong Island IISet0057-A/B/C
0057-CLong Island IIISet0057-A/B/C
0058Golden Gate International Exposition, 1940
0059Golden Gate - International Exposition at Night1940
0061Hula Dancers, Hawaii I1951Set0061/0064/0073
0062Hula Dancers, Hawaii IISet0062/0063/0065
0063Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii1951Set0062/0063/0065
0064Island of Oahu HawaiiSet0061/0064/0073
0065Volcanic Eruption Puna, Hawaii Feb.-Mar. 19551955Set0062/0063/0065
0066Hawaii the Orchid Island1951Set0066/0067/0072
0067Island of Maui HawaiiSet0066/0067/0072
0068Flowers of Hawaii I1951Set0068/0069/0070
0069Flowers of Hawaii II1951Set0068/0069/0070
0070Flowers of Hawaii III
0071 Hawaii National Park, Islands of Hawaii & Maui1951Set
0072Island of Kauai, HawaiiSet0066/0067/0072
0073Waikiki, Island of Oahu, Hawaii1949Set0061/0064/0073
0074Lee Mansion, Arlington National Cemetery
0075Yorktown, Battlefield of IndependenceSet0075/0182/0262
0076Mount Vernon, VirginiaSet0076/0076-B/C
0076-AMount Vernon - Home of G. Washington, Virginia I1956Set0076-A/B/C
0076-BMount Vernon - Home of G. Washington, Virginia II1956Set0076/0076-B/C
0076-CMount Vernon - Home of G. Washington, Virginia III 1956Set0076/0076-B/C
0077Interior, Washington's Home, Mount Vernon
0077-AJamestown Festival ISet0077-A/B/C
0077-BJamestown Festival IISet0077-A/B/C
0077-CJamestown Festival IIISet0077-A/B/C
0078-ABlue Ridge Parkway ISet0078-A/B/C
0078-BBlue Ridge Parkway IISet0078-A/B/C
0078-CBlue Ridge Parkway IIISet0078-A/B/C
0079-ANatural Bridge of Virginia ISet0079-A/B/C
0079-BNatural Bridge of Virginia IISet0079-A/B/C
0079-CNatural Bridge of Virginia IIISet0079-A/B/C
0080-ACherokee Indians I1957Set0080-A/B/C
0080-BCherokee Indians II1957Set0080-A/B/C
0080-CCherokee Indians III1957Set0080-A/B/C
0081Niagara Falls1954Set0081/0082/0375
0082Niagara Falls in WinterSet0081/0082/0375
0083-A/B/COld Fort Niagara, Youngstown1957Set0083-A/B/C
0084The Edison Institute Museum, Dearborn I
0085The Edison Institute Museum, Dearborn II
0086 Franklin D. Roosevelt's Home, Hyde Park, NY1950
0087Statue of Liberty - National monument1956
0088New York World's Fair I, 1939-40
0089New York World's Fair II, 1939-40
0089-A/B/CSanta's Workshop, North Pole1956Set0089-A/B/C
0091Oregon Caves Nat'l. Monument I1957Set0091/0092/0093
0092Oregon Caves National Monument IISet0091/0092/0093
0093Oregon Caves National Monument III1957Set0091/0092/0093
0096Scenic Coast of Oregon1957
0096-A Scenic Coast of OregonSet0096-A/B/C
0096-BPacific Coast - Oregon Beaches II1957Set0096-A/B/C
0096-CPacific Coast - Oregon Beaches III1957Set0096-A/B/C
0097Oregon Coast, Southern Section
0099-APetersen's Rock Gardens, Redmond I1955Set0099-A/B/C
0099-BPetersen's Rock Gardens, Redmond II1955Set0099-A/B/C
0099-CPetersen's Rock Gardens, Redmond III1955Set0099-A/B/C
0101Rocky Mt. National Park I - Trail Ridge Road1949Set0101/0102/SP-9042
0102Rocky Mt. National Park II - Lakes & West Region1949 Set0101/0102/SP-9042
0104Seattle, Washington1954
0105Rainier National Park, GlaciersSet105/106/107
0106Rainier National Park, Sunrise SideSet105/106/107
0107Rainier National Park, Paradise Side ISet105/106/107
0108Rainier National Park, Paradise Side II
0109Rainier National Park, Paradise Side III
0110Rainier National Park, Wild Flowers
0111Redwood Highway I1954Set0111/0112/0113
0112Redwood Highway II1954Set0111/0112/0113
0113Redwood Highway III1954Set0111/0112/0113
0115Sequoia National Park I, California1954Set0115/0116/0117
0116Sequoia National Park II, California1954Set0115/0116/0117
0117Sequoia National Park III, California1954Set0115/0116/0117
0118Kings Canyon National Park, California
0119-A/B/CThe Church of Latter-Day Saints, Historic Places & TemplesISet0119-A/B/C
0121Salt Lake City1949
0121-A/B/CSalt Lake City1949Set0121-A/B/C
0122Mormon Temple and Grounds, Salt Lake City
0124Dells of the Wisconsin River1950
0124-ADells of the Wisconsin River I1954Set0124-A/B/C
0124-BDells of the Wisconsin River II1954Set0124-A/B/C
0124-BIndian Ceremonial, Wisconsin Dells1954Set0124-A/B/C
0126Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon Area1948Set0126/0127/0128
0127Yellowstone National Park, Mammoth Area1948Set0126/0127/0128
0128Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful Area1948Set0126/0127/0128
0129Yellowstone National Park, Lower Basin Area1948
0131 Yosemite Nat'l. Park I1948Set0131/0132/0133
0132Yosemite National Park II1954Set0131/0132/0133
0133Yosemite National Park III1954Set0131/0132/0133
0135-A/B/CMount Lassen & Mount ShastaSet0135-A/B/C
0136Washington D.C. I1950
0136-AWashington D.C. I1955Set0136-A/B/C
0136-BWashington D.C. II1955Set0136-A/B/C
0136-CWashington D.C. III1955Set0136-A/B/C
0137Washington D.C. II1950
0139U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis1948
0141Zion National Park1948
0141-AZion National Park I1959Set0141-A/B/C
0141-BZion National Park II1959Set0141-A/B/C
0141-CZion National Park III1959Set0141-A/B/C
0142Zion National Park1948
0143Daytona Beach
0144Palm Beach & West Palm Beach
0145Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Portland
0146Sancruary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Ore.
0147The Sven Dolors Portland, Ore.
0148Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother - The Grotto & Grounds
0149Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother - Monastery & Gardens
0150-A/B/CSanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Portland1955Set0150-A/B/C
0151Columbia River Highway, Oregon1950
0152Waterfalls Along Columbia River Highway
0153Bonneville Dam, Columbia River Highway
0154-AAtlantic City I, New Jersey1957Set0154-A/B/C
0154-BAtlantic City II, New Jersey1957Set0154-A/B/C
0154-CAtlantic City III, New JerseySet 0154-A/B/C
0155Miss America Beauty Pageant, Atlantic City1954
0156New York City I1952Set0156/0157/0158
0157New York City II1950Set0156/0157/0158
0158New York City III1952Set0156/0157/0158
0159Fruits & Flowers
0160St. Augustine, Florida1949
0161Silver Springs, Florida1948Set0161/0161-A/B
0161-ASilver Springs, Florida I1948Set0161/0161-A/B
0161-BSilver Springs, Florida II1955Set0161/0161-A/B
0161-C Silver Springs, Florida III1955Set0161/0161-A/B
0162Overseas Hwy. and Key West
0163Miami Beach1949Set0163/0165/0395
0164Cypress Gardens, Florida1949
0164-ABeautiful Cypress Gardens I, Florida1955Set0164-A/B/C
0164-BBeautiful Cypress Gardens II, Florida1955Set0164-A/B/C
0164-CWater Skiing Thrills, Cypress Gardens, Florida1955Set0164-A/B/C
0165Miami, Florida1949Set0163/0165/0395
0166Marine Studios, Marineland
0166-AMarine Studios I, Marineland 1955Set0166-A/B/C
0166-BMarine Studios II, Marineland1955Set0166-A/B/C
0166-CMarine Studios III, Marineland1955Set0166-A/B/C
0167Bok Tower, Florida1955
0168Water Skiing Cypress Garden, Florida1949
0169Everglades National Park, Florida1955
0170Sarasota, Florida1954
0171McKee Jungle Gardens, Vero Beach1954Set0171/0171-B/C
0171-B,CSpanish Monastery, North Miami Beach1956Set0171/0171-B/C
0172-AParrot Jungle, Miami Florida1955Set 0172-A/B/C
0172-BBird Performances - Parrot Jungle, Miami Florida1955Set0172-A/B/C
0172-CExotic Birds - Parrot Jungle, Miami Florida1955Set0172-A/B/C
0173Bok Tower, Mountain Lake
0174Monument Valley, Arizona nad Utah1949
0175Navajo Indians1949
0176Petrified Forest Nat'l. Monument, Arizona1959Set0176/0177/0178
0177Painted Desert, Arizona1959Set0176/0177/0178
0178Desert Scenes, Arizona1948Set0176/0177/0178
0179Tucson, Arizona
0181Colonial Williamsburg1948
0181-AWilliamsburg I - Colonial Restoration1955Set0181-A/B/C
0181-BWilliamsburg II - Colonial Restoration1955Set0181-A/B/C
0181-CWilliamsburg III - Colonial Craft Shops1955Set0181-A/B/C
0182Historic FredericksburgSet0075/0182/0262
0183Lake Tahoe, California1954Set0013/0014/0183
0184The Monterey Peninsula, California
0185-A/B/CMonticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson1955Set0185-A/B/C
0186Palm Springs
0187The Mariner's Museum, Newport News
0188Santa Barbara
0189Mission San Juan Capistrano, California
0190-ACalifornia Missions - San Diego to Santa Barbara1957Set0190-A/B/C
0190-BCalifornia Missions - Santa Inez to Carmel1957Set0190-A/B/C
0190-CCalifornia Missions - San Juan Bautista to Sonoma1957Set0190-A/B/C
0191Lambert Gardens, Portland
0192Cave of the Mounds, Blue Mounds1956
0193Lambert Gardens, Portland - Summer
0194-AThe Beautiful Caverns of Luray I, Virginia1955Set0194-A/B/C
0195Beautiful Caverns of Luray II
0196Grand Coulee Dam, Washington1949
0198San Francisco, California1948
0198-ASan Francisco, California I1955Set0198-A/B/C
0198-BSan Francisco, California II1955Set0198-A/B/C
0198-CSan Francisco, California III1955Set0198-A/B/C
0198-XSan Francisco, California1956
0199-A/B/CMonterey to Santa Barbara1957Set0199-A/B/C
0200-A Pacific Coast - La Jolla, Mexico1957Set0200-A/B/C
0200-BPacific Coast - San Diego, California1957Set0200-A/B/C
0200-CPacific Coast - Tijuana, Mexico1957Set0200-A/B/C
0201Santa Catalina Island
0202The Corn Palace, Mitchell
0203The Black Hills, South Dakota1950
0203-AThe Black Hills I, South Dakota1954Set0203-A/B/0204
0203-BThe Black Hills II, South Dakota1954Set0203-A/B/0204
0204Badlands National Monument1954Set0203-A/B/0204
0205 Duluth and North Shore Drive, Minnesota1950
0206Sun Valley, Idaho, Winter
0206-A/B/CSun Valley1952Set0206-A/B/C
0207Sun Valley, Idaho, Summer
0209-A/B/CMinnesota State Parks1957Set0209-A/B/C
0211Timberline Lodge & Mt. Hood - Winter Scenes
0212Mt. Hood Oregon Loop Trip
0213-A/B/CLake Arrowhead & Santa's VillageSet0213-A/B/C
0214-ASan Diego Zoo I1955Set0214-A/B/C
0214-BSan Diego Zoo II1955Set0214-A/B/C
0214-CSan Diego Zoo III1955Set0214-A/B/C
0215Farmer's Market, Los AngelesSet0215/0219/0221
0216Kentucky Lake, Water Wonderland ISet0216/0217/0218
0217Kentucky Lake, Water Wonderland IISet0216/0217/0218
0218Kentucky Lake, Water Wonderland IIISet0216/0217/0218
0219Hollywood, CaliforniaSet0215/0219/0221
0220Homes of Hollywood Movie Stars
0221Los Angeles, California1948Set0215/0219/0221
0222Tournament of Roses, Pasadena1953
0223 Los Angeles Area, Coastal Towns
0224-A/B/CMarineland of the PacificSet0224-A/B/C
0226Mesa Verde National Park I1949Set0226/0227/SP-9055
0227Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado1949Set0226/0227/SP-9055
0231Cedar Breaks Nat'l. Monument UtahSet0016/0017/0231
0232-AKnotts Berry Farm & Ghost Town #2Set0232-A/B/C
0232-BKnotts Berry Farm & Ghost Town #2Set0232-A/B/C
0232-CKnotts Berry Farm & Ghost Town #2Set0232-A/B/C
0234Cave of The Winds, Colorado1947Set0051/0234/0245
0236Million Dollar HighwaySet0236/0238/SP-9043
0237Berthoud Pass Highway 40, Rocky Mountains1949Set0053/0237/0246
0238Royal Gorge, ColoradoSet0236/0238/SP-9043
0239Monarch Pass, U.S. Highway 50
0240Central City
0241North and South Cheyenne Canyon1947
0243Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain
0244-A/B/CDenver Natural History MuseumSet0244-A/B/C
0245Pike's Peak, Colorado1949Set0051/0234/0245
0246Denver and Denver Mt. Parks 1949Set0053/0237/0246
0248Upper Michigan1949
0249Iowa, The Hawkeye State1951
0251Carlsbad Caverns Nat'l Park I, New MexicoSet0251/0252/0253
0252Carlsbad Caverns Nat'l Park II, New MexicoSet0251/0252/0253
0253Carlsbad Caverns Nat'l Park III, New MexicoSet0251/0252/0253
0254-A/B/CStorybook Land, Wisconsin DellsSet0254-A/B/C
0255Skiing in New England1957Set0255/0273/0277
0256Mount Lassen, Volcanic National Park
0257Acadia Nat'l. Park Maine
0258Cannon Mt. Aerial Tramway N.H.Set0258/0266/0267
0259Crawford Notch, Eastern Slope, White MountainsSet0259/0260/0270
0260Franconia Notch, Lost River, White MountainsSet0259/0260/0270
0261Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
0262Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive in AutumnSet0075/0182/0262
0263Adirondack Mountains
0264Ausable Chasm
0265White Mountains, New Hampshire
0266Mt. Washington & Cog RoadSet0258/0266/0267
0267Cranmore Mt. Skimobile Tramway, White Mt.Set0258/0266/0267
0268Santa's Village1955
0269Old Covered Bridges New England
0270Lake GeorgeSet0259/0260/0270
0271Rural Connecticut1950
0272Vermont State, North Section1947
0273Maine Seacoast York to Cape PorpoiseSet0255/0273/0277
0274Mt. Monadnock, Autumn Foliage
0275The Mohawk Trail Autumn Foliage Mass.
0276Cape Cod, Mass.1946
0277 Autumn Foliage of New EnglandSet0255/0273/0277
0278Boston Mass.
0280Historic Plymouth Mass.
0281Santa Fe
0282Santa Fe, New Mexico1948
0283Taos, New Mexico
0284Death Valley National Monument I
0285Death Valley National Monument II
0286Indian Tribal Ceremonial Gallup1948
0287White Sands National Monument
0288Aztec Ruins National Monument
0289Desert Cactus in Bloom
0290Desert Wildflowers in Bloom
0291California Wild Flowers
0292Oak Creek Canyon and Vicinity
0293Central & Southern Arizona
0294Indian Arts and Crafts1948
0295St. Louis Zoological Park I
0296St. Louis Zoological Park II
0297St. Louis Zoological Park III
0298Abe Lincoln's New Salem & Springfield, Illinois1950
0299 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas1949
0299-AHot Springs National Park, General Scenes1957Set299-A/B/C
0299-BHot Springs National Park, Bath Houses1957Set299-A/B/C
0299-CHot Springs National Park, Activities1957Set299-A/B/C
0301Alaska Bound, Alaska
0302Ketchikan Juneau, Alaska
0303Alaska Skagway - White Pass & West Taku Arm
0304Juneau and The Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska1960Set0304/0306/0308
0306Mount McKinley, National Park Alaska 1950Set0304/0306/0308
0307Ketchikan and Vicinity1950
0308Anchorage, Alaska1950Set0304/0306/0308
0309The Eskimos, Alaska1950
0311Vancouver, British Columbia1948Set0311/0311-B/C
0311-B,CVancouver, British Columbia1957Set0311/0311-B/C
0313Victoria B.C. and Butchart's Gardens1950Set0313/0313-B/C
0313-B,CVictoria & Butchart Gardens, British Columbia1950Set0313/0313-B/C
0313v2Victoria and Vicinity, British Columbia1948Set0313/0313-B/C
0314 Victoria, British Columbia & Butchart's Gardens
0316Jasper National Park ISet
0317Jasper National Park IISet
0318Banff - Canadian Rockies, AlbertaSet0318/0320/SP-9004
0319Banff Nat'l. Park Lake Louise1948Set
0320Indians Days - Banff, Alberta1948Set0318/0320/SP-9004
0321Waterton Lakes National Park
0322Calgary Stampede, Alberta
0323-A/B/CPrairie Provinces1957Set0323-A/B/C
0324-A/B/CShiloh National Military Park1957Set 0324-A/B/C
0325-A/B/CRock City Gardens1955Set0325-A/B/C
0326Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain
0326-BLookout Mountain, Chattanooga1955
0327Scenes of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga
0327-ALookout Mountain I, Chattanooga1955Set0327-A/B/C
0327-BLookout Mountain II, Chattanooga1955Set0327-A/B/C
0327-CLookout Mountain III, Chattanooga1955Set0327-A/B/C
0328San Antonio, Texas
0330The French Quarter, New Orleans1955Set0330/0331/0332
0331New Orleans, Louisiana1955Set0330/0331/0332
0332The Mardi Gras, New Orleans1949Set0330/0331/0332
0333Chicago - Illinois1948Set0333/0333-B/C
0333-BChicago IISet0333/0333-B/C
0333-CChicago IIISet0333/0333-B/C
0334Natchez "The Old South", Mississippi1951
0335Bellingrath Gardens, MobileSet0335/0335-B/C
0335-BBellingrath Gardens, MobileSet0335/0335-B/C
0335-CBellingrath Gardens, MobileSet0335/0335-B/C
0336 Great Smoky Mts. Nat'l. Park, Tenn. I
0337Great Smoky Mts. Nat'l. Park, Tenn. II
0338Lookout Mountain Chattanooga, Tenn.
0339Mammoth Cave Nat'l Park I, Kentucky
0339-AMammoth Cave National Park I1955Set0339-A/B/C
0339-BMammoth Cave National Park II1955Set0339-A/B/C
0339-CMammoth Cave National Park III1955Set0339-A/B/C
0340Mammoth Cave National Park
0341-A/B/CKentucky Lake, Water WonderlandSet0341-A/B/C
0342 Race Horses of the Bluegrass Country Kentucky1952
0343Roosvelt's Little White House1949
0344Howe Caverns I
0345Howe Cavern's New York II
0347Gettysburg National Military Monument I
0348Gettysburg National Military Monument II
0349Amish Country, Pennsylvania1951
0350Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1953Set0350/0351/0352
0351Historic Philadelphia & Valley Forge1948Set0350/0351/0352
0352Independence Nat'l Historical Park, Philadelphia 1956Set0350/0351/0352
0353-APhipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh1955Set0353-A/B/C
0353-BFall Flower Show, Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh1955Set0353-A/B/C
0353-CPhipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh1955Set0353-A/B/C
0355-AGreat Smoky Mountains I1954Set0335-A/B/C
0355-BGreat Smoky Mountains II1954Set0335-A/B/C
0355-CGreat Smoky Mountains III1954Set0335-A/B/C
0359-A/B/CIda Cason Callaway Gardens1957Set0359-A/B/C
0360Historic Charleston, South Carolina 1950
0360-A/B/CCircus Hall of Fame, Sarasota1957Set0360-A/B/C
0361Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, St. Augustine
0362Carriage Cavalcade Cars, Silver Springs
0363Ross Allen's Reptile Institute, Seminole Indian Village
0364Tommy Bartlett's International Deer Ranch, Silver Springs
0365Kansas, The Wheat State
0366The Great Masterpiece, Lake Wales
0367-A/B/CSunken Gardens, St. PetersburgSet0367-A/B/C
0368The Florida Keys
0369Will Rogers Memorial, Claremore
0370Oklahoma, The Sooner State1951
0371Tropical Hobbyland, Miami
0372-AOzark Mountains, Arkansas and Missouri I1957Set0372-A/B/C
0372-BOzark Mountains, Arkansas and Missouri II1957Set0372-A/B/C
0372-COzark Mountains, Arkansas and Missouri III1957Set0372-A/B/C
0373Mark Twain's Home Town, Hannibal
0374Onondaga Caves, Leasburg
0375Niagara Falls, Ontario1948Set0081/0082/0375
0376 Toronto, Ontario1946Set0376/0376-B/C
0376-BCentral Ontario, Toronto Area IISet0376/0376-B/C
0376-CCentral Ontario, Toronto Area IIISet0376/0376-B/C
0377Hamilton & Vicinity, Ontario1955Set0377/0377-B/C
0377-BNiagara Peninsula & Southwestern Ontario II1955Set0377/0377-B/C
0377-CNiagara Peninsula & Southwestern Ontario III1957Set0377/0377-B/C
0378Ottawa, Ontario1950Set0378/0379-A/B
0379-AThousand Islands, Ontario & New York1956Set0378/0379-A/B
0379-BKingston and Old Ford Henry1956 Set0378/0379-A/B
0380Montreal, Quebec1946Set380-A/B/C
0380-AMontreal, Quebec1956Set380-A/B/C
0380-BMontreal, Quebec II1956Set380-A/B/C
0380-CMontreal, Quebec III1956Set380-A/B/C
0381Montreal and Vicinity, Que.1946
0382Laurentian Mt. Area, Que.1946
0383Quebec City I1948Set0383/0384/0387
0384Quebec City II1948Set0383/0384/0387
0385Quebec City and Vicinity1946
0386Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec1947
0387Rural Quebec1946Set0383/0384/0387
0388Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec1951
0389St. Joseph's Oratory, Mt. Royal, Montreal, Quebec1953
0390-A,BSainte Anne de BeaupréSet0390-A/B
0391Skiing in the Laurentians, Quebec
0393-A/B/CWeeki Wachee, "Spring of the Mermaids"1956Set0393-A/B/C
0394-ASeaquarium Miami, Florida I1956Set0394-A/B/C
0394-BSeaquarium Miami, Florida II1956Set0394-A/B/C
0394-CSeaquarium Miami, Florida III1956Set0394-A/B/C
0395Greater Miami AreaSet0163/0165/0395
0396-AMaritime Provinces I - Nova Scotia1956Set0396-A/B/C
0396-BMaritime Provinces II - New Brunswick1956Set0396-A/B/C
0396-CMaritime Provinces III - Prince Edward Island1956Set0396-A/B/C
0397-A/B/COntario Vacationlands1956Set0397-A/B/C
0398-AJohn & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota I1956Set0398-A/B/C
0398-BJohn & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota II1956Set0398-A/B/C
0398-CRingling Museum of Art, Sarasota Florida III1956Set0398-A/B/C
0399Shenandoah Caverns, America's Most Beautiful Cave
0400The Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower1953
0401Girl Scouts Serve Their Country
0405The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London I1953Set0405/0406/0407
0406The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London II1953Set0405/0406/0407
0407The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London III1953Set0405/0406/0407
0410-AThe Canonization of Blessed Pius X - I1954Set0410-A/B/C
0410-BThe Canonization of Blessed Pius X - II1954Set0410-A/B/C
0410-C The Canonization of Five Blesseds1954Set0410-A/B/C
0411Pope Pius XII, Memorable Moments, Rome1959
0417-AThe Wedding of Prince Rainier III - I1956Set0417-A/B/C
0417-BThe Wedding of Prince Rainier III - II1956Set0417-A/B/C
0417-CThe Wedding of Prince Rainier III - III1956Set0417-A/B/C
0420-AYour United Nations I, New York1955Set0420-A/B/C
0420-BYour United Nations II, New York1955Set0420-A/B/C
0420-CYour United Nations III, New York1955Set0420-A/B/C
0435-AEighth World Boy Scout Jamboree I1955 Set0435-A/B/C
0435-BEighth World Boy Scout Jamboree II1955Set0435-A/B/C
0435-CEighth World Boy Scout Jamboree III1955Set0435-A/B/C
0500-AMexico Pacific Highway to Lake Patzcuaro1957Set0500-A/B/C
0500-BMexico Pan American Highway to Mexico City1957Set0500-A/B/C
0500-CMexico Southern Lands1957Set0500-A/B/C
0501Mexico City I1948Set0501/0502/0503
0501-AMexico City I1951Set0501-A/B/C
0501-BMexico City II1951Set0501-A/B/C
0501-CMexico City III1951Set 0501-A/B/C
0502Mexico City II1948Set0501/0502/0503
0503Mexico City IIISet0501/0502/0503
0505Taxco & Cuernavaca
0506Pyramids of Teotihuacan and Tenayuca1948
0507Monte Alban & Mitlan Ruins, Oaxaca
0508Indians of Oaxaca
0509Monterrey & Pan-American Highway1948
0510Paricutin Volcano1948
0511-A/B/CAcapulco Set0511-A/B/C
0513Cholula & Tlaxcala
0514Tule Tree Fair, Oaxaca
0515Typical Scenes in Mexico1948
0516Lake Patzcuaro1946
0517Mexico City & Vicinity
0518Cuernavaca & Vicinity
0519Carnival at Amecameca1948
0520Chichen-Itza, Mayan Ruins, Yucatan
0521Yucatan Scenes & Uxmal Ruins
0522 La Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
0523Mexican Bullfight
0524Charros, Costumes and Dances of Mexico1948
0525Puebla - Vera Cruz
0530Panama City I1948
0531Panama City II
0532Old Panama - Fort San Lorenzo1946
0533Panama City to Colon1948
0534Native Indians of Panama1948
0541San Jose and Vicinity, Costa Rica1948
0542Cartago & the Irazu Volcano
0543Scenes of Costa Rica
0544Costa Rica
0548San Salvador and Vicinity 1946
0549El Salvador
0550-AGuatemala I1957Set0550-A/B/C
0550-BGuatemala II1957Set0550-A/B/C
0550-CGuatemala Land of Volcan Central America1957Set0550-A/B/C
0551Guatemala City1948
0553Antigua & Lake Atitlan
0554Lake Atitlan
0555Highland Indians of Guatemala1948
0559Tegucigalpa, "Silver Hill"
0561Managua and Vicinity1946
0562Magnificent Managua
0564San Juan, Puerto Rico1946Set0564/0595/0597
0565San Juan to Ponce
0571Morro Castle, Havana
0572Havana I1948
0573Havana II
0574Havana III
0575Varadero Beach
0577Scenes of Cuba
0582Jamaica, North Coast1946
0583Jamaica, British West Indies
0585Port of Spain & Saddle Road
0586Port of Spain & Asphalt Lake
0587Trinidad, Land of Calypso, West Indies
0590The People of Haiti1946
0591Haiti, Magic Island, West Indies
0592Ciudad Trujillo1948
0593Ciudad Trujillo, New World's Oldest City
0595-AIsland of Bermuda I1947Set0595-A/B/C
0595-BIsland of Bermuda II1947Set0595-A/B/C
0595-CIsland of Bermuda III1947Set0595-A/B/C
0598Nassau, New World Riviera
0601Scenes of Colombia1947
0602Bogota I1946
0603Bogota II
0612Rural Life in Ecuador1946
0613Scenes of Ecuador1946
0615Quito & the Equator
0621Lima I1948
0622Arequipa to Cuzco
0623Ruins of Pachacamac, Lima
0624Ruins of Cajamarquilla, Lima
0625Ruins of Sacsahuaman Fortress, Cuzco
0628Lima II
0641 Santiago
0642Valparaiso & Vina del Mar
0643Lakes Region
0651La Paz
0656Buenos Aires I
0657Buenos Aires II
0664Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands West Indies
0666Santos & Sao Paulo
0667La Plata
0669Petropolis & Vicinity
0670Rio de Janeiro I1946Set0670/0671/0675
0671Rio de Janeiro II1948Set0670/0671/0675
0672Rio de Janeiro & Sugar Loaf Mountain
0673Rio de Janeiro & the Corcovado
0675Carnival, Rio de Janeiro1946Set0670/0671/0675
0691Paramaribo and Natives of Surinam1946
0697Montevideo I
0698Montevideo II
0701A Day at The Circus I1952Set0701/0702/0703
0702A Day at The Circus II1952Set0701/0702/0703
0703A Day at The Circus III1952Set0701/0702/0703
0705-ARoyal Canadian Mounted Police I1956Set0705-A/B/C
0705-BRoyal Canadian Mounted Police II1956Set0705-A/B/C
0705-CRoyal Canadian Mounted Police III1956Set0705-A/B/C
0705-XRoyal Canadian Mounted Police1956
0710Fire Fighters in Action1953
0715Down on The Farm1953
0720Bullfight in Spain1953
0725Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues ISet0725/0726/0727
0726Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues IISet0725/0726/0727
0727 Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues IIISet0725/0726/0727
0740Movie Stars Hollywood I1954Set0740/0741/0742
0741Movie Stars Hollywood II1954Set0740/0741/0742
0742Movie Stars Hollywood III1954Set0740/0741/0742
0745Television Stars I1955Set0745/0746/0747
0746Television Stars II1955Set0745/0746/0747
0747Television Stars III1956Set0745/0746/0747
0750Pinky Lee's Seven Days
0755-ACaptain Kangaroo - In The Bunny Rabbit Hunt1957Set0755-A/B/C
0760-A Aircraft Carrier in Action at See I1956Set0760-A/B/C
0760-BAircraft Carrier in Action at See II1956Set0760-A/B/C
0760-CAircraft Carrier in Action at See III1956Set0760-A/B/C
0770-AHunters of the Plains I1957Set0770-A/B/C
0770-BHunters of the Plains II1957Set0770-A/B/C
0770-CHunters of the Plains III1957Set0770-A/B/C
0771-A/B/CRiders of the Desert1957Set0771-A/B/C
0800Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd The Hunter1951
0805-AMax und Moritz ISet0805-A/B/C
0805-B Max und Moritz IISet0805-A/B/C
0805-CMax und Moritz IIISet0805-A/B/C
0810Tom and Jerry in The Cat Trapper1951
0812-AThe Two Mouseketeers in "Touché Pussycat"1956Set0812-A/B/C
0812-BDroopy in "Funny Bullets"1956Set0812-A/B/C
0812-CSpike and Tyke in "Mancatchers"1956Set0812-A/B/C
0820Woody Woodpecker in the Pony Express Ride1951
0821Woody Woodpecker in "The Bill Collector"1955Set0821/0822/0823
0822Andy Panda in "Mystery Tracks"Set0821/0822/0823
0823Chilly Willy the Penguin in "No Fishing"1955Set0821/0822/0823
0830-ABobby, the Bunny1957Set0830-A/B/C
0830-BThe Little Red HenSet0830-A/B/C
0830-CSkippy, the Squirrel1957Set0830-A/B/C
0842-ADonald Duck1957Set0842-A/B/C
0842-BChip and Dale1957Set0842-A/B/C
0842-CUncle Scrooge1957Set0842-A/B/C
0844-AGoofy, Traveling Cameraman I1957Set0844-A/B/C
0844-BGoofy, Traveling Cameraman II1957Set0844-A/B/C
0844-CGoofy, Traveling Cameraman III 1957Set0844-A/B/C
0851-ADisneyland No.1: Main Street U.S.A. ISet0851-A/B/C
0851-BDisneyland No.1: Main Street U.S.A. IISet0851-A/B/C
0851-CDisneyland No.1: Main Street U.S.A. IIISet0851-A/B/C
0852-ADisneyland No.2 - Frontierland ISet0852-A/B/C
0852-BDisneyland No.2 - Frontierland IISet0852-A/B/C
0852-CDisneyland No.2 - Frontierland IIISet0852-A/B/C
0853-ADisneyland No.3: Adventureland ISet0853-A/B/C
0853-BDisneyland No.3: Adventureland IISet0853-A/B/C
0853-C Disneyland No.3: Adventureland IIISet0853-A/B/C
0854-ADisneyland No.4 - Fantasyland I1959Set0854-A/B/C
0854-BDisneyland No.4 - Fantasyland II1959Set0854-A/B/C
0854-CDisneyland No.4: Fantasyland III1959Set0854-A/B/C
0855-ADisneyland No.5 - Tomorrowland ISet0855-A/B/C
0855-BDisneyland No.5 -Tomorrowland IISet0855-A/B/C
0855-CDisneyland No.5 - Tomorrowland IIISet0855-A/B/C
0856-AMickey Mouse Club Circus Visits Disneyland ISet0856-A/B/C
0856-BMickey Mouse Club Circus Visits Disneyland IISet 0856-A/B/C
0856-CMickey Mouse Club Circus Visits Disneyland IIISet0856-A/B/C
0865-AMickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers ISet0865-A/B/C
0865-BMickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers IISet0865-A/B/C
0865-CMickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers IIISet0865-A/B/C
0880-AThe Cat Family ISet0880-A/B/C
0880-BThe Cat Family IISet0880-A/B/C
0880-CThe Cat Family IIISet0880-A/B/C
0890-AButterflies of North America I1955Set0890-A/B/C
0890-BButterflies of North America II1955Set 0890-A/B/C
0890-CButterflies of North America III1955Set0890-A/B/C
0895-AWild Birds of North America in Natural Habitat I1955Set0895-A/B/C
0895-BWild Birds of North America in Natural Habitat II1955Set0895-A/B/C
0895-CWild Birds of North America in Natural Habitat III1955Set0895-A/B/C
0901Wild Animals in Natural Habitats Africa1948Set0901/0910÷914
0910Wild Animals of Africa in Captivity I1949Set0901/0910÷914
0911Wild Animals of Africa in Captivity II1949Set0901/0910÷914
0912Wild Animals of India in Captivity1949 Set0901/0910÷914
0913Wild Animals of North America in Captivity1949Set0901/0910÷914
0914Wild Animals of South America in Captivity1949Set0901/0910÷914
0920-ABattle Of The Monsters I1956Set0920-A/B/C
0920-BBattle Of The Monsters II1956Set0920-A/B/C
0920-CBattle Of The Monsters III1956Set0920-A/B/C
0925Performing Elephants St. Louis Zoo1950Set0925/0926/0927
0926Performing Chimpanzees St. Louis Zoo1951Set0925/0926/0927
0927Performing Lions St. Louis Zoo1951Set0925/0926/0927
0930-ARin-Tin-Tin in "Vanishing Guns"1955Set0930-A/B/C
0930-BRin-Tin-Tin in "Indian Ambush"1955Set0930-A/B/C
0930-CRin-Tin-Tin in "High Danger"1955Set0930-A/B/C
0933-ABrave Eagle Challenges, Chief Crooked Bear1956Set0933-A/B/C
0933-BBrave Eagle Cheats "Long Claws"1956Set0933-A/B/C
0933-CBrave Eagle and Keena Hunt Deer1956Set0933-A/B/C
0937-A/B/CJohnny MoccasinSet0937-A/B/C
0940Life with The Cowboys - The Rodeo1951
0942Life with The Cowboys - Cattle Roundup & Branding 1951
0944-ADale Evans "Queen of the West" in "Outlaws in Stripes"1955Set0944-A/B/C
0944-BDale Evans "Queen of the West" in "Dynamite for Dale"1955Set0944-A/B/C
0944-CDale Evans "Queen of the West" in "Jailbreak"1955Set0944-A/B/C
0945Roy Rogers King of The Cowboys & "Trigger"1950
0946Roy Rogers in "The Holdup" 1953Set0946/0951/0956
0948-ARoy Rogers in "Arrowhead Gold"1956Set0948-A/B/C
0948-BRoy Rogers in "Ghost Riders"1956Set0948-A/B/C
0948-CRoy Rogers in "Uranium Fever"1956Set 0948-A/B/C
0950Gene Autry and His Wonder Horse, "Champion"1950Set0950/0955/0960
0951Gene Autry in "The Kidnapping"1953Set0946/0951/0956
0955Hopalong Cassidy and "Topper"1950Set0950/0955/0960
0956Hopalong Cassidy in "The Cattle Rustler"1953Set0946/0951/0956
0960Cisco Kid and Pancho1950Set0950/0955/0960
0962-AThe Lone Ranger in "Mystery Rustler" ISet0962-A/B/C
0962-BThe Lone Ranger in "Mystery Rustler" IISet0962-A/B/C
0962-CThe Lone Ranger in "Mystery Rustler" IIISet0962-A/B/C
0965-A Buffalo Bill, Jr. ISet0965-A/B/C
0965-BBuffalo Bill, Jr. IISet0965-A/B/C
0965-CBuffalo Bill, Jr. IIISet0965-A/B/C
0967Silver Springs Attractions
0970-A/B/CTom Corbett, Space Cadet1954Set0970-A/B/C
0972-ARobin Hood Meets Friar Tuck1954Set0972-A/B/C
0972-BLittle John Joins The Merry Men1954Set0972-A/B/C
0972-CThe Shooting Match at Nottingham1954Set0972-A/B/C
0974-B20,000 Leagues Under The Sea II1954Set0974-A/B/C
0974-C 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea II1954Set0974-A/B/C
0975Adventures of Tarzan - Tarzan Rescues Cheta1955
0976-ATarzan Finds a Son1955Set0976-A/B/C
0976-BTarzan Saves The Jungle Explorer1955Set0976-A/B/C
0976-CTarzan Rescues Numa The Lion1955Set0976-A/B/C
0978-AThe Three Musketeers I1957Set0978-A/B/C
0978-BThe Three Musketeers II1957Set0978-A/B/C
0978-CThe Three Musketeers III1957Set0978-A/B/C
0980Garden Flowers of Spring1953Set0980/0981/0982
0981 Garden Flowers of Summer1953Set0980/0981/0982
0982Garden Flowers of Autumn1953Set0980/0981/0982
0985-ADesert Wild Flowers I1956Set0985-A/B/C
0985-BDesert Wild Flowers II1956Set0985-A/B/C
0985-CDesert Wild Flowers III1956Set0985-A/B/C
0990-AWonders of the Deep I1954Set0990-A/B/C
0990-BWonders of the Deep II1954Set0990-A/B/C
0990-CWonders of the Deep III1954Set0990-A/B/C
1001London I1948SetK-321200
1002London II1948Set K-321200
1003London IIISetK-321200
1004-ALondon Airport I
1004-BLondon Airport II1957
1005-ABritish European Airways, London Airport
1005-BBritish Overseas Airways Corporation, London Airport1957
1006St. Paul's Cathedral
1007Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, London1956
1008Trooping the Colour Ceremony, London
1009Kew Gardens, London
1010Hampton Court, Middlesex
1011The London Planetarium
1012The Tower of London1947
1013Windsor Castle1948
1014Chelsea Flower Show, London
1015Dover, Kent1948
1016Ramsgate to Herne Bay, Kent
1017Folkestone & Dover, Kent
1020Cambridge University1947
1025Shakespeare's Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire1948
1027Historic Canterbury, Kent1953
1030York, Yorkshire1947
1035Somerset Scenes1947
1036Wookey Hole Cave, Somerset
1037Cheddar Gorge and Caves Somerset
1038Bath, Somerset1947
1040Devon Scenes1947
1041Torquay, Devon
1042Kent's Cavern, Torquay, Devon
1045Clovelly, Devon
1047Sussex Scenes1947
1048Brighton, Sussex
1049Eastbourne, Sussex
1050Cornwall Beauty Spots1956
1051Cornwall II1959
1052St. Ives to Newquay, Cornwall
1053Newquay, Cornwall
1054Ilfracombe to Minehead
1057Bournemouth, Dorset
1060Blackpool and the Illuminations1959
1065The Peak District, Derbyshire
1070The Lake District I1958
1071 The Lake District II1958
1072Medieval City of York
1076Scarborough, Yorkshire
1079The Duke of Bedford's Woburn Abbey
1080Coventry Cathedral
1081Norwich & the Cathedral
1082Winchester & the Cathedral
1083Salisbury & the Cathedral
1084Clacton to Felixstowe, East Coast
1090The Isle of Wight I
1091The Isle of Wight II1958
1092Cowes Week, Isle of Wight
1100The Clipper Cutty Sark, Greenwich
1101H.M.S. Victory, Portsmouth
1102R.M.S. Queen Mary
1103R.M.S. Queen Elisabeth
1120The Wedding of Princess Alexandra, London 1963
1150Wales I1957
1151Wales II
1153Caldy Island, Wales
1170Jersey, Channel Islands1959
1200Robert Burns' Country, Scotland1953
1201 Loch Lomond, Scotland1953
1208Royal Deeside and Balmoral Castle, Scotland1959
1210Highland Scenes, Scotland1956
1211Highland Games, Scotland1959
1213Glen Coe - Western Highlands, Scotland1957
1214The Great Glen, Inverness to Fort William, Scotland
1216Northern Highlands, Scotland1957
1220Edinburgh, Scotland1956
1250The Isle of Skye, Scotland1959
1302 Tipperary Ireland1950
1305President Kennedy's Visit to Ireland, June 1963
1310Cork, Cobh and Blarney Castle1956
1320Dublin and The Wicklow Hills1956
1330Connemara, County Galway1956
1335Limerick & Shannon Airport
1340Donegal Scenes1956
1400-AFrance - Paris1957Set1400-A/B/C
1400-BFrance - The Provincies1957Set1400-A/B/C
1400-CFrance - The Resorts1957Set1400-A/B/C
1401Paris I 1950Set1401/1402/1410
1402Paris II1950Set1401/1402/1410
1403-AParis - City of Romance1959Set1403-A/B/C
1403-BParis - City of Splendor1959Set1403-A/B/C
1403-CParis - City of Many Sights1959Set1403-A/B/C
1404-AFloralies Internationales I, Paris
1404-BFloralies Internationales II, Paris
1405Montmartre, Paris1959Set1405/1406/1408
1406Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris1959Set1405/1406/1408
1407Souvenir Tour Eiffel, Paris, Exclusivité
1408Illuminations de ParisSet1405/1406/1408
1409The Cathedral of Reims1959
1410Palace of Versailles1950Set1401/1402/1410
1410-BTrianons & French Gardens of Versailles
1411The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes1953
1412Palace of Fontainebleau1953
1413The Cathedral of Chartres
1415-ALourdes und Pyrenäen I1956Set1415-A/B/C
1415-BLourdes und Pyrenäen II1956Set1415-A/B/C
1415-CLourdes und Pyrenäen III 1956Set1415-A/B/C
1416-ALourdes le Calvaire I
1416-BLourdes le Calvaire II
1417Environs de Lourdes1958
1418Souvenir de Lourdes
1418-DLa Ville de LourdesSet1418-D/F/L
1418-ELes Malades a Lourdes
1418-FLa Piété des Pelerins I, LourdesSet1418-D/F/L
1418-GLa Piété des Pelerins II, Lourdes
1418-HLa Piété des Pelerins III, Lourdes
1418-K La Piété des Pelerins IV, Lourdes
1418-LSouvenir de Sainte Bernadette, LourdesSet1418-D/F/L
1419Les Grottes de Betharram
1420Battlefields of World War II, Normandy1950
1421-ARouen and the River Seine, Normandy1959Set1421-A/B/C
1421-BUpper Normandy1959Set1421-A/B/C
1421-CLower Normandy1959Set1421-A/B/C
1422Deauville - Trouville
1422-KLe Havre
1423Dunkerque - Calais - Boulogne
1424-A Nice I, The Riviera1956Set1424-A/B
1424-BNice II, The Riviera1956Set1424-A/B
1425The French Riviera1953
1425-KFrom Juan-les-Pins to Villefranche, The Riviera
1426Cannes to Antibes, The Riviera1956
1427Villefranche To Cap d'Ail1956
1428-ACarneval Time, the Riviera Nice I1956Set1428-A/B/C
1428-BCarneval Time, the Riviera Nice I1956Set1428-A/B/C
1428-CBattle of Flowers, the Riviera Nice1956Set1428-A/B/C
1429Menton and Cap Martin, The Riviera France 1957
1430Picturesque People of Brittany1958
1431Mont St. Michel Brittany1953
1432-ABrittany I1959Set1432-A/B/C
1432-BBrittany II1959Set1432-A/B/C
1432-CBrittany III1959Set1432-A/B/C
1433Mont St. Michel II
1435-AThe Chateaux on the Loire I1957Set1435-A/B/C
1435-BThe Chateaux on the Loire II1957Set1435-A/B/C
1435-CThe Chateaux on the Loire III1957Set 1435-A/B/C
1436-DLe Château de Chambord
1436-EChâteau de Blois
1436-FLe Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire
1436-GLe Château de Cheverny
1436-HChâteau d'Amboise
1436-KLe Château de Chenonceau
1436-LLe Château d'Azay-le-Rideau
1437-DSt. Malo - Dinan - Dinard, Britanny
1437-EBreton Coast Road (Corniche Bretonne)
1437-FThe Crozon Peninsula, Britanny
1437-GDouarnenez - Pointe du Raz, Brittany
1437-HThe Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany
1437-KLa Baule - Le Pouliguen, Britanny
1438From Pornic to Les Sables-D'Olonne
1438-KLa Rochelle
1440Nimes - Arles, Pont du Gard, The Provence1956
1442Carcassonne - Largest Fortress of Europe1956
1444The "Gorges of the Tarn"1959
1445Avignon Orange - Les Baux1956
1449 Evian & Lake Léman
1450Annecy and the Lake1956
1451The Lake of Annecy
1452In and Around Grenoble
1453L'Aple d'Huez
1454Summer Trips from Chamonix
1454-KChamonix & Mont Blanc Glacier
1455Chamonix, Mont Blanc in Winter1956
1456Von Chamonix zum Dach Europas1959
1457Hte. Savoie Les Contamines in Winter
1458Megéve in Winter1957
1459Mégeve in Summer
1460Val d'Isere in Winter1957
1461Courchevel in Winter, Savoie
1462The Grande Chartreuse
1463Land of the Mont Blanc
1465-AAlsace ISet1465-A/B/C
1465-BColmar, Alsace1959Set1465-A/B/C
1465-CStrasbourg and Mulhouse, Alsace1959Set1465-A/B/C
1468St. Odile & Surroundings, Alsace
1470-AThe Coast of the Basque Country1959Set1470-A/B/C
1470-BInland of the Basque Country1959Set1470-A/B/C
1470-CFolklore of the Basque Country1959Set1470-A/B/C
1471Eze, The Riviera
1472Cannes, The Riviera
1473"Route Napoléon"
1474From Le Lavandou to St. Tropez, The Riviera
1475Esterel Coast, The Riviera
1476From Cassis to Hyéres, The Riviera
1477St. Paul-de-Vence, The Riviera
1478Gorges of the River Loup
1480Corsica I1957Set1480/1481/1482
1481Corsica II1957Set1480/1481/1482
1482Corsica III1957Set1480/1481/1482
1484Valberg - Daluis Gorges - Entrevaux
1490The "Côte Vermeille"
1496The Castle of Henry IV, Pau
1497From Pau to Bagneres-de-Bigorre
1498Luchon & the Pyrénées
1500-AWest Berlin I1955Set1500-A/B/C
1500-BWest Berlin II1958Set1500-A/B/C
1500-CWest Berlin IIISet1500-A/B/C
1502-AAllgäu I
1502-BAllgäu II
1504Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Winter1958
1505Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald1955Set1505/1508/1513
1508Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria1956 Set1505/1508/1513
1509Royal Castles of Bavaria1956SetK-321271
1509-BLinderhof, Royal Castle of Bavaria
1509-CHerrenchiemsee, Royal Castle of Bavaria
1509-DNeuschwanstein, Bayerisches Königsschloss1959
1511Upper Bavaria I1955
1512Upper Bavaria II1955SetK-321271
1512-BUpper Bavaria III
1512-KRuhpolding, Bavaria
1513Berchtesgaden Country ISet1505/1508/1513
1514Berchtesgaden Country IISetK-321271
1515The Rhineland1954
1516Heidelberg I1955Set1516/1520/1521
1516-BHeidelberg II1959
1520Bodensee I1955Set1520/1520-A/B
1520-BBodensee IISet1520/1520-A/B
1520-CBodensee IIISet1520/1520-A/B
1521The Black Forest I1955Set1521/1521-A/B
1521-BThe Black Forest IISet1521/1521-A/B
1521-CThe Black Forest IIISet1521/1521-A/B
1522Baden-Baden, Black Forest
1525Munich I1955
1526Munich II1955
1527Chiemsee Bavaria1959
1528Oktoberfest Munich1956
1529Tegernsee, Bayern1959
1532Rothenburg on the Tauber1955
1534 Bundes-Gartenschau, Stuttgart 1961
1536Die Schwäbische Alb
1537Hohenzollern Castle
1539Ulm & Its Cathedral
1540-AHamburg I1957
1540-BHamburg II1957
1541The Lüneburg Heath
1542Bremen & Bremerhaven
1543Teutoburg Forest & Spas of Weserbergland
1545Cuxhaven & Helgoland
1546East Frisian Islands
1547North Frisian Islands
1550Passion Play, Oberammergau - 1950, Tableaux1951Set1550/1551/1552
1551Passion Play Oberammergau I1951Set1550/1551/1552
1552Passion Play Oberammergau II1951Set1550/1551/1552
1554Die Wieskirche, Oberbayern
1556 Altötting
1557Der Königsee, Deutschland
1562Dresden, East Germany
1563Frankfurt on the Main
1564Wiesbaden and Mainz1958
1565-AThe Rhine Rüdesheim to Königswinter I1957Set1565-A/B/C
1565-BThe Rhine Rüdesheim to Königswinter II1957Set1565-A/B/C
1565-CThe Rhine Rüdesheim to Königswinter III1957Set1565-A/B/C
1566Bonn and Rhine Panoramas1958
1567Cathedral of Cologne1958
1568Düsseldorf and Cologne1958
1569The Lahn Valley
1570East Berlin1957
1573Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam
1575-AGermany I1956Set1575-A/B/C
1575-BGermany II1956Set1575-A/B/C
1575-CGermany III1956Set1575-A/B/C
1576Der Taunus
1577Das Ahrtal
1580Der Dom von Trier mit Heiligem Rock1959
1584The Harz Mountains
1585The Harz Mountains in Winter
1586Winterberg und Kahler Aster, Sauerland
1589Heiligenhafen and Island of Fehmarn
1600-AItaly I1951Set1600-A/B/C
1600-BItaly II1956Set1600-A/B/C
1600-CItaly III1955Set1600-A/B/C
1601Rom I1959Set1601/1602/1603
1602Rom II 1959Set1601/1602/1603
1603Rom III1959Set1601/1602/1603
1604The Roman Forum, Rome1949SetK-321314
1604-BThe Roman Forum II, Rome
1605Holy Year 1950, Rome1951
1606Tivoli e Villa d'Este1959
1607Mailand (Milan)1953
1608Firenze I1949Set1608/1609/1609-B
1609Firenze II1955Set1608/1609/1609-B
1609-BFirenze III1959Set1608/1609/1609-B
1611 Volterra & San Gimignano
1613Naples & Mount Vesuvius1959Set1612/1613/1616
1614The Ruins of Pompeii1949SetK-321312
1614-BPompei la Cittá Sepolta1959
1615-AThe Amalfi Coast ISet1615-A/B/C
1615-BThe Amalfi Coast IISet1615-A/B/C
1615-CThe Amalfi Coast IIISet1615-A/B/C
1616Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii1949Set1612/1613/1616
1617Island of Ischia
1618 The Riviera Rapallo to Portofino1949
1619-BGenoa II
1620Bolzano, South Tyrol1949
1621Merano, South Tyrol
1622Dolomite Mountains1949
1622-ADolomite Mountains I1957Set1622-A/B/C
1622-BDolomite Mountains II, Western Part1959Set1622-A/B/C
1622-CDolomite Mountains III, Eastern Part1959Set1622-A/B/C
1623Cortina d'Ampezzo in Winter1957
1625Stresa and The Borromee Islands 1955
1626Varese & Lake Orta
1627Cervinia & Aosta Valley
1628Valtellina & Splügen Pass Road
1629La Val Gardena e l'Alpe di Sussi
1630Venezia I1949Set1630/1631/1632
1631Venezia II1955Set1630/1631/1632
1632Venezia III1959Set1630/1631/1632
1633Venice, the Lagoon1959
1634Gondola Festival in Venice
1635Capri am Golf von Neapel1955SetK-321312
1642Rimini and Adriatic Riviera1957Set
1645Verona, Vicenza - Padua1956
1645-BVerona, Vicenza - Padua II
1650Lake Garda1955
1655Lake Como1956
1660Sestriere in Winter1956
1661L'isola d'Elba
1662Lucca & Montecatini
1665San Remo The Riviera
1666Alassio to Ventimiglia, The Riviera1957
1667From Viareggio to Carrara
1680Malta, The Island of Sunshine & History
1685Calabria & Puglie
1690-ASicilia I1959Set1690-A/B/C
1690-BSicilia II1959 Set1690-A/B/C
1690-CSicilia III1959Set1690-A/B/C
1691Taormina, Sicilia
1700Romantic Seville1953Set1700/1701/1705
1701Old Castile1953Set1700/1701/1705
1705The Alhambra Palace, Granada1953Set1700/1701/1705
1710Montserrat "The Mountain Shrine"1953
1711Monastery L'Escurial
1712 Valle de Los Caidos (Heroes' Valley)
1713Segovia, Avila
1715Malaga to Gibraltar Andalusia1953
1720Holy Week, Seville1953
1730Mayorca I, The Balearic Islands1957Set1730/1731/1732
1731Mayorca II, The Balearic Islands1957Set1730/1731/1732
1732Mayorca III, The Balearic Islands1957Set1730/1731/1732
1733Palma de Mallorca I
1734Palma de Mallorca II
1735Paguera - Banalbufar, Majorca
1736Valldemosa - Puerto de Soller, Majorca
1737La Calobra - Formentor, Majorca
1738East Coast & Caves of Majorca
1739Traditional Majorca
1790Tenerife, Canary Islands1958
1801Lisbon I1955
1802Lisbon II
1805"Costa do Sol" from Estoril to Sintra1955
1806From Peniche to Nazaré
1820Fatima and Batalha1955
1822Pilgrimages and Sanctuary of Fatima1959
1851Copenhagen II
1860Hans Christian Andersen's Town Zealand Castles1955
1870The Island of Bornholm
1900By The Zuider See1953Set1900/1901/1920
1901Windmill Land1953Set1900/1901/1920
1902Volendam on the Zuyderzee
1903 Marken Island, Zuyderzee1958
1905Amsterdam "Venice of the North"1953
1905-BCanal Trip in Amsterdam
1905-CAmsterdam II
1906The Hague1953
1907Madurodam Miniature Town - The Hague
1908Scheveningen Beach
1909Scheveningen Promenade Pier
1910Alkmaar and the Cheese Market1953
1910Keukenhof Flower Exhibition
1912Zandvoort Sea Resort
1913 Aalsmeer Flower Auction
1916Floriade & Euromast, Rotterdam (Exposition 1960)
1920Tulip Time1955Set1900/1901/1920
1920-ATulip Time I1955Set1920/1920-A/B
1920-BTulip Time II1956Set1920/1920-A/B
1922Keukenhof Flower Exhibition
1928East Zuyderzee I
1929East Zuyderzee II
1931Vacationland, Arnhem
1935 Southern Limburg
1938Zeeland Scenes
1941Hertogenbosch & Oisterwijk
1942Natuurpark "De Efteling" Kaatsheuvel
1943Natuurpark "De Efteling" Kaalsheuvel II
1944Friesland Beauty Spots
1947Windmills of Holland
1950Brussels I1958
1951Brussels II1958Set1951/1987/1988
1952Medieval Bruges1953
1953Historic Ghent1953
1955-A The 1955 Ghent Flowershow I1955Set1555-A/B
1955-BThe 1955 Ghent Flowershow II1955Set1555-A/B
1960The Meuse Valley and the Ardennes1955
1961The Meuse from Namur to Hastiere1958
1965The Picturesque Bocq, Molignee and Lesse Rivers1958
1966Bouillon on The Semois
1970Province of Liege
1973Ypres & the Hills of West-Flanders
1976-ARoyal Family of Belgium I1959Set1976-A/B/C
1976-B Royal Family of Belgium II1959Set1976-A/B/C
1976-CRoyal Family of Belgium III1959Set1976-A/B/C
1977King Baudouin of Belgium1960
1980Ostend To Le Zoute, North Sea Beaches1956
1985Napoleon's Waterloo
1986-AWorld's Fair Brussels 1958, Pavilions of the Nations I1958Set1986-A/B/C
1986-BWorld's Fair Brussels 1958, Pavilions of the Nations II1958Set1986-A/B/C
1986-CWorld's Fair Brussels 1958, Pavilions of the Nations III1958Set1986-A/B/C
1987 Manneken Pis, Brussels1957Set1951/1987/1988
1988Grand Place, Brussels1957Set1951/1987/1988
1989World's Fair, Brussels, 1958, The Finnish Pavilion
1990-AWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 I1958Set1990-A/B/C
1990-BWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 II1958Set1990-A/B/C
1990-CWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 III1958Set1990-A/B/C
1991-AWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 International Sections I1958Set1991-A/B/C
1991-BWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 International Sections II1958Set1991-A/B/C
1991-C World's Fair Brussels 1958 International Sections III1958Set1991-A/B/C
1992-AWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 General Sections I1958Set1992-A/B/C
1992-BWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 General Sections II1958Set1992-A/B/C
1992-CWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 General Sections III1958Set1992-A/B/C
1993-AWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 "Gay Belgium" I1958Set1993-A/B/C
1993-BWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 "Gay Belgium" II1958Set1993-A/B/C
1993-CWorld's Fair Brussels 1958 "Gay Belgium" III1958Set1993-A/B/C
1994The Atomium, World's Fair Brussels 19581958
1995Grand Duchy of Luxemburg1955
1996King Baudouin's State Visit to Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg
1997The City of Luxemburg
1998Echternach and Surroundings
1999-KVianden to Clervaux
1999-LWiltz and Esch-Sur-Sure, Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg
2000-ASwitzerland - Bern to the Rhine1957Set2000-A/B/C
2000-BSwitzerland - Geneva to Interlaken1957Set2000-A/B/C
2000-CSwitzerland - Matterhorn to St. Moritz1957Set2000-A/B/C
2000-X Switzerland - Geneva to St. Moritz
2001The Matterhorn and Zermatt1952Set2001/2009/2017
2002Zermatt II
2006Horticultural Exhibition Zürich 19591959
2007The Susten Pass1951Set2007/2008/2052
2008Grimsel, Furka and Oberalp Passes1957Set2007/2008/2052
2009Interlaken Region I1948Set2001/2009/2017
2010Interlaken Region II1947
2011 Bernese Oberland in Winter
2012The Bernese Oberland1951
2012-BBernese Oberland II1959
2013William Tell's Country, Lake Luzerne1955SetK-321255
2014-KLucerne and Lake Views
2015Making Swiss Cheese1948
2016Davos in Winter1955
2016-KDavos in Summer
2017St. Moritz1948Set2001/2009/2017
2017-KSt. Moritz II
2018 Winter Sports in St. Moritz1955
2019Lugano and Locarno1948
2020-KGeneva II
2021Neuchâtel Lake Area
2026Montreux to Lausanne1953SetK-321255
2028Montreux and Surroundings
2030Winter in Arosa
2033 Flims
2035The Rhinefall, Schaffhausen to Stein am Rhine1955
2038Schels - Tarasp - Vulpera
2040Lugano and Vinicity1955Set2039/2040/2042
2041Locarno - Ascona - Brissago1955
2042Locarno and VicinitySet2039/2040/2042
2044Mount Pilatus
2045Säntis & St. Gall
2046 Säntis & the Toggenburg
2047Kussnacht & Weggis
2048To the Top of Mount Rigi
2050Upper Rhone Valley1958
2050-BLower Rhone Valley
2052Passo del San Gottardo1951Set2007/2008/2052
2054Engelberg Trübsee-Titlis1947
2056The Jungfrau Railway
2058Famous Bürgenstock1959
2067 Stavanger & Haugesund
2070From Molde to Kristiansund, Möre-Romsdal
2075The Fjords1955
2076The Fjord Country1955
2077The Fjords II
2100Stockholm I1955
2101Stockholm II1955
2103Millesgarden & Skansen, Stockholm
2105Gothenburg, Gateway to Sweden1955
2106By Gota Canal from Gothenburg to Stockholm1955
2110 Skansen Open Air Museum, Zoological Gardens
2115Midsummer in Dalecarlia1955
2116Midsummer in Dalecarlia II
2120Visby, Isle of Gotland1955
2125-ASweden I1955Set2125-A/B/C
2125-BSweden II1955Set2125-A/B/C
2125-CSweden III1955Set2125-A/B/C
2128Castles of Skane
2130Halsingborg & Molle
2151Athens ISet2151/2152/2154
2152Athens IISet2151/2152/2154
2154Athens and Surroundings1959Set2151/2152/2154
2157Corinth and Epidaurus1957Set2157/2159/2160
2159Olympia & Mistra1957Set2157/2159/2160
2160Delphi and Mount Parnassus1955Set2157/2159/2160
2168Thessalonika & Surroundings, Macedonia
2171Mount Athos I1957Set2171/2172/2180
2172 Mount Athos II1957Set2171/2172/2180
2185Costumes of Greece1957
2195Historical Islands I, RhodesSet2195/2196/2197
2196Historical Islands II, Delos-MykonosSet2195/2196/2197
2197Historical Islands III, CreteSet2195/2196/2197
2300The Tyrol1953
2301Bregenz on Lake Constance
2305Festival in Austria1953
2308Kufstein & the Kaiser Mountains
2310Romantic Salzburg1953SetK-321240
2310-BSalzburg II1959
2311Kitzbühel & St. Johann in Winter
2312Grossglockner Zell am See to Lienz1957SetK-321240
2313Badgastein and Hofgastein1958
2314Carinthian Lakes1959
2315Corpus Christi Day1953
2318Silvretta and Montafon1958
2319The Arlberg Area in Winter1958
2322 The Arlberg Area
2325Vienna I
2326Wien II1958
2327Vienna III
2330Seefeld im Winter, Tirol, Österreich
2337Tauern Power Station, Kaprun
2338Mount Dachstein and Aussee Country
2601Helsinky I1957
2602Helsinki II1957
2603Turku Castle
2605Turku II
2610To Aulanko and Tampere by Silver Line1957
2611Kuopio and Surroundings1959
2612Oulu and Surroundings1959
2613Oulu & Surroundings II
2619 Hameenlinna
2620Aulanko Park
2670Principality of Andorra
2680Monaco and Monte Carlo1956
2681The Exotic Gardens of Monaco
2690Repubblica di S. Marino1959
2700Principality of Liechtenstein1955
2721St. Peters Basilica1949
2722Bauten und Schweizergarde1949
2723Museums and galleries1949
2724Art treasures I1949
2725 Art treasures II1949
2726Holy Year 19501951
2800-A/B/CRussia today, USSR1957Set2800-A/B/C
2810-A/B/CPeople of Russia1957Set2810-A/B/C
2820-AInside Moscow, USSR I1957Set2820-A/B/C
2820-BInside Moscow, USSR II1957Set2820-A/B/C
2820-CInside Moscow, USSR III1957Set2820-A/B/C
2A170California2-reels set
2A171Yosemite National Park2-reels set
2A1732San Diego Zoo
2A175 Disneyland: Main Street, U.S.A.2-reels set
2A177Disneyland: AdventurelandPacket
2A1851Pacific Coast California, San Diego - La Jolla
2A1986San Diego Harbor Excursion
2A1987Old Town, San Diego
2A946Marine Studios, Marineland2-reels set
2A9602Florida, the Panhandle State
2A9611Beautiful Cypress Gardens
2A9911÷12Weeki Wachee
3000Southern Africa Set3000/3001/3029
3001Capetown & Cape Peninsula1950Set3000/3001/3029
3002Capetown II
3003-ACapetown ISet3003-A/B/C
3003-BCapetown IISet3003-A/B/C
3003-CThe Cape of Good Hope PeninsulaSet3003-A/B/C
3005Table Mountain & Cableway
3011The Cape of Good Hope & Groote Schuur
3015The Kimberly Diamond Mine
3019The Garden Route
3020-ADurban I
3020-B Durban II
3021Durban, Natal
3024Scenic Natal National Park
3025Natal National Park1948
3027Valley of a Thousand Hills, Natal
3029Natives of Zululand1950Set3000/3001/3029
3039-AJohannesburg I
3039-BJohannesburg II
3042Gold Mining, Union of South Africa
3047Natives of the Transvaal
3100Victoria Falls1948
3110Zimbabwe Ruins
3112The Matopos
3113The Matopos Mountains
3115Salisbury & Environs
3161-ALourenco Marques I
3161-BLourenco Marques II
3200Dar-es-Salaam, Capital of Tanganyika
3203Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanganyika
3208 Zanzibar
3212Highlands of Kenya
3213Sisal Industry in East Africa
3214East African Safari
3215Coffee Industry in East Africa
3216Lake Victoria, Source of the Nile
3217Mount Kenya1961
3220Mountains of the Moon
3260Addis Ababa
3265 Scenes of Ethiopia
3300-AEgypt - Cairo & the Pyramids1950Set3300-A/B/C
3300-BEgypt - Land of the Nile1950Set3300-A/B/C
3300-CEgypt - Antiquities1950Set3300-A/B/C
3302The Famous Mosques of Cairo1950
3303The Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Giza1950
3304Thebes - The Tombs of the Kings1950
3305Treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amen, Cairo
3306The River Nile, Assuan to Cairo1950
3307 The Valley of the Nile1950
3308People of the Nile Valley1950
3309Sakkara and Memphis1950
3310Luxor & El Karnak
3311Ancient Thebes
3312Assuan on the Nile
3765-AQueen Elizabeth II Visits Her People in Nigeria I1956Set3765-A/B/C
3765-BQueen Elizabeth II Visits Her People in Nigeria II1956Set3765-A/B/C
3765-CQueen Elizabeth II Visits Her People in Nigeria III1956Set3765-A/B/C
3775Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa1958
3791Ruanda - Urundi I, Central Africa1958Set3791/3792/3793
3792Ruanda - Urundi II, Central Africa1958Set3791/3792/3793
3793The Lake Area, Belgian Congo1958Set3791/3792/3793
3794Leopoldville, Capital of Belgian Congo1958Set3794/3795/3796
3795Usumbura, Ruanda and Stanleyville, Belgian Congo1958Set3794/3795/3796
3796Boma, Matadi, Bukavu and Elisabethville, Belgian Congo1958Set3794/3795/3796
3797Peoples and Habitats I, Belgian Congo1958Set3797/3798/3799
3798Peoples and Habitats II, Belgian Congo and Ruanda1958Set 3797/3798/3799
3799Animals of the Belgian Congo1958Set3797/3798/3799
3900-AIn Darkest Africa - Tribal Rites1956Set3900-A/B/C
3900-BIn Darkest Africa - Zulu Natives1956Set3900-A/B/C
3900-CIn Darkest Africa - Big Game Animals1956Set3900-A/B/C
4000Jerusalem "The Holy City"1949Set4000/4006/4007
4001Gethsemane to Calvary, Jerusalem, Palestine1949
4002Street Scenes in Old Jerusalem, Palestine1948
4004Moslem Temple Area, Jerusalem1948
4006Bethlehem, Judea1949Set4000/4006/4007
4007Nazareth, Galilee1949Set4000/4006/4007
4008Tel Aviv
4009The Sea of Galilee1949
4012Region of Haifa1948
4014The Hule Valley, Galilee
4015The River Jordan1949
4016The Samaritans, Samaria1949
4017Wilderness of Judea
4050 The Arab Legion I, Transjordan1948
4051The Arab Legion II, Transjordan
4055Scenes of Jordan1950
4143The Great Mosque Ommeyade, Damascus
4151Scenes of Lebanon1950
4152Baalbek, The Roman Ruins
4153The Cedars of Lebanon1952
4170-AIraq (Mesopotamia), Birthplace of Civilization ISet4170-A/B/C
4170-BIraq (Mesopotamia), Birthplace of Civilization IISet4170-A/B/C
4170-C Iraq (Mesopotamia), Birthplace of Civilization IIISet4170-A/B/C
4250-AIran (Persia), Arabian Nights Land I
4250-BIran (Persia), Arabian Nights Land II
4300The Taj Mahal, Agra1952Set4300/4302/4305
4302Maharaja's Festival, Mysore1952Set4300/4302/4305
4303At Home with Jawaharlal Nehru, India's Great Leader
4304People of India
4306Old Delhi1952
4307New Delhi
4308Arts and Craft of India1952
4309Dances of India
4311The Temples of South India1952
4313Darjeeling and The Himalayas1952
4314Tea Industry, Darjeeling
4317Rural Scenes
4323The People of Kashmir
4324Srinagar, Kashmir1952
4351Movie Stars of India I
4352Movie Stars of India II
4353Movie Stars of India III
4360Prime Minister Nehru's United States Visit
4400-AIndia - Bombay & South India1952Set4400-A/B/C
4400-BIndia - The Delhi Area1952Set4400-A/B/C
4400-CIndia - Agra to Calcutta1952Set4400-A/B/C
4451Lahore Mosques & Antiquities
4452Lahore, "The City"
4501-ACeylon I, Indian Ocean
4501-BCeylon II, Indian Ocean1957
4551-ASingapore I1957
4551-BSingapore II1957
4560Aborigines of Malaya1953
4810Hong Kong1949Set4810/4811/4814
4811Hong Kong Life1957Set 4810/4811/4814
4814Victoria Island1949Set4810/4811/4814
4820Buddhist Temples of Bangkok, Siam1949
4824Scenes & People of Siam
4825Siamese Dance Drama, Siam1949
4870Tokyo & Mt. Fujiyama
4872Mount Fuji and Rural Scenes1952Set4871/4872/4873
4873Festivals of Japan1952Set4871/4872/4873
4900-AJapan, Tokyo and Mount Fuji1957Set4900-A/B/C
4900-BJapan, Southern Honshu1957 Set4900-A/B/C
4900-CJapan, People and Festivals1957Set4900-A/B/C
5001Sydney I, New South Wales1953Set5001/5020/5041
5002Sydney II, New South Wales
5003Scenic Sydney, New South Wales
5005The Beaches, Sydney
5006Sydney Beaches & Surf Life Savers
5008The Blue Mountains, New South Wales1956
5009The Blue Mountains II, New South Wales
5010The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland1950
5015 Ski Fields of Mt. Kosciusko, New South Wales
5016Summit of Australia, Mt. Kosciusko in Winter
5020Kangaroo Hunt with Aborigines of Australia 1950Set5001/5020/5041
5021Australian Flora and Fauna
5025Canberra, Capital of Australia, New South Wales1956
5026City of Canberra
5030Jenolan Caves, New South Wales
5031Jenolan Caves II, New South Wales
5041Melbourne I, Victoria1956Set5001/5020/5041
5042Melbourne II, Victoria1956
5043City of Melbourne I, Victoria
5044City of Melbourne II, Victoria
5080Brisbane I, Queensland
5081Brisbane II, Queensland
5085"Surfer's Paradise," Vacationland in Southern Queensland
5086Gold Coast, Southern Queensland
5121Adelaide and Vicinity, South Australia1956
5125Flinders Range, South Australia
5161Alice Springs, Northern Territory
5201Perth, Western Australia1956
5241Tasmania I
5242Tasmania II1956
5244Hobart and Vinicity, Tasmania
5261The Maoris, Natives of New Zealand1950
5270Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand1956
5301The Southern Alps1950
5311Christchurch South Island1956
5375Tropical Tahiti Society Islands, South Pacific 1956
5425Beautiful Bali
5605The Moros of Zamboanga
5606Igorot Natives, Luzon Mountains1949
5607General Scenes1949
5608Scars of World War II
5771-AFiji Islands I, South Pacific
5771-BFiji Islands II1956
5870Guam, Marianas Islands
6500-AThe South Pole - Conquest by Air I1957Set6500-A/B/C
6500-BThe South Pole - Conquest by Air II1957Set6500-A/B/C
6500-CThe South Pole - Conquest by Air III1957Set6500-A/B/C
A 001Prairie ProvincesPacket
A 002Trans-Canada HighwayPacket
A 004Banff National Park1956Packet
A 005Banff, Canadian RockiesPacket
A 006Lake Louise, Jasper, Canadian RockiesPacket
A 007Lake Louise, Canadian RockiesPacket
A 008Jasper National Park, Canadian RockiesPacket
A 009AlbertaPacket
A 012Vancouver, British ColumbiaPacket
A 013Victoria & Butchart GardensPacket
A 014 Beautiful British ColumbiaPacket
A 015Victoria and Vancouver Island, B.C.Packet
A 016The Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C.1972Packet
A 018Arlington National CemeteryPacket
A 020Inside Passage to AlaskaPacket
A 021Vancouver, British ColumbiaPacket
A 030Maritime ProvincesPacket
A 033St. Lawrence SeawayPacket
A 035TorontoPacket
A 036Ottawa and Eastern OntarioPacket
A 037 Niagara Peninsula & Southwestern OntarioPacket
A 038Ontario VacationlandsPacket
A 039This is OntarioPacket
A 040Marineland & Game Farm, Niagara FallsPacket
A 041Metro Toronto ZooPacket
A 042African Lion Safari, Rockton, OntarioPacket
A 043Parc Safari Africain, Hemmingford, QuebecPacket
A 050Quebec CityPacket
A 051Montreal1956Packet
A 058Detroit ZooPacket
A 059 Ste. Anne De BeaupréPacket
A 060L'Historial, Ste. Anne de BeaupréPacket
A 071Expo 67 - General TourPacket
A 073Expo 67 - National PavilionsPacket
A 074Expo 67 - Night Scenes and La Ronde1967Packet
A 085IcelandPacket
A 090CanadaPacket
A 094Wonders of Our National ParksPacket
A 099CanadaPacket
A 101Alaska, The 49th StatePacket
A 102Eskimos of AlaskaPacket
A 103Anchorage & Wilderness BeautyPacket
A 104Fairbanks, Yukon Trails, EskimosPacket
A 105Juneau, Ketchikan, & SitkaPacket
A 106AnchoragePacket
A 107Mt. McKinley National Park & FairbanksPacket
A 108Juneau, Sitka, & KetchikanPacket
A 117Havaiian MedleyPacket
A 120Hawaii, The 50th State1959Packet
A 121Hawaiian Fruits and Flowers1958Packet
A 122Hawaiian Hula Dancers1958Packet
A 123Honolulu and Waikiki1958Packet
A 124Islands of Hawaii, Maui, & KauaiPacket
A 125Le Isole HawaiiPacket
A 126Oahu, The Aloha Island, Hawaii1974Packet
A 127Island of Hawaii, the Orchid IslandPacket
A 128The Hawaian Islands of Kauai and Maui1974Packet
A 129Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, OahuPacket
A 130Sea Life ParkPacket
A 135Santa's VillagePacket
A 136The Mountain StatesPacket
A 155NevadaPacket
A 156Las VegasPacket
A 157Reno and Virginia City1978Packet
A 158Hoover DamPacket
A 159Las VegasPacket
A 160Fabulous Las Vegas Strip1970Packet
A 161Lake TahoePacket
A 163Yosemite National Park IIPacket
A 164Muir Woods National MonumentPacket
A 165Steinhart Aquarium, San FranciscoPacket
A 166San FranciscoPacket
A 167San Francisco - Sightseeing Tour1970Packet
A 168Northern CaliforniaPacket
A 169Southern CaliforniaPacket
A 170CaliforniaPacket
A 171Yosemite National ParkPacket
A 172San Francisco1962Packet
A 173San Diego ZooPacket
A 174Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks1973Packet
A 175Disneyland - Main Street, U.S.A.Packet
A 176Disneyland - FrontierlandPacket
A 177Disneyland - AdventurelandPacket
A 178Disneyland - FantasylandPacket
B 179Disneyland - Tomorrowland1959Packet
A 180Mickey Mouse Club Circus Visits DisneylandPacket
A 181Los Angeles, California1974Packet
A 182Redwood HighwayPacket
A 183California MissionsPacket
A 184Lake Arrowhead & Santa's WorkshopPacket
A 185Pacific Coast - California: La Jolla, San Diego, TijuanaPacket
A 186Pacific Coast - California: Monterey to Santa Barbara Packet
A 187Mt. Lassen & Mt. ShastaPacket
A 188Marineland of the Pacific #1Packet
A 188Marineland of the PacificPacket
A 188Marineland of the PacificPacket
A 188Marineland of the PacificPacket
A 189University of Southern CaliforniaPacket
A 190Hearst Castle, California State Monument, San SimeonPacket
A 191Trees of MysteryPacket
A 192Sea WorldPacket
A 193Sea World, San Diego II Packet
A 194Hollywood, CaliforniaPacket
A 195Palm SpringsPacket
A 196Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear LakePacket
A 197San Diego Zoo No.2Packet
A 198San DiegoPacket
A 199Marineland of the Pacific #2, Palos VerdesPacket
A 201Los Angeles ZooPacket
A 202Disneyland: The Magic KingdomPacket
A 203Death Valley National Monument1970Packet
A 204Magic Mountain, ValenciaPacket
A 205Monterey - Carmel and Big Sur Coast1971Packet
A 206Historic Santa Barbara & SolvangPacket
A 207San Diego Wild Animal ParkPacket
A 208Sea World Shows & AnimalsPacket
A 209Marine World, Redwood CityPacket
A 210Pacific Coast VacationlandsPacket
A 211Balboa Park, San DiegoPacket
A 215Disneyland: America on ParadePacket
A 219San Francisco IIIPacket
A 220Winchester Mystery House & San JosePacket
A 231Lion Country Safari, California1971Packet
A 232Japanese Village & Deer Park, Buena Vista ParkPacket
A 233Busch Gardens, Los Angeles CaliforniaPacket
A 234Movieland Wax Museum and Palace of Living ArtPacket
A 235Knott's Berry Farm #11974Packet
A 236Knott's Berry Farm #2Packet
A 237Knott's Berry Farm #3Packet
A 240Disneyland, California U.S.A.Packet
A 241Universal Studios IPacket
A 242Universal Studios II Packet
A 243Busch Gardens, Los Angeles #2Packet
A 245OregonPacket
A 246Crater Lake National ParkPacket
A 247Sea Lion Caves and Oregon Coast1973Packet
A 248Oregon Caves National MonumentPacket
A 249Columbia River GorgePacket
A 250Oregon Centennial ExpositionPacket
A 251Rose Festival, PortlandPacket
A 252Portland ZooPacket
A 253Portland, City of RosesPacket
A 261Petersen's Rock Gardens, RedmondPacket
A 262Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, PortlandPacket
A 270Washington1954Packet
A 271Mt. Rainier National ParkPacket
A 272Century 21 Exposition, Seattle World's FairPacket
A 273Seattle World's Fair, 1962Packet
A 274SeattlePacket
A 275Seattle, Puget Sound, & Olympic National ParkPacket
A 276Seattle CenterPacket
A 277Grand Coulee Dam & Eastern Washington Packet
A 278Olympic National Park & Puget SoundPacket
A 285IdahoPacket
A 286Sun ValleyPacket
A 295MontanaPacket
A 296Glacier National ParkPacket
A 305WyomingPacket
A 306YellowstonePacket
A 307Grand Teton National ParkPacket
A 309Yellowstone National Park, NorthPacket
A 313Victoria & Butchart GardensPacket
A 320Colorado Packet
A 321Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs AreaPacket
A 322Rocky Mountain National ParkPacket
A 323Royal Gorge & Central ColoradoPacket
A 324Denver Mountain Parks and Denver1972Packet
A 325Mesa Verde National ParkPacket
A 326U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado SpringsPacket
A 327Durango-Silverton Railroad & San Juan LoopsPacket
A 331Colorado Ski CountryPacket
A 333North Pole, Home of Santa's WorkshopPacket
A 334Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, & Cliff Dwellings MuseumPacket
A 335Broadmoor Hotel, Cheyenne Mt. Zoo, W. Rogers ShrinePacket
A 336Garden of the Gods & Colorado Springs AreaPacket
A 338Denver Museum of Natural HistoryPacket
A 345UtahPacket
A 346Bryce Canyon National ParkPacket
A 347Zion National ParkPacket
A 348Salt Lake CityPacket
A 354The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsPacket
A 355Glen Canyon Dam & Lake Powell Packet
A 356Monument Valley, Arizona & UtahPacket
A 360ArizonaPacket
A 361Grand Canyon National Park #1Packet
A 362Grand Canyon North RimPacket
A 363Painted Desert and Petrified ForestPacket
A 364Oak Creek CanyonPacket
A 365Petrified Forest National Park and Painted DesertPacket
A 366Phoenix and Arizona's Valley of the SunPacket
A 367Tucson & Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumPacket
A 368 London Bridge, Lake Havasu CityPacket
A 370Exploring the Grand CanyonPacket
A 372Grand Canyon River Expedition #31970Packet
A 375New MexicoPacket
A 376Carlsbad Caverns - Tour OnePacket
A 377Carlsbad Caverns - Tour TwoPacket
A 379Santa Fe & AlbuquerquePacket
A 390Lincoln Heritage TrailPacket
A 391The Plains StatesPacket
A 409Lion Country Safari, DallasPacket
A 410Texas Packet
A 412Six Flags Over Texas No.1Packet
A 413Six Flags Over Texas No.2Packet
A 415Dallas & Fort WorthPacket
A 416Houston & the Gulf CoastPacket
A 417San Antonio, Austin TexasPacket
A 418LBJ Country, The Historic Hill Country of TexasPacket
A 419Big Bend National ParkPacket
A 420San AntonioPacket
A 422Astroworld I, the Wonderful World of Fun, HoustonPacket
A 423 Astroworld II, the Wonderful World of Fun, HoustonPacket
A 425NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston1969Packet
A 427Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio & New BraunfelsPacket
A 430OklahomaPacket
A 434Frontier City, Oklahoma CityPacket
A 440ArkansasPacket
A 441Hot Springs National ParkPacket
A 442Dogpatch U.S.A., Marble FallsPacket
A 449The Ozark MountainsPacket
A 450MissouriPacket
A 451 Meramec CavernsPacket
A 452Gay 90's Melody Museum, St. LouisPacket
A 453St. LouisPacket
A 454Kansas CityPacket
A 455The Shepherd of the Hills, OzarksPacket
A 456St. Louis Riverfront & Jefferson Nat'l Expansion MemorialPacket
A 457Silver Dollar CityPacket
A 458Six Flags Over Mid-America, St. LouisPacket
A 459St. Louis ZooPacket
A 460Busch-Clydesdale HorsesPacket
A 461 Worlds of Fun, Kansas CityPacket
A 465KansasPacket
A 475NebraskaPacket
A 485South DakotaPacket
A 486Black Hills - BadlandsPacket
A 487Mount Rushmore National MemorialPacket
A 488Reptile Gardens, Rapid CityPacket
A 489Badlands National MonumentPacket
A 491Black Hills Passion PlayPacket
A 492Wind Cave National Park & Jewel Cave Nat'l MonumentPacket
A 493 Flintstones Bedrock City, CusterPacket
A 500North DakotaPacket
A 510MinnesotaPacket
A 511Minnesota State ParksPacket
A 512Minneapolis/St. Paul, The Twin CitiesPacket
A 513Bell Museum of Natural History, University of MinnesotaPacket
A 525WisconsinPacket
A 526Wisconsin DellsPacket
A 527Milwaukee County ZooPacket
A 530Old-Time Circus, Old Milwaukee DaysPacket
A 532 Milwaukee County & Horticultural ConservatoryPacket
A 534Storybook Land, Wisconsin DellsPacket
A 540IowaPacket
A 541Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, IowaPacket
A 550IllinoisPacket
A 551ChicagoPacket
A 552Museum of Science & Industry, ChicagoPacket
A 553Santa's Village, East DundeePacket
A 554O'Hare Field, ChicagoPacket
A 555National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, BellevillePacket
A 557Lincolnland, Springfield - New SalemPacket
A 558Shedd Aquarium, ChicagoPacket
A 559Chicago at NightPacket
A 565Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows, ChicagoPacket
A 570IndianaPacket
A 571Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayPacket
A 580MichiganPacket
A 581Detroit ZooPacket
A 583DetroitPacket
A 584Greenfield Village, DearbornPacket
A 585Mackinac IslandPacket
A 586Henry Ford Museum, DearbornPacket
A 595OhioPacket
A 597Kings IslandPacket
A 598Cedar Point, Sandusky #1Packet
A 599Sea World1973Packet
A 600Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio #1Packet
A 602Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio #2Packet
A 603Lion Country Safari, Kings Island, Kings MillsPacket
A 604Cedar Point, Sandusky #2Packet
A 610New EnglandPacket
A 611 New England Covered Bridges & Fall FoliagePacket
A 629Independence National Historic ParkPacket
A 630PennsylvaniaPacket
A 631Philadelphia & Valley ForgePacket
A 632PittsburghPacket
A 633Pennsylvania Dutch & Amish CountryPacket
A 634Pennsylvania Dutch & Amish CountryPacket
A 635Independence National Historic ParkPacket
A 636Gettysburg National Military ParkPacket
A 637Hershey Estates, HersheyPacket
A 638National Wax Museum, Lancaster CountyPacket
A 641Phipps Conservatory, PittsburghPacket
A 644New York City Tour #1Packet
A 645New York City Tour #2Packet
A 647New York City at NightPacket
A 648Statue of LibertyPacket
A 649New York City IPacket
A 650New YorkPacket
A 651United Nations1955Packet
A 652Rockefeller Center, New York City1970Packet
A 653 New York City IIPacket
A 654New York City - Sightseeing TourPacket
A 655Scenic Niagara Falls1958Packet
A 656Sight-seeing at Niagara Falls1958Packet
A 657Coney IslandPacket
A 658BrooklynPacket
A 659Long IslandPacket
A 660Santa's Workshop, North PolePacket
A 661Freedomland U.S.A.Packet
A 664Lake George & Adirondack RegionPacket
A 665United States Military Academy, West Point Packet
A 666Corning Glass Center, CorningPacket
A 667Bronx ZooPacket
A 669Operation Sail... The Tall ShipsPacket
A 671New York World's Fair 1964: General TourPacket
A 672New York World's Fair 1964-5: Night Scenes & Amusement Area1964Packet
A 673New York World's Fair 1964: International AreaPacket
A 674New York World's Fair 1964: Federal & State AreaPacket
A 675New York World's Fair 1964: Industrial AreaPacket
A 676 New York World's Fair 1964: Transportation AreaPacket
A 680Frontier TownPacket
A 683Old Fort Niagara, YoungstownPacket
A 689New York CityPacket
A 690VermontPacket
A 700New HampshirePacket
A 701Mountain Rides of New HampshirePacket
A 702White MountainsPacket
A 715MainePacket
A 716Maine SeacoastPacket
A 725MassachusettsPacket
A 726BostonPacket
A 727Cape Cod and PlymouthPacket
A 728Old Sturbridge VillagePacket
A 729Freedom Trail, BostonPacket
A 730Historic BostonPacket
A 731PlymouthPacket
A 740Rhode IslandPacket
A 750ConnecticutPacket
A 751Mystic SeaportPacket
A 760New JerseyPacket
A 761Atlantic CityPacket
A 762Duke's Gardens, Somerville Packet
A 763Warner Brothers' Jungle Habitat, West MilfordPacket
A 764Great Adventure - Enchanted Forest, JacksonPacket
A 765Great Adventure - Safari Park, JacksonPacket
A 766Historic Towne of SmithvillePacket
A 770DelawarePacket
A 780MarylandPacket
A 783United States Naval Academy, AnnapolisPacket
A 790Washington, D.C.Packet
A 791National Gallery of ArtPacket
A 792Smithsonian Institution #1 Packet
A 793The White House1964Packet
A 794The Nation's Capitol, U.S. Capitol BuildingPacket
A 795The National Shrine of the Immaculate ConceptionPacket
A 796Washington CathedralPacket
A 797Library of Congress & National ArchivesPacket
A 798The Restored Ford's Theater & Lincoln MuseumPacket
A 799Smithsonian Institution #2Packet
A 800Beautiful Washington, D.C.Packet
A 810VirginiaPacket
A 811 Shenandoah National ParkPacket
A 812Mount Vernon, Home of George WashingtonPacket
A 813Williamsburg, Colonial RestorationPacket
A 814Historic Cities of VirginiaPacket
A 818Arlington National CemeteryPacket
A 822The Old Country, Busch Gardens, WilliamsburgPacket
A 825Kings Dominion Theme ParkPacket
A 826Kings Dominion Lion CountryPacket
A 827Monticello, Home of Thomas JeffersonPacket
A 828Natural Bridge of VirginiaPacket
A 829The Beautiful Caverns of LurayPacket
A 830Car & Carriage Caravan, Luray CavernsPacket
A 831Skyline Caverns, Front RoyalPacket
A 835West VirginiaPacket
A 845KentuckyPacket
A 846Mammoth Cave National ParkPacket
A 847Kentucky CavePacket
A 848Kentucky State ParksPacket
A 849Mammoth Cave No.2Packet
A 855Blue Ridge ParkwayPacket
A 856The Old South Packet
A 875TennesseePacket
A 876Lookout MountainPacket
A 877Shiloh National Military ParkPacket
A 878Opryland U.S.A., NashvillePacket
A 884Rock City Gardens IPacket
A 885Rock City Gardens IIPacket
A 889Great Smoky Mountains National ParkPacket
A 890North CarolinaPacket
A 891Cherokee Indians1957Packet
A 892Ghost Mountain ParkPacket
A 894CarowindsPacket
A 895Santa's Land Park & Zoo, CherokeePacket
A 905South CarolinaPacket
A 915GeorgiaPacket
A 916AtlantaPacket
A 917Six Flags Over GeorgiaPacket
A 918Six Flags Over Georgia, Day & Night ScenesPacket
A 919Ida Cason Callaway GardensPacket
A 920Stone MountainPacket
A 921Atlanta Cyclorama & Grant Park ZooPacket
A 922Underground Atlanta Packet
A 923Lion Country SafariPacket
A 924SavannahPacket
A 925AlabamaPacket
A 927Battleship U.S.S. Alabama & Submarine U.S.S.Packet
A 930Bellingrath Gardens, MobilePacket
A 935MississippiPacket
A 937Sea World, OrlandoPacket
A 938Authentic Old Jail, St. AugustinePacket
A 939Everglades National Park, Florida1974Packet
A 940Alligator Farm, St. AugustinePacket
A 945LouisianaPacket
A 946New Orleans1962Packet
A 947Walt Disney World - Main Street U.S.A.Packet
A 948Walt Disney World: FantasylandPacket
A 949Disney World: AdventurelandPacket
A 950Disney World: Liberty SquarePacket
A 951Disney World: FrontierlandPacket
A 952Disney World: TomorrowlandPacket
A 954Disney World: America On ParadePacket
A 956Lion Country Safari, West Palm BeachPacket
A 957Busch Gardens, Boma Small Animal Enclosure, TampaPacket
A 958Florida, EastPacket
A 959Florida, WestPacket
A 960FloridaPacket
A 961Beautiful Cypress Gardens, Florida1958Packet
A 962Silver Springs, Florida1955Packet
A 963Greater Miamy, FloridaPacket
A 964Marine Studios, Marineland of Florida1955Packet
A 965Parrot Jungle #1 - Miami, FloridaPacket
A 966Greater Miami SeaquariumPacket
A 967Water Ski Show, Cypress Gardens1958Packet
A 968Silver Springs AttractionsPacket
A 9698Beautiful Cypress Gardens - Floral ParadisePacket
A 970Parrot Jungle #2, Bird Performances - Miami, Florida Packet
A 971Seaquarium, Miami, Packet No.2Packet
A 972Tropical Paradise, MiamiPacket
A 973Homosassa SpringsPacket
A 974Tiki GardensPacket
A 975Cape Coral GardensPacket
A 976Floridaland, U.S. Highway 41, Sarasota - Venice Packet
A 977Six Gun Territory, Ocala-Silver SpringsPacket
A 978Sarasota Jungle GardensPacket
A 979Wild Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens, TampaPacket
A 980Miami & FloridaPacket
A 981St. AugustinePacket
A 982The Miracle Strip, Pensacola to Panama CityPacket
A 983Lion Country Safari, West Palm BeachPacket
A 984The Golden Triangle: St. Petersburg, Tampa, & ClearwaterPacket
A 985Monkey Jungle, MiamiPacket
A 986 Rainbow Springs, DunnellonPacket
A 987Weeki Wachee No.2Packet
A 988Bush Gardens, Tampa FloridaPacket
A 989Citrus TowerPacket
A 990Placid Tower and Lake Placid AreaPacket
A 991Weeki Wachee No.1Packet
A 992Sunken Gardens, St. PetersburgPacket
A 993Spanish Monastery, North Miami BeachPacket
A 994Ringling Museums, SarasotaPacket
A 995Circus Hall of Fame, SarasotaPacket
A 996Scenic U.S.A. Packet
A 997United StatesPacket
A 999Cypress Gardens, Gardens of the WorldPacket
A0135Santa's Village, Highway 18, Skyforest, California
A1014Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier, Ketchikan
A1015Sitka, Whitehorse-Yukon Railroad
A1016Anchorage & the Matanuska Valley
A1018Wilderness Beauty
A1554Highlights of Nevada
A1571Reno & Lake Tahoe
A1572Lake Tahoe & Virginia City
A1665San Francisco, Souvenir Reel
A1666San Francisco, Souvenir Reel
A1711Highlights of Yosemite
A1751Main Street U.S.A.
A1815Queen Mary Souvenir, Long Beach
A1816Forest Lawn Memorial Park
A2495Columbia River Gorge & Mt. Hood
A2565Enchanted Forest, Salem
A2704Highlights of Washington State
A2724 Century 21 Exposition, Seattle World's Fair1962
A2725Century 21 Exposition, Seattle World's Fair
A2726Century 21 Exposition, Seattle World's Fair
A2745Seattle Souvenir Reel
A2842÷46Expo '74 World's Fair, Spokane1974
A2954Highlights of Montana
A29711959 Earthquake Damage Area, Madison River Canyon, Gallatin National Forest
A3204Highlights of Colorado, the Centennial State
A3215Pike's Peak by Train, via World's Highest Cog Railway
A3216 Pike's Peak by Auto, via "The Trail to the Clouds"1976
A3235Royal Gorge Scenic Railway
A3306Broadmoor & Cheyenne Mountain
A3345Wonderful Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs
A3465-66Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, Souvenir Reel
A3475Zion National Park1974
A3605Great Meteor Crater1976
A3665Phoenix Zoo
A3666Rawhide, Arizon'a 1880 Town
A3675Sonora Desert Museum1976
A3676-77 Old Tucson, Famous Movie Location1973
A4104Highlights of Texas1954
A4901Wall Drug
A5104Highlights of Minnesota, the Gopher State
A5254Highlights of Wisconsin, the Badger State
A5331Chicago's Adler Planetarium & Astronomical Museum
A5504Highlights of Illinois, the Prairie State
A5821Mackinac Island
A6304Highlights of Pennsylvania, the Keystone State1955
A6504Highlights of New York1957
A6631 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Cathedral Heights, New York City1963
A6701-02Sample Reel, New York World's Fair 1964-651964
A6904Highlights of Vermont
A7024Franconia Notch1961
A7154Highlights of Maine, the Pine Tree State1957
A7254Highlights of Massachusetts, the Bay State
A7404Highlights of Rhode Island1957
A7704Highlights of Delaware
A8754Highlights of Tennessee
A8904Highlights of North Carolina1957
A8931Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock1965
A9154Highlights of Georgia
A9254Highlights of Alabama
A9354Highlights of Mississippi
A9454Highlights of Louisiana
A9604Highlights of Florida
A9611Highlights of Cypress Gardens
ANPXArabian NightsPacket
APXWild AnimalsPacket
ARIZ Arizona1954Packet
B 001MexicoPacket
B 002Mexico CityPacket
B 003AcapulcoPacket
B 004Mexican BullfightPacket
B 005TijuanaPacket
B 006Old MexicoPacket
B 007Guadalajara & Lake ChapalaPacket
B 008Archaeology: Lost Civilizations of MexicoPacket
B 011MexicoPacket
B 012GuatemalaPacket
B 017El Salvador Packet
B 020NicaraguaPacket
B 021Grand Tour of Central & South AmericaPacket
B 022Costa RicaPacket
B 025PanamaPacket
B 026NassauPacket
B 027The BahamasPacket
B 028The Out Islands of the BahamasPacket
B 029BermudaPacket
B 031Trinidad & TobagoPacket
B 032Trinidad & TobagoPacket
B 035The Black HolePacket
B 036Virgin IslandsPacket
B 037CuracaoPacket
B 038Dominican RepublicPacket
B 039Puerto RicoPacket
B 040San JuanPacket
B 041Historic Puerto RicoPacket
B 044ColombiaPacket
B 049Caracas - Lake MaracaiboPacket
B 050VenezuelaPacket
B 057BrazilPacket
B 058Rio de JaneiroPacket
B 065Brazil Packet
B 069UruguayPacket
B 071ArgentinaPacket
B 072Buenos AiresPacket
B 079ChilePacket
B 082BoliviaPacket
B 086PeruPacket
B 091EcuadorPacket
B 095In Darkest AfricaPacket
B 096Africa From Cairo To Cape TownPacket
B 101CasablancaPacket
B 114Queen Elizabeth Visits NigeriaPacket
B 120 Native Life in Belgian Congo & RuandaPacket
B 121Ruanda & the Belgian Congo's Lake AreaPacket
B 122Towns of Belgian Congo & RuandaPacket
B 123KenyaPacket
B 124South AfricaPacket
B 125Cape TownPacket
B 140EgyptPacket
B 141Pyramids & Antiquities of EgyptPacket
B 145Grand Tour of EuropePacket
B 146Castles of EuropePacket
B 147Cathedrals of Europe Packet
B 149Five Little Countries of EuropePacket
B 151SwedenPacket
B 153NorwayPacket
B 155DenmarkPacket
B 156EnglandPacket
B 157LondonPacket
B 158London PageantryPacket
B 159Shakespeare CountryPacket
B 160Ireland - The Emerald IslePacket
B 163Bonnie ScotlandPacket
B 167Majorca, the Balearic IslandsPacket
B 168PortugalPacket
B 169SpainPacket
B 170Wedding of Prince Rainier III & Grace KellyPacket
B 171SpainPacket
B 172FrancePacket
B 173Carnival of NicePacket
B 174The Chateaux on the LoirePacket
B 175Corsica (I'lle de Beaute)Packet
B 176Lourdes & the PyrénéesPacket
B 177ParisPacket
B 178Vatican CityPacket
B 180ItalyPacket
B 181Canonization of Blessed Pius XPacket
B 182RomePacket
B 183VenicePacket
B 185SwitzerlandPacket
B 188BelgiumPacket
B 190HollandPacket
B 192BerlinPacket
B 193GermanyPacket
B 194Oberammergau, The Passion PlayPacket
B 195The Rhine, Rudesheim to KonigswinterPacket
B 198Austria Packet
B 205GreecePacket
B 206AthensPacket
B 207Legendary Islands of GreecePacket
B 208TurkeyPacket
B 210Inside MoscowPacket
B 211People of RussiaPacket
B 212Russia TodayPacket
B 213RussiaPacket
B 215Grand Tour of AsiaPacket
B 223LebanonPacket
B 224Modern IsraelPacket
B 226 The Holy LandPacket
B 228MeccaPacket
B 231IraqPacket
B 233PakistanPacket
B 235IndiaPacket
B 241Universal Studios #1Packet
B 244BurmaPacket
B 245ThailandPacket
B 246Bangkok, City of Palaces and Temples1952Packet
B 247MalayaPacket
B 248SingaporePacket
B 249CambodiaPacket
B 250CambodiaPacket
B 251Hong KongPacket
B 252Island of BaliPacket
B 255Inside China TodayPacket
B 256Mysterious Peking & ShanghaiPacket
B 257Taiwan (Formosa)Packet
B 260South KoreaPacket
B 262JapanPacket
B 263KyotoPacket
B 264TokyoPacket
B 267NikkoPacket
B 268Expo '70, General Tour I, Osaka Packet
B 269Expo '70, General Tour II, OsakaPacket
B 270Expo '70, Night Scenes, OsakaPacket
B 271Ise-ShimaPacket
B 272Nara YamatoPacket
B 274The PhilippinesPacket
B 282Papua New GuineaPacket
B 284Perth, Western AustraliaPacket
B 285CanberraPacket
B 286SydneyPacket
B 287Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine CoastPacket
B 288 Australia, The Smallest ContinentPacket
B 289Alice Springs & Central AustraliaPacket
B 290Cairns & Northern QueenslandPacket
B 291AdelaidePacket
B 292MelbournePacket
B 294TasmaniaPacket
B 299AustraliaPacket
B 300Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1955Packet
B 301Little Red Riding Hood/Hansel & Gretel/Jack & the BeanstalkPacket
B 302CinderellaPacket
B 303 The Three Little PigsPacket
B 304Sleeping Beauty/The Pied Piper of Hamelin/ThumbelinaPacket
B 305Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy TalesPacket
B 308Sleeping Beauty1959Packet
B 309Aesop's FablesPacket
B 310Little Red Riding HoodPacket
B 311Carlo Collodi - Pinocchio1959Packet
B 312Grimm's Fairy TalesPacket
B 313Fairy Tale ClassicsPacket
B 314Jack & the Beanstalk/The Ugly Duckling/Hansel & GretelPacket
B 315Pinocchio/Lady and the Tramp/Snow WhitePacket
B 316The Sword in the StonePacket
B 317Goldilocks & the Three Bears1963Packet
B 318Assepoester (Cinderella)1965Packet
B 319The Little Red Hen/Thumbelina/The Pied Piper of HamelinPacket
B 320Puss in BootsPacket
B 321Charlotte's WebPacket
B 322Pippi LongstockingPacket
B 323FrankensteinPacket
B 324DraculaPacket
B 335 Arabian NightsPacket
B 340Mark Twain's Tom SawyerPacket
B 342Robin Hood1973Packet
B 343Mark Twain's Huckleberry FinnPacket
B 344Holly HobbiePacket
B 360Alice in Wonderland1952Packet
B 361The Wizard of OzPacket
B 362Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree1964Packet
B 363Jungle Book1966Packet
B 364Alice Through the Looking GlassPacket
B 365The AristocatsPacket
B 366Bedknobs & Broomsticks1971Packet
B 367The Island at the Top of the World1974Packet
B 368The Shaggy D.A.1976Packet
B 369Winnie the Pooh and Tigger TooPacket
B 37020,000 Leagues Under the SeaPacket
B 371Robin HoodPacket
B 372Peter Pan1957Packet
B 374Gulliver's Travels1961Packet
B 375Babes in ToylandPacket
B 376Mary Poppins1964Packet
B 377 One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing1975Packet
B 378Robin HoodPacket
B 380A Christmas CarolPacket
B 381The Littlest AngelPacket
B 382The Night Before Christmas1958Packet
B 383The Christmas Story1948Packet
B 390The Fiddler on the RoofPacket
B 391The Poseidon AdventurePacket
B 392King KongPacket
B 393James Bond 007 in "Live and Let Die"Packet
B 400Bambi1958Packet
B 405The True Story of Smokey BearPacket
B 406Raggedy Ann & Raggedy AndyPacket
B 410Mother Goose RhymesPacket
B 411A-B-C CircusPacket
B 4121-2-3 FarmPacket
B 415Plum-PlumPacket
B 416Aglaé et SidoniePacket
B 417U.F.O.Packet
B 419BabarPacket
B 420Hansie en GrietjePacket
B 421Three Little PigsPacket
B 425Heidi1958Packet
B 426The Three Musketeers1957Packet
B 430William TellPacket
B 432Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson1958Packet
B 433Joan of ArcPacket
B 434The Three MusketeersPacket
B 435The Three Musketeers Add a FourthPacket
B 436Ali-Baba & the Forty ThievesPacket
B 437Christopher ColumbusPacket
B 438Robinson Crusoe1973Packet
B 439Last of the Mohicans Packet
B 440Paulus the Wood-GnomePacket
B 441The Magic RoundaboutPacket
B 442Poly im PortugalPacket
B 443Old Surehand1965Packet
B 444Tarzan of the Apes1968Packet
B 445Le Petit LionPacket
B 446Pépin La BullePacket
B 448MonikaPacket
B 449Kiri le ClownPacket
B 450NounoursPacket
B 451Capt'n SmokyPacket
B 452Sebastien - parmi les hommesPacket
B 453Thunderbirds1966Packet
B 455Lucky LukePacket
B 456Joe 90, "Attack of the Tiger"Packet
B 457Asterix & CleopatraPacket
B 458PetziPacket
B 459Les PoucetoisPacket
B 460Cowboy StarsPacket
B 461Cowboy Stars AdventuresPacket
B 462Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys"Packet
B 463Dale Evans, "Queen of the West" Packet
B 464Buffalo Bill, Jr.Packet
B 465The Lone Ranger in "Mystery Rustler"Packet
B 466Brave EaglePacket
B 467Rin-Tin-Tin1955Packet
B 468Johnny MoccasinPacket
B 469Zorro1958Packet
B 470Annie Oakley in "Indian Waterhole"Packet
B 471Bonanza1964Packet
B 472Lassie & Timmy Runaway MulePacket
B 473Wild Bill Hickok & "Jingles"Packet
B 474 Lassie and Timmy1959Packet
B 475Roy Rogers Adventure RoundupPacket
B 476Toby Tyler, or 10 Weeks With A CircusPacket
B 477Television Shows at Universal City StudiosPacket
B 478The Mod Squad in "Bad Man on Campus"1968Packet
B 479The Mod SquadPacket
B 480Lassie, Look HomewardPacket
B 481The MunstersPacket
B 482Lost in SpacePacket
B 483Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaPacket
B 484 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Packet
B 485Flipper1966Packet
B 486The Addams FamilyPacket
B 487Bonanza IIPacket
B 488The Green HornetPacket
B 489Lassie Rides the Log Flume1968Packet
B 490The Smith FamilyPacket
B 491The Time TunnelPacket
B 492Batman "The Purr-fect Crime"1966Packet
B 493The MonkeesPacket
B 494Land of the Giants1968Packet
B 495The Flying NunPacket
B 496City Beneath the Sea1971Packet
B 497Rowan & Martin's Laugh-InPacket
B 498Daktari1968Packet
B 499Star Trek1968Packet
B 500Barbie's Around the World Trip1965Packet
B 501The Love Bug1968Packet
B 502The Banana Splits1970Packet
B 503Dark ShadowsPacket
B 504Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpPacket
B 505Mission: ImpossiblePacket
B 506$1,000,000 Duck1971Packet
B 507Planet of the ApesPacket
B 508The Woody Woodpecker ShowPacket
B 509Space Mouse/Splinter & Knothead/Gabby Gator's1964Packet
B 510Woody Woodpecker/Andy Panda/Chilly WillyPacket
B 511Tom & Jerry/Droopy/Spike & Tyke1956Packet
B 512Huckleberry Hound & Yogi BearPacket
B 513Top CatPacket
B 514The Flintstones1962Packet
B 515BullwinklePacket
B 516Popeye1962Packet
B 517Disney on Parade1970Packet
B 518Beetle BaileyPacket
B 519Deputy DawgPacket
B 520Pebbles & Bamm-BammPacket
B 521King Leonardo/Supercar/Alvin & the Chipmunks1963Packet
B 522Woody WoodpeckerPacket
B 523Walt Disney Characters1953Packet
B 524Mickey Mouse Club MouseketeersPacket
B 525Donald Duck1957Packet
B 526 Mighty Mouse Meets Powerfull Puss1958Packet
B 527Popeye1959Packet
B 528Mickey Mouse1958Packet
B 529Pluto1959Packet
B 530Goofy, The Traveling CameramanPacket
B 531Bugs BunnyPacket
B 532101 Dalmatians1961Packet
B 533Casper, The Friendly GhostPacket
B 534Quick Draw McGrawPacket
B 535Secret Squirrel & Atom AntPacket
B 536Peanuts1966Packet
B 537Blondie & DagwoodPacket
B 538Beep-Beep, The Road RunnerPacket
B 539Dennis the Menace1967Packet
B 540Bobby the BunnyPacket
B 541Max und MoritzPacket
B 542Tin Tin & the Temple of the SunPacket
B 543Tin Tin & the Expedition to the MoonPacket
B 544Snoopy & the Red Baron1969Packet
B 545Casper's GhostlandPacket
B 546Fantastic VoyagePacket
B 547 The Hardy Boys in "The Mystery of the Caves"Packet
B 548Charlie Brown's Summer Fun1972Packet
B 549Bugs Bunny in "Super Bunny"1972Packet
B 550ShazamPacket
B 551Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners"Packet
B 552The Hair Bear Bunch in "No Space Like Home"Packet
B 553Scooby Doo in "That's Snow Ghost"1972Packet
B 554Fat Albert & the Cosby KidsPacket
B 555Star Trek: "Mr. Spock's Time Trek"Packet
B 556It's A Bird, Charlie Brown1973Packet
B 557Korg 70,000 B.C.Packet
B 558Apple's WayPacket
B 559The Six Million Dollar Man1974Packet
B 560Captain KangarooPacket
B 563Bazooka Joe & His GangPacket
B 564Curiosity ShopPacket
B 565The Captain Kangaroo Show1970Packet
B 566The New Zoo RevuePacket
B 567The New Zoo Revue - Two1974Packet
B 568The Brady Bunch1971Packet
B 569 The Partridge FamilyPacket
B 570The Beverly Hillbillies1973Packet
B 571Family AffairPacket
B 572JuliaPacket
B 573Nanny & the ProfessorPacket
B 574Sam Sawyer IPacket
B 575Sam Sawyer IIPacket
B 576Barbie's Great American Photo RacePacket
B 577The World of Little KiddlesPacket
B 578Herbie Rides AgainPacket
B 579Land of the LostPacket
B 580Tarzan of the ApesPacket
B 581Tom Corbett, Space CadetPacket
B 582Steve Canyon in "Crisis at Big Thunder"Packet
B 583Flash GordonPacket
B 584Superman Meets Computer Crook1976Packet
B 585The Adventures of G.I. JoePacket
B 586Happy Days1974Packet
B 587Big Blue MarblePacket
B 588Here's Lucy, "Lucy & the Astronauts"Packet
B 589GunsmokePacket
B 590Hawaii Five-O Packet
B 591SearchPacket
B 592The Partridge Family IIPacket
B 593Adam-12Packet
B 594Run Joe RunPacket
B 595Sigmund & the Sea MonstersPacket
B 596The WaltonsPacket
B 597Emergency!1973Packet
B 598Kung Fu1974Packet
B 605Little Yellow DinosaurPacket
B 610Butterflies of North America1955Packet
B 611Wild Birds of North America 1955Packet
B 612Wonders of the Deep1954Packet
B 613Battle of the Monsters from "The Animal World"Packet
B 614Wild Animals of the World1958Packet
B 615Strange Animals of the World1958Packet
B 616Performing Animals, St. Louis ZooPacket
B 617San Diego Children's Zoo1958Packet
B 618Wild Animals of Africa1960Packet
B 619Prehistoric AnimalsPacket
B 620Dogs and Cats1957Packet
B 621Sharks 1976Packet
B 628Garden FlowersPacket
B 629Desert Wild Flowers, Southwestern U.S.A.Packet
B 630Alpine Wild Flowers of Western United StatesPacket
B 636Jungle BookPacket
B 655Lancio di Un Missile da Cape Canaveral1958Packet
B 656Moon Rockets and Guided Missiles1960Packet
B 657America's Man in Space, NASA Project Mercury1962Packet
B 658Man on the Moon1964Packet
B 660Aircraft Carrier in Action at SeaPacket
B 661South Pole, Conquest by AirPacket
B 662U.S. Spaceport, John F. Kennedy Space CenterPacket
B 663Moon Landing 19691969Packet
B 664A Step into the UniversePacket
B 670Judo & KaratePacket
B 671Automobile RacingPacket
B 672Modern Aircraft1969Packet
B 673Eddy MerckxPacket
B 675Our Planet Earth (Geology)Packet
B 676Prehistoric Life (Paleontology)Packet
B 677 Rocks and Minerals (Mineralogy)1967Packet
B 678Ornithology: Birds of the WorldPacket
B 679La Vie des Poissons (Ichtyologie)Packet
B 680The Plant Kingdom - Botany1969Packet
B 681The Conquest of Space - Astronautics1968Packet
B 682Physics: Matter & EnergyPacket
B 684Archaeology: Probing the PastPacket
B 685The History of Flight1973Packet
B 686Ecology: The Balance of NaturePacket
B 687Astronomy: Exploring the UniversePacket
B 688Entomology: The Insect WorldPacket
B 700F.B.I. AgentPacket
B 720Hunters of the PlainsPacket
B 721Indians of the Southwest1957Packet
B 722Hunters of the ForestsPacket
B 725The American Indian1958Packet
B 728Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi 1966Packet
B 731Winnetou1965Packet
B 747Pan American's 747Packet
B 750Royal Canadian Mounted Police1956Packet
B 7598th World Boy Scout JamboreePacket
B 760World's Fair, Brussels 1958Packet
B 761World's Fairs of YesteryearPacket
B 765Movie StarsPacket
B 766Television StarsPacket
B 767Baseball StarsPacket
B 770A Day at the Circus1952Packet
B 773Airplanes of the WorldPacket
B 775Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey CircusPacket
B 776Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies1970Packet
B 777 American Ballet Theatre, Swan LakePacket
B 780Coronation of Queen Elisabeth IIPacket
B 785World's Fair, Brussels 1958Packet
B 786World's Fair, Brussels 1958: Pavilions of the NationsPacket
B 787World's Fair, Brussels 1958: "Gay Belgium"Packet
B 788World's Fair, Brussels 1958: General SectionsPacket
B 789World's Fair, Brussels 1958: International SectionsPacket
B 790War Between the StatesPacket
B 792World War IPacket
B 793Famous People1975 Packet
B 794Old Time TrainsPacket
B 795Old Time CarsPacket
B 796Old Time ShipsPacket
B 797Old-Time Airplanes1976Packet
B 810Revolutionary War1975Packet
B 811Forging a Nation, 1787-1886Packet
B 812Westward Expansion, 1775-1897Packet
B 813The 20th Century, 1898-1970Packet
B 814Landmarks of American History1974Packet
B 840Rare Coins, The Hobby of Numismatics1972Packet
B 841Famous Stamps, The Hobby of PhilatelyPacket
B 851Noah's ArkPacket
B 852Bible HeroesPacket
B 853Moses & the Plagues of EgyptPacket
B 854Moses & the Ten Commandments Packet
B 855In the Beginning, The Bible Story of CreationPacket
B 865The History of FlightPacket
B 870Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Shines AgainPacket
B 871The Little Drummer BoyPacket
B 875Birth of JesusPacket
B 876Parables of JesusPacket
B 877Jesus Teaches ForgivenessPacket
B 878Miracles of JesusPacket
B 880The Easter StoryPacket
B 882Jesus ChristPacket
B 901The Seven Wonders of the World1962Packet
B 925Queen Elizabeth Visits Canada & U.S.A.Packet
B 935NCAA Track and Field ChampionshipsPacket
B 936International Invitational Swimming and Diving MeetPacket
B 9371970 America's Cup Yacht RacesPacket
B 940Little League World SeriesPacket
B 945Gold Cup Hydroplane Races, ChampionshipsPacket
B 946Moto-Cross Motorcycle RacePacket
B947Tournament of Thrills, Auto Daredevil Show1970Packet
B 948Automobile Racing - Phoenix 200 & National Championship Drag RacesPacket
B 949World Bobsled Championships1970Packet
B 950Instructional Ice Skating by Ron & Cindy KauffmanPacket
B 951Instructional Football by Don Maynard1970Packet
B 952 Physical Fitness for Boys & Girls by Hayes JonesPacket
B 953Instructional Baseball with Gary GentryPacket
B 954Instructional Tennis with Dennis RalstonPacket
B 955Instructional Surfing with Linda BensonPacket
B 956Instructional Swimming with Don SchollanderPacket
B 970SpeleologyPacket
B 971Mountaineering1970Packet
B 972Skiing1970Packet
B0254The Panama Canal
B0661Brasilia, Futuristic Capital City of Brazil
B3051The Little Mermaid1958
B3071The Three Little Pigs1955
B3092The Town Mouse & Country Mouse
B3143Hansel & Gretel1952
B3731Robin Hood1956
B4309William Tell
B4721Lassie & Timmy in "The Runaway Mule"1958
B5124Huckleberry Hound in "Pop Goes Yogi"1962
B6551Vanguard Launching at Cape Canaveral1958
B6564Guided Missiles & Rockets 1959
B7604World's Fair, Brussels - 19581958
B9011Project-A-Show Reel One: Seven Ancient Wonders of the World1962
B9021Project-A-Show Reel Two: Tour of the U.S.A.1962
B9022Project-A-Show Reel Three: Our Nation's Capital, Washington D.C.1964
B9023Project-A-Show Reel Four: Famous World Cities1959
B9024Project-A-Show Reel Five: People from Other Lands
B9025Project-A-Show Reel Six: Wild Animals of the World1958
C 001Greece, Cradle of Western CulturePacket
C 002 AthensPacket
C 003Classical GreecePacket
C 004Historical IslandsPacket
C 005The Royal Wedding of Don Carlos & Princess SophiaPacket
C 006Mount Athos & MeteoraPacket
C 007The Wedding of King Constantine and Princess Anne-Marie1964Packet
C 020GreecePacket
C 026SicilyPacket
C 027Dolomite Mountains1959Packet
C 028FirenzePacket
C 029Rome1959Packet
C 030VeneziaPacket
C 031Naples & Mt. VesuviusPacket
C 035Roma Antica1961Packet
C 036Roma ModernaPacket
C 037Le Lac de GardePacket
C 038Verona & VicenzaPacket
C 039South TyrolPacket
C 040Costa AdriaticaPacket
C 041La Riviera di PonentePacket
C 042Genoa to La Spezia, The RivieraPacket
C 043La Riviera della VersiliaPacket
C 044Lake ComoPacket
C 045Lake MaggiorePacket
C 046GenovaPacket
C 047AssisiPacket
C 048Perugia e UmbriaPacket
C 049Padua & the PrealpsPacket
C 051La Costa VenetaPacket
C 051Trent & Western DolomitesPacket
C 052Cortina d'AmpezzoPacket
C 053SardegnaPacket
C 054Surroundings of RomePacket
C 055 SicilyPacket
C 056Elba & the Coast of MaremmaPacket
C 057Pompeii & HerculaneumPacket
C 058Island of CapriPacket
C 059Costa AmalfitanaPacket
C 060MilanoPacket
C 061La Valle D'AostaPacket
C 062San MarinoPacket
C 063Calabria Sila GarganoPacket
C 064TriestePacket
C 065Spagnolia, Cittá della DomenicaPacket
C 066 Lake ComoPacket
C 080ItalyPacket
C 090MaltaPacket
C 100VatikanstadtPacket
C 115MonacoPacket
C 125The Bernese OberlandPacket
C 126TicinoPacket
C 127Swiss Alpine PassesPacket
C 128The Engadine, SwitzerlandPacket
C 129French SwitzerlandPacket
C 130St. Moritz - Davos - KlostersPacket
C 131Flims - Lenzerheide - Arosa Packet
C 132The Grisons in WinterPacket
C 133Lausanne to MontreuxPacket
C 134Lake LucernePacket
C 135Pilatus - Bürgenstock - RigiPacket
C 136Zermatt and the ValaisPacket
C 137Expo 1964, LausannePacket
C 138Expo 1964, LausannePacket
C 139Miniature Switzerland IPacket
C 140Miniature Switzerland IIPacket
C 141GenevaPacket
C 142 Locarno & Lake MaggiorePacket
C 143Lake LuganoPacket
C 160SwitzerlandPacket
C 165AuvergnePacket
C 166ParisPacket
C 167NormandiePacket
C 169BretagnePacket
C 170Chateaux on the LoirePacket
C 171AlsacePacket
C 172The Basque CountryPacket
C 173CorsicaPacket
C 174The Palace of VersaillesPacket
C 175MarseillePacket
C 176The King & Queen of Belgium Visit to ParisPacket
C 177Famous Paintings, Louvre, Paris1962Packet
C 178Museo del Louvre, Sculture AntichitáPacket
C 179Les VosgesPacket
C 180La BourgognePacket
C 181Chamonix & Mont BlancPacket
C 182Les Pelerins a LourdesPacket
C 183Le Sanctuaire de LourdesPacket
C 184Lourdes et ses EnvironsPacket
C 185NicePacket
C 186Cannes & the RivieraPacket
C 187Coast Road of the RivieraPacket
C 188Gavarnie - Pic du Midi, Lac de GaubePacket
C 191Bretagne, la Côte AtlantiquePacket
C 192Lacs Alpins de FrancePacket
C 193GrenoblePacket
C 194Haute ProvencePacket
C 195La Haute SavoiePacket
C 196La Haute Savoie en HiverPacket
C 197Mont St. MichelPacket
C 198Pau & les PyrénéesPacket
C 199Lourdes, le CalvairePacket
C 200Orly Airport, ParisPacket
C 201Aubisque - Artouste - Cap-de-LongPacket
C 202An Evening in ParisPacket
C 203LisieuxPacket
C 204Notre-Dame-de-la-SalettePacket
C 205Maison de la RadioPacket
C 206Bretagne, Côte NordPacket
C 207ProvencePacket
C 208Lorraine Packet
C 209Côtes de Provence, Cassis - St. TropezPacket
C 210Lourdes, Pelerinage MilitairePacket
C 211JuraPacket
C 212The Eiffel TowerPacket
C 213La Route des "Grandes Alpes"Packet
C 214De Luchon a la Côte VermeillePacket
C 215Le Languedoc et CarcassonnePacket
C 216Gorges du Tarn, CévennesPacket
C 217Dordogne et LotPacket
C 218Bordeaux - Arcachon - LandesPacket
C 219Côte de l'AtlantiquePacket
C 220Grottes de BettharramPacket
C 221Les Châteaux de la Loire de Gien a AmboisePacket
C 222Les Châteaux de la Loire de Villandry á AngersPacket
C 227Les Châteaux de la LoirePacket
C 228Le Musée du LouvrePacket
C 229MontmartrePacket
C 230FrancePacket
C 231Un Soir a Paris, IlluminationsPacket
C 232Château de FontainbleuPacket
C 235AndorraPacket
C 240La Costa BravaPacket
C 241MajorcaPacket
C 242MadridPacket
C 243SevillePacket
C 244Costa del Sol, Granada - MálagaPacket
C 245Toledo & Old CastilePacket
C 246Majorca's West CoastPacket
C 247Palma de Majorca & East CoastPacket
C 248San Sebastian & the Basque CoastPacket
C 249Galicia y Asturias Packet
C 250SpainPacket
C 251Barcelona & MontserratPacket
C 252Sitges - Tarragona - PobletPacket
C 253From Valencia to AlicantePacket
C 254El Escorial, Valle de los CaidosPacket
C 255Spanish BullfightPacket
C 256Costa DoradaPacket
C 257Costa Blanca, Alicante - Mar MenorPacket
C 260The Canary IslandsPacket
C 265LisbonPacket
C 266 FatimaPacket
C 267From Estoril to SintraPacket
C 268Porto - MinhoPacket
C 269AlgarvePacket
C 270PortugalPacket
C 271MadeiraPacket
C 275The Norfolk BroadsPacket
C 276The River ThamesPacket
C 277LondonPacket
C 278The Isle of ManPacket
C 279Strolling in LondonPacket
C 280Princess Margaret's Wedding1960Packet
C 281The Royal Navy and Royal Marines 1961Packet
C 282Madame Tussaud's Wax ExhibitionPacket
C 283London AirportPacket
C 284The Tower of LondonPacket
C 285CornwallPacket
C 286DevonPacket
C 287The Isle of WightPacket
C 288Canterbury and Kentish CoastPacket
C 289Blackpool and the IlluminationsPacket
C 290The Lake DistrictPacket
C 291 Coventry CathedralPacket
C 292Brighton to HastingsPacket
C 293Torquay, DevonPacket
C 294DevonPacket
C 295London PageantryPacket
C 296English CathedralsPacket
C 297The CotswoldsPacket
C 298Shakespeare CountryPacket
C 299Dorset - Somerset, WiltshirePacket
C 300Hampshire and WightPacket
C 301Kent & SussexPacket
C 302 The Lions of LongleatPacket
C 304East AngliaPacket
C 305Harewood House and Bird GardenPacket
C 310The Channel IslandsPacket
C 311Thorpe ParkPacket
C 312Butlins Holiday CentresPacket
C 313The English Lakes1987Packet
C 314Pontin's Holiday ClubPacket
C 320Great BritainPacket
C 321LondonPacket
C 324Channel IslandsPacket
C 325 Western HighlandsPacket
C 326Edinburgh1969Packet
C 327Southern ScotlandPacket
C 328The Highlands, ScotlandPacket
C 329Central Scotland and DeesidePacket
C 330ScotlandPacket
C 335South & Central WalesPacket
C 336Snowdonia & North WalesPacket
C 337South WalesPacket
C 338North & Central WalesPacket
C 340Northern IrelandPacket
C 341South-West Counties - EirePacket
C 342Donegal & West Coast, EirePacket
C 343IrelandPacket
C 344Dublin and the East Coast, EirePacket
C 350Castles of BelgiumPacket
C 351The Abbey of OrvalPacket
C 352The Semois ValleyPacket
C 353The 1960 Flower Show, GhentPacket
B 354The Royal Wedding, Belgium1961Packet
C 355The Royal Wedding, Belgium1961Packet
C 356 The Royal Wedding, Belgium1961Packet
C 357The Royal Family of BelgiumPacket
C 358BrusselsPacket
C 359Furnes & West CoastPacket
C 360Ostend to Le ZoutePacket
C 361BrugesPacket
C 362Wieze OktoberfeestenPacket
C 363Han-Sur-Lesse ses grottesPacket
C 364Liége et sa ProvincePacket
C 365Vallée de la MeusePacket
C 366GhentPacket
C 367AntwerpPacket
C 368The ArdennesPacket
C 369Belgische KustPacket
C 370BelgiumPacket
C 372Antwerpse ZOO d'Anvers1971Packet
B 373Ronquieres - le plan inclinePacket
C 374Les Grottes de RemouchampsPacket
C 375BokrijkPacket
C 376Coo, La Gileppe, L'AmblévePacket
C 380Echternach & Sure ValleyPacket
C 381Luxemburg City & Moselle ValleyPacket
C 382Vianden & ClervauxPacket
C 385Tulip Time in HollandPacket
C 386Living Costumes of HollandPacket
C 387North Sea ResortsPacket
C 388AmsterdamPacket
C 389Round the ZuiderzeePacket
C 390Southern LimburgPacket
C 391The Hague & ScheveningenPacket
C 392Madurodam, Miniature TownPacket
C 393Zeeland & DeltaplanPacket
C 394Windmills of Holland Packet
C 396De Efteling, KaatsheuvelPacket
C 400The NetherlandsPacket
C 401Holland TourPacket
C 402Luchthaven SchipolPacket
C 405Die Mosel - von Trier bis KoblenzPacket
C 406The Main ValleyPacket
C 407The Rhine, Rüdesheim to KönigswinterPacket
C 408BerlinPacket
C 409The BodenseePacket
C 410The Black ForestPacket
C 411 Heidelberg & Neckar ValleyPacket
C 412Baden-Baden to Freiburg, The Black Forest Packet
C 413Hamburg & the Lower ElbePacket
C 414East Frisian IslandsPacket
C 415The Rhine, Honnef to DüsseldorfPacket
C 416Flowers & Gardens of the World, Hamburg IGA '63Packet
C 417AllgäuPacket
C 418Berchtesgaden CountryPacket
C 419Garmisch-Partenkirchener LandPacket
C 420MunichPacket
C 421 The Passion Play, Oberammergau1960Packet
C 422Royal Castles of Bavaria1959Packet
C 423OberbayernPacket
C 424Romantische StrassePacket
C 425Eifel & Ahr ValleyPacket
C 426Bergstrasse und OdenwaldPacket
C 427Ostsee Beaches & FehmarnPacket
C 428Helgoland & North Frisian IslandsPacket
C 429Frankfurt - Wiesbaden - TaunusPacket
C 430Bayerische SeenPacket
C 431Bayerische Alpen Packet
C 432Lübeck & the Baltic SeaPacket
C 433Lübeck & the Baltic SeaPacket
C 435Die WeinstrassePacket
C 436Der RheinPacket
C 437Olympia-Stadt, München 1972Packet
C 470GermanyPacket
C 475Jutland and the Danish IslesPacket
C 476CopenhagenPacket
C 477JutlandPacket
C 478The Danish Isles, Sealand FunenPacket
C 479 Prinsesse Margrethe's Bryllup1967Packet
C 480DenmarkPacket
C 490OsloPacket
C 491The Fjord CountryPacket
C 492Bergen & Towns of Western NorwayPacket
C 493North of the Arctic Circle, NorwayPacket
C 494Land of the Midnight Sun, NorwayPacket
C 500NorwayPacket
C 510StockholmPacket
C 511Land of the Midnight SunPacket
C 512NorrlandPacket
C 513Midsummer in DalecarliaPacket
C 514SkanePacket
C 515West Coast, Bastad to VarbergPacket
C 516Gothenburg to Svinesund, West CoastPacket
C 517Skansen & MillesgardenPacket
C 518GotlandPacket
C 519Värmland - DalslandPacket
C 530SwedenPacket
C 535Laplanders & Their ReindeerPacket
C 536Turku and Its CastlePacket
C 537HelsinkiPacket
C 538The Lake District, East FinlandPacket
C 539The Lake District, Central FinlandPacket
C 540FinlandPacket
C 541Hämeenlinna to AulankoPacket
C 545Inside RussiaPacket
C 560RuslandPacket
C 561LeningradPacket
C 562TallinnPacket
C 573Attraktiepark1983Packet
C 635CzechoslovakiaPacket
C 645VorarlbergPacket
C 646ÖsterreichPacket
C 647SalzburgPacket
C 648WienPacket
C 649Winter in TyrolPacket
C 650Kärntner SeenPacket
C 651Grossglockner TourPacket
C 652Zillertal, TirolPacket
C 653Stubal und Ötztal, TirolPacket
C 654SalzkammergutPacket
C 655The TyrolPacket
C 656Dachstein & AusseerlandPacket
C 657 Unteres Inntal, TirolPacket
C 658Von Sell am Zee nach BadgasteinPacket
C 660AustriaPacket
C 665HungaryPacket
C 680The Coast of DalmatiaPacket
C 705EgyptPacket
C 713TunisiaPacket
C 719MarokkoPacket
C 733SaharaPacket
C 734AlgeriaPacket
C 742Cape Province/KaapprovinsiePacket
C 746RhodesiaPacket
C 748Krüger ParkPacket
C 758Queen Elizabeth Visits NigeriaPacket
C 770Côte d'IvoirePacket
C 771GhanaPacket
C 773MaliPacket
C 805TurkeyPacket
C 806IstanbulPacket
C 810SyriaPacket
C 815Liban1982Packet
C 820The Holy Land, IsraelPacket
C 821Tel Aviv & JaffaPacket
C 822 Gold Jerusalem, Kotel MarawiPacket
C 830The Holy Land, JordanPacket
C 831Jerusalem & the Holy WeekPacket
C 838YemenPacket
C 839OmanPacket
C 841El MadinaPacket
C 842Holy VisitsPacket
C 843Hajj & ZiarahPacket
C 845KarbalaPacket
C 846KuwaitPacket
C 847United Arab EmiratesPacket
C 849BahrainPacket
C 850IraqPacket
C 880IndiaPacket
C 889Sri LankaPacket
C 890China1972Packet
C 891Peking1972Packet
C 915ThailandPacket
C 924SingaporePacket
C 940CyprusPacket
C 950IndonesiaPacket
C 970Hong KongPacket
C 980JapanPacket
C-01÷20Cactus Series
CBPXCowboy StarsPacket
CBPX-2Cowboy Stars AdventuresPacket
CBS-1÷2NASA's Apollo Project, Moon Landing 1969
CDRDemonstration ReelsPacket
COMM1Pariisiin Wieniin Italiaan STAPacket
CPXA Day at the CircusPacket
CZPXThe Canonization of Blessed Pius XPacket
D 100Poly á Venise Packet
D 101Sebastien et la Mary-MorganePacket
D 102Racing Driver, with Jacky IckxPacket
D 103Bébé AntoinePacket
D 104Jet Pilot1971Packet
D 105Laurel & HardyPacket
D 107Hansie en Grietje1973Packet
D 108Peau d'Ane1970Packet
D 109Rupert the BearPacket
D 110MistyPacket
D 111Animaux Sauvages d'Africa1971Packet
D 112 Automobile Racing1971Packet
D 113Pippi LangstrumpfPacket
D 114Jet Fighters1971Packet
D 115Barnaby in Space1972Packet
D 117Papillons (Butterflies)1973Packet
D 118Secrets of the SeaPacket
D 122MichelPacket
D 123Tom ThumbPacket
D 124StuntmenPacket
D 127Safari1973Packet
D 129CalimeroPacket
D 130Aladdin Packet
D 131The WomblesPacket
D 133Porky PigPacket
D 135The Adventures of Black Beauty1973Packet
D 149Noddy Goes to ToylandPacket
D 150Space: 1999Packet
D 183Dr. SnugglesPacket
D 187Dr. Who in "Full Circle"Packet
D 189The Flying KiwiPacket
D 196The Royal FamilyPacket
D 198Ulysses 31, The Lost PlanetPacket
D 199Adam & the Ants Packet
D 210The Royal Wedding, London, July 29, 19811981Packet
D 215Willo the WispPacket
D 217Metal MickeyPacket
D 222British Animals of Field & WoodlandPacket
D 223Smurfs #1Packet
D 224Victor & MariaPacket
D 226Portland Bill Packet
D 227FootballPacket
D 228Epcot Center Future WorldPacket
D 229SupertedPacket
D 230 Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks1983Packet
D 231The Wind in The WillowsPacket
D 234Pony RidingPacket
D 235Aircraft1983Packet
D 236Birds, Bees, & ButterfliesPacket
D 237Learning to Pray the Muslim WayPacket
D 238Thomas the Tank Engine & FriendsPacket
D 239BananamanPacket
D 240Roland Rat Superstar & Friends1984Packet
D 241Tennis with Jo DuriePacket
D 242The Tripods Packet
D 243TelechatPacket
D 244Dempsey & Makepeace1985Packet
D 245Family NessPacket
D 246Smurfs #2Packet
D 247Steam Trains1984Packet
D 249Nils HolgerssonPacket
D 250SnorkelsPacket
D 253Les Mondes Engloutis Packet
D 256The Tale of Peter RabbitPacket
D 258Fabeltjes KrantPacket
D 259BerthaPacket
D 260Astro Le Petit RobotPacket
D 261Jimbo & the Jet SetPacket
D 262The SnowmanPacket
D 263Thomas the Tank EnginePacket
D 264Care BearsPacket
D 265Alex Packet
D 266Orm & CheepPacket
D 269Ferdy Packet
D 270The Shoe PeoplePacket
D 272BravestarrPacket
D 274Rahan Packet
D 276Star StreetPacket
D 281Hanna-Barbera Flintstones/Scooby Doo /Yogi BearPacket
D 282StingrayPacket
DSL1The Amazing Spider-ManPacket
DSL2Captain America/The Incredible HulkPacket
DSL3Mighty Mouse/FangfacePacket
DSL4The Rescuers/Winnie the PoohPacket
DSL5Bugs Bunny/Tweety & SylvesterPacket
DSL6Casper/Popeye's FunPacket
DSL7The Muppet Movie/Meet Jim Henson's MuppetsPacket
DSL8Mickey Mouse/Donald DuckPacket
DX-1Mickey Mouse in "Mickey's Birthday Party"1953SetDX-1/2/6
DX-2Donald Duck in "Deep Sea Diver"1953SetDX-1/2/6
DX-6Walt Disney Characters III1954SetDX-1/2/6
E 101Fun at the ZooPacket
E101Mushrooms of the United States
EAThe Easter Story1950Packet
F 001Scenic MexicoPacket
F 002Mexico TourPacket
F 003 Mexico City1973Packet
F 005Acapulco1973Packet
F 006Independence RoutePacket
F 008Lost Civilizations of MexicoPacket
F 009Ancient Mayan RuinsPacket
F 010Mexico, the West CoastPacket
F 014Baja California SurPacket
F 018Baja California, Tijuana to Cabo San LucasPacket
F 019Mexico1973Packet
FPX1Fairy Tales IPacket
FPX2 Fairy Tales IIPacket
FPX3Fairy Tales IIIPacket
FPX4Fairy Tales IVPacket
FPX6Fairy TalesPacket
FPX8Alice in WonderlandPacket
FT 01Little Red Riding Hood1950SetFT 01/02/03
FT 02Hansel & Gretel1952SetFT 01/02/03
FT 03Jack & The Beanstalk1951SetFT 01/02/03
F 04Biancaneve E I Sette Nani1955Packet
FT 05Cinderella & The Glass Slipper1946SetFT 05/06/13
FT 06 Goldilocks and The Three Bears1946SetFT 05/06/13
FT 07The Three Little Pigs1948SetFT 07/08/09
FT 08Little Black Sambo1948SetFT 07/08/09
FT 09The Ugly Duckling1948SetFT 07/08/09
FT 10Sleeping Beauty1953SetFT 10/11/12
FT 11The Pied Piper of Hamelin1953SetFT 10/11/12
FT 12Thumbelina1953SetFT 10/11/12
FT 13RumpelstiltskinSetFT 05/06/13
FT 14Goldilocks & The Three Bears1956
FT 20-AAlice in Wonderland - The White Rabbit1952 SetFT 20-A/B/C
FT 20-BAlice in Wonderland - The Mad Tea Party1952SetFT 20-A/B/C
FT 20-CAlice in Wonderland - The Croquet Game and Trial1952SetFT 20-A/B/C
FT 25Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer1950
FT 26Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer & J. Baddy, The Brilliant Bear1955SetFT 26/27/28
FT 27Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Uncle Bigby, The Blue-Nosed Reindeer1955SetFT 26/27/28
FT 28Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Shines Again1955SetFT 26/27/28
FT 30The Night Before Christmas1952
FT 31A Christmas Carol1956 Packet
FT 32The Littlest Angel1957Packet
FT 40-A/B/CPeter Pan1957Packet
FT 42Walt Disney's Bambi1956Packet
FT 45Wonderful Wizard of OzPacket
FT 50-A/B/51Tales from the Arabian Nights1951Packet
G 002Rebus GamePacket
GFPXGarden FlowersPacket
H 01Land of the Lost #2Packet
H 02Dr. Shrinker & WonderbugPacket
H 03 Electra Woman & DynagirlPacket
H 05HorsesPacket
H 06Animals of Our National ParksPacket
H 07Old Time San Francisco, 1860s to 1929Packet
H 08Mr. LincolnPacket
H 09The New Mickey Mouse Club MouseketeersPacket
H 11The Amazing Spider-Man in "Double Identity"1977Packet
H 13National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian InstitutionPacket
H 14Golden Book FavoritesPacket
H 15Kings Island, CincinnattiPacket
H 16Sea World, San Diego #1Packet
H 18MontrealPacket
H 19TomorrowlandPacket
H 20The Vacation KingdomPacket
H 21Main Street U.S.A.Packet
H 22FrontierlandPacket
H 23AdventurelandPacket
H 24Liberty SquarePacket
H 25FantasylandPacket
H 26The RescuersPacket
H 29Knott's Berry Farm #1Packet
H 30 Knott's Berry Farm #2Packet
H 38Pete's DragonPacket
H 39The Mighty Thor in "The Wrath of Odin"1977Packet
H 43Captain America in "Where Walks the Sleeper"1977Packet
H 44Iron ManPacket
H 48Seaquarium #1, MiamiPacket
H 49Seaquarium #2, MiamiPacket
H 50Silver SpringsPacket
H 51National Museum of History & TechnologyPacket
H 52Disneyland: AdventurelandPacket
H 53 Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus WorldPacket
H 54For the Love of BenjiPacket
H 56Mr. MagooPacket
H 57New York City Tour #1Packet
H 58New York City Tour #2Packet
H 59San Diego Zoo #1Packet
H 60San Diego Zoo #2Packet
H 61San Diego Wild Animal ParkPacket
H 62Children's Zoo, San DiegoPacket
H 63Los AngelesPacket
H 64HollywoodPacket
H 65Yellowstone National Park #2Packet
H 66Yellowstone National Park #1Packet
H 67Busch Bird Sanctuary, Los AngelesPacket
H 68National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian InstitutionPacket
H 69Harlem Globetrotters1977Packet
H 70Badlands National MonumentPacket
H 73Mount Rushmore National MonumentPacket
H 74Great Smoky Mountains National ParkPacket
H 75Sea World, OrlandoPacket
H 76Sea World, Ohio1977Packet
H 77The Bad News Bears in "Breaking Training"Packet
H 81Universal Studios #2Packet
H 82Sea World Shows & AnimalsPacket
H 83Grand Ole Opry, NashvillePacket
H 92Little Red Riding Hood/The 3 Little Pigs/Sleeping BeautyPacket
H101,2,7Songs of Zion1952
H500Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys," & "Trigger"
H501Dale Evans, "Queen of the West"
H502Hearst Castle, San Simeon #1
H504MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas
H505Forest Lawn Memorial Park
HLPXHoly LandPacket
J 01Buck RogersPacket
J 04Busch Gardens, The Dark Continent No.1, Tampa, Fla.1978Packet
J 05Busch Gardens, The Dark Continent No.2, TampaPacket
J 06Busch Gardens, Animals & BirdsPacket
J 10 The Life & Times of Grizzly AdamsPacket
J 11MASHPacket
J 12The Pink PantherPacket
J 13Happy Days #2Packet
J 14The WizPacket
J 16Las Vegas, the CityPacket
J 17Las Vegas, the StripPacket
J 19Welcome Back, KotterPacket
J 20Welcome Back, KotterPacket
J 21Little Orphan AnniePacket
J 22The Cat from Outer SpacePacket
J 23 GodzillaPacket
J 24Guinness Book of RecordsPacket
J 25Return from Witch MountainPacket
J 26The Incredible HulkPacket
J 27The Sub-MarinerPacket
J 28Tweety & SylvesterPacket
J 29Mickey Mouse JubileePacket
J 30Wolf ManPacket
J 31The Queen Mary, Long BeachPacket
J 32ThailandPacket
J 33TaiwanPacket
J 34Hong Kong Packet
J 46Rio de JanieroPacket
J 47Close Encounters of the Third KindPacket
J 50Weeki WacheePacket
J 51Benji's Very Own Christmas StoryPacket
J 53Naval Aviation Museum, PensacolaPacket
J 60DumboPacket
J 63MonkeysPacket
J 65SnakesPacket
J 70Superstar BarbiePacket
J 75Tutankhamen, the Boy King, Metropolitan Museum of ArtPacket
J 76 Knights in Armor, Metropolitan Museum of ArtPacket
J 78Superman, The Movie1978Packet
J 79U.S. Spaceport, Kennedy Space CenterPacket
J 80Grand Canyon National Park #1Packet
J500San Xavier Mission, Tucson #1
J501Hearst Castle, San Simeon #2
J507Grand Canyon National Park #2
J508Calico Ghost Town #1
J509Calico Ghost Town #21978
J512Mission San Juan Capistrano1979
J513 Tombstone Arizona, the Town Too Tough to Die #1
J514Tombstone Arizona, the Town Too Tough to Die #2
J515Shenandoah Caverns, New Market
J516Mission Santa Barbara, Founded 17861978
J517Ponderosa Ranch, Home of "Bonanza" TV, Lake Tahoe
J518Waltzing Waters, Fort Myers
J519The Oldest Wooden School in the U.S., St. Augustine
J529Ripley's Museum, St. Augustine
K 01Disneyland: Main Street & Primeval WorldPacket
K 02 Disneyland: FrontierlandPacket
K 03Disneyland: New Orleans Square, Pirates of the CaribbeanPacket
K 04Disneyland: AdventurelandPacket
K 05Disneyland: FantasylandPacket
K 06Disney Laugh 'n Learn #1: Families, Seasons, & HolidaysPacket
K 07Disney Laugh 'n Learn #2: My Disney ABC'sPacket
K 08Disney Laugh 'n Learn #3: The Five SensesPacket
K 09Disney Laugh 'n Learn #4: Words Make StoriesPacket
K 10Disney Laugh 'n Learn #5: Fun With NumbersPacket
K 11 Disney Laugh 'n Learn #6: Measure with MetricsPacket
K 15Ruby Falls, Inside Lookout Mountain CavesPacket
K 16Disneyland: TomorrowlandPacket
K 18Ghost Town in the Sky & Maggie Valley Packet
K 19Balboa Park, San DiegoPacket
K 20Romper RoomPacket
K 22Dr. StrangePacket
K 23Buenos AiresPacket
K 24MalaysiaPacket
K 25SingaporePacket
K 26Meet Jim Henson's Muppets1979 Packet
K 27Scenes from Jim Henson's "The Muppet Movie"Packet
K 29CaracasPacket
K 30VenezuelaPacket
K 31The Amazing Spider-Man #2Packet
K 32Knott's Berry Farm #1Packet
K 33Knott's Berry Farm #2Packet
K 35The Black HolePacket
K 36The Fantastic FourPacket
K 37Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery DayPacket
K 38The CircusPacket
K 39Circus Animals Packet
K 40ArgentinaPacket
K 41BrazilPacket
K 42Las Vegas #1Packet
K 43Las Vegas #2Packet
K 44Yosemite National Park #2Packet
K 46MeteorPacket
K 48Ontario Place, TorontoPacket
K 49JakartaPacket
K 50IndonesiaPacket
K 51ColombiaPacket
K 52ChilePacket
K 53Super Heroes Packet
K 55Montreal #2Packet
K 57Star Trek: The Motion PicturePacket
K 66FangfacePacket
K 67Mork & MindyPacket
K 68MoonrakerPacket
K 69Snow White & the Seven DwarfsPacket
K 71KISSPacket
K 73Universal Studios Scenic Tour #1Packet
K 74Universal Studios #2Packet
K 75Reptile Gardens, Rapid CityPacket
K 76 Reptile Gardens, Rapid CityPacket
K 77Dragons & Other Creatures, Metropolitan Museum of ArtPacket
K 79John TravoltaPacket
K 81Curious GeorgePacket
K 88Raggedy Ann & AndyPacket
K 89The Thorne Rooms, Art Institute of ChicagoPacket
K 90Pope John Paul II Visits the United StatesPacket
K 91Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum, OrlandoPacket
K 92Monterey Peninsula, Carmel to Big SurPacket
K 93California MissionsPacket
K 94Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara & GurneePacket
K500Ashlawn, Home of President James Monroe Charlottesville
K503Land of Oz, Vanner Elk
K504Northwestern North Carolina Attractions
K505÷7Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock
K508÷10Hall of Presidents Wax Museum1979
K511÷12Scotty's Castle, Death Valley National Park1979
K514Cades Cove1979
K517San Xavier Mission, Tucson #21979
K520 Frontierland, Cherokee
K521Mission San Miguel Archangel, San Miguel1979
K522Mission San Carlos Borromeo, Carmel1973
K523Potter's Wax Museum, St. Augustine
K524÷5Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson1979
K528Sonora Desert Museum1979
L 01Can't Stop the MusicPacket
L 02Bon Voyage Charlie BrownPacket
L 03AcapulcoPacket
L 06The Flintstones in "Beasts of Bedrock"1980Packet
L 07Spider-WomanPacket
L 09Muppets Audition NightPacket
L 12Guadalajara y el Circulo ColonialPacket
L 14CHiPSPacket
L 15Buck Rogers Packet
L 16Battle Beyond the StarsPacket
L 17The Dukes of HazzardPacket
L 18Houston AstrosPacket
L 19Philadelphia PhilliesPacket
L 20New York Yankees Packet
L 22Minnesota TwinsPacket
L 23Los Angeles DodgersPacket
L 25Muppets Go HawaiianPacket
L 26The Legend of the Lone RangerPacket
L 27The JetsonsPacket
L 28GarfieldPacket
L 29The Fox & the HoundPacket
L 31Batman in "The Joker's Wild"Packet
L 32Vote I Go PogoPacket
L 33Cheap TrickPacket
L 35Baja CaliforniaPacket
L 46Superman IIPacket
L501Doll & Toy Museum at Hobby City, Anaheim1980
L503Cape Hatteras National Seashore1980
L506Moaning Cavern, Vallecito1980
L507Farmer's Market, Los Angeles1980
LALouisiana, The Pelican State1956Packet
M 001Museum of Science & Industry, ChicagoPacket
M 002Colleen Moore's Fairy CastlePacket
M 003Sea World, Mission Bay Park, San DiegoPacket
M 004Sea World, Shows and Animals1980Packet
M 005Sea World OhioPacket
M 006Sea World Florida #1Packet
M 007The Great Muppet CaperPacket
M 008Disney World: Liberty SquarePacket
M 009The Dark Crystal1982Packet
M 010The Bugs Bunny & Road Runner ShowPacket
M 015Sesame Street: Shapes & ColorsPacket
M 19The Dukes of HazzardPacket
M 022Sea World Florida #2Packet
M 036Era of the Space ShuttlePacket
M 037TronPacket
M 038Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanPacket
M 500Meteor Crater1985
M 501The Corn Palace, Mitchell1981
M 504Marineland #2, Dolphin Show1982
M 505Marineland #3, Pilot Whale & Sea Lion Show1982
MG-1/2/3Mother Goose Rhymes1950 Packet
MPXMovie StarsPacket
MU-01÷33Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitats1950
N 01Flying SmurfPacket
N 02Traveling SmurfPacket
N 03AnniePacket
N 04Cypress Gardens, Southern Crossroads and the Living Forest1982 Packet
N 05Monkey Jungle - Miami, Florida1982Packet
N 07E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialPacket
NB 300Snow WhitePacket
NB 308Sleeping BeautyPacket
NB 311PinocchioPacket
NB 318CinderellaPacket
NB 363The Jungle BookPacket
NB 364Alice Through the Looking GlassPacket
NB 365The AristocatsPacket
NB 367The Island at the Top of the WorldPacket
NB 372 Peter PanPacket
NB 400BambiPacket
NB 420Little Red Riding HoodPacket
NB 421The Three Little PigsPacket
NB 441The Magic RoundaboutPacket
NB 444TarzanPacket
NB 469ZorroPacket
NB 485FlipperPacket
NB 489LassiePacket
NB 498DaktariPacket
NB 499The Jungle BookPacket
NB 507The Planet of the ApesPacket
NB 511Tom & Jerry/Droopy/Spike & TykePacket
NB 516PopeyePacket
NB 523Walt Disney CharactersPacket
NB 525Donald DuckPacket
NB 528Mickey MousePacket
NB 529PlutoPacket
NB 532101 DalmatinsPacket
NB 542Tin Tin in "Prisoners of the Sun"Packet
NB 549Bugs Bunny in "Big Top Bunny"Packet
NB 551Mickey MousePacket
NB 598Kung FuPacket
NB 612Wonders of the DeepPacket
NB 614Wild Animals of the WorldPacket
NB 731WinnetouPacket
NCARNorth Carolina1955Packet
ND 105Laurel & HardyPacket
ND 107Hansel & GretelPacket
ND 111Wild Animals of AfricaPacket
ND 113Pippi LongstockingPacket
ND 114Jet FightersPacket
ND 115Barnaby in SpacePacket
ND 118Secrets of the SeaPacket
ND 127SafariPacket
ND 130Aladdin & His Wonderful LampPacket
ND 131The WomblesPacket
ND 135Black Beauty1973Packet
ND 149Noddy Goes to ToylandPacket
ND 150Space: 1999Packet
ND 151BirdsPacket
NDAKNorth Dakota1956Packet
NHNew Hampshire1956Packet
NJ New Jersey - The Garden State1957Packet
NMEXNew Mexico1957Packet
NYNew York1956Packet
OBPXOberammergau Passion PlayPacket
PAPennsylvania - The Keystone State1955Packet
PAPXPerforming AnimalsPacket
QEPXCoronation of Queen Elizabeth IIPacket
R-01/02/03Birth of Jesus1947Packet
R-04/05/06Parables of Jesus1947Packet
R-07/08/09Jesus Teaches Forgiveness1947Packet
R-10/11/12Miracles of Jesus1947Packet
RHPXRobin HoodPacket
RIRhode Island1957Packet
RP-001-064Charlie Brown
RP-1001Seven Ancient Wonders of the World1962
RP-1002Tour of the Scenic U.S.A.Packet
RP-1003Historic Washington D.C.Packet
RP-1004Niagara FallsPacket
RP-1005United States National ParksPacket
RP-1006Beautiful CanadaPacket
RP-1007Fascinating MexicoPacket
RP-1008Famous World CitiesPacket
RP-1009European ToursPacket
RP-1010Scenes of IndiaPacket
RP-1011People of Other LandsPacket
RP-1012Wild Animals of the WorldPacket
RP-1013David and Goliath - A Bible Story 1966
RP-1014Aesop's Fables1959Packet
RP-1015The Story of Cinderella1953Packet
RP-1016Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A.Packet
RP-1017Disneyland: FantasylandPacket
RP-1018Disneyland: It's a Small World & Primeval WorldPacket
RP-1019Disneyland: New Orleans SquarePacket
RP-1020Disneyland: AdventurelandPacket
RP-1021Disneyland: FrontierlandPacket
RP-1022Disneyland: TomorrowlandPacket
RP-1030 Travel Wonders of America, EastPacket
RP-1031Travel Wonders of America, WestPacket
RP-1032Travel Wonders of Our National ParksPacket
RP-1033Travel Wonders American CitiesPacket
RP-1034Travel Wonders American HistoryPacket
RP-1035The Continent of South AmericaPacket
RP-1036The Continent of AfricaPacket
RP-1037The Continent of EuropePacket
RP-1038The Continent of AsiaPacket
RP-1039The Lands of the PacificPacket
RP-1040Peter Pan1957Packet
RP-1041101 Dalmations1961Packet
RP-1042÷3The Jungle Book1966Packet
RP-1044Winnie the Pooh1964Packet
RP-1045Donald Duck in "Flying Saucer Pilots"Packet
RP-1046Mickey Mouse in "The Brave Little Tailor"1958Packet
RP-1050ABC Wide World of Sports: Boxing1970Packet
RP-1051ABC Wide World of Sports: Gymnastics Match Competition1971 Packet
RP-1052ABC Wide World of Sports: Moto-Cross1970Packet
RP-1053ABC Wide World of Sports: Pendleton Round-up1970Packet
RP-1054ABC Wide World of Sports: Automobile Racing1970Packet
RP-1055ABC Wide World of Sports: Little League World Series1970Packet
RP-1056ABC Wide World of Sports: Swimming & Diving Meet1970Packet
RP-1057ABC Wide World of Sports: World Bobsled1970Packet
RP-1058ABC Wide World of Sports: NCAA Track & Field1971Packet
RP-1059ABC Wide World of Sports: Tournament of Thrills Auto Show Packet
RP-1061Disneyland, Anaheim, CaliforniaPacket
RP-1062Walt Disney World, Orlando, FloridaPacket
RP-1063Mickey Mouse with Donald Duck & Goofy in "Clock Cleaners"1971Packet
RP-1064Winnie the Pooh1964Packet
RP-1065Donald Duck in "Flying Saucer Pilots"Packet
RP-1066The Aristocats1970Packet
RP-1069The Jungle Book1966 Packet
RP-1070Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer in "Commander in Chief"1955Packet
RP-1071Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Uncle Bigby1955Packet
RP-1072÷3The Littlest Angel1957Packet
RP-1075Snoopy & the Red Baron1957Packet
RP-1076÷7Lassie, Look Homeward1965Packet
RP-1078Raggedy Ann & Andy in "Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson"1971Packet
RP-1079Raggedy Ann & Andy in "Raggedy Andy Arrives"1971Packet
RP-1080÷1 Superman Meets Computer Crook1970Packet
RP-1084The Wonderful World of Peanuts, "Good Grief, Beethoven"1966Packet
RP-1085The Wonderful World of Peanuts, "Throw It Home, Snoopy!"1966Packet
RP-1107Lost City & Lost WorldPacket
RP-1108Oxcarts & Resort HotelsPacket
RP-1109Eskimos & SkyscrapersPacket
RP-1113÷4The Partridge Family1971Packet
RP-1115÷6The Night Before ChristmasPacket
RP-1117÷8 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerPacket
RP-1119÷20Beep Beep the Road RunnerPacket
RP-1123/24/51Scooby Doo in "That's Snow Ghost"1972Packet
RP-1127÷8Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree1964Packet
RP-1129÷30Disney on Parade1970Packet
RP-1132Batman in "The Purr-fect Crime"1976Packet
RP-1140Woody Woodpecker in "The Bill Collector"1955Packet
RP-1141÷2Snoopy & the Red Baron1969Packet
RP-1143 Throw It Home, Snoopy!1966Packet
RP-1144Good Grief, Beethoven!1966Packet
RP-1145The Hazards of Kite Flying1972Packet
RP-1146Summer Fun1972Packet
RP-1147Vampire Days & Nights1972Packet
RP-1148Snoopy's First Rejection1973Packet
RP-1149Snoopy in "Hot Dog"1973Packet
RP-1150Snoopy in "The Easter Beagle"1973Packet
RP-1152Disney on ParadePacket
RP-1153Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids1972Packet
RP-1154Robin Hood1973Packet
RP-1155÷6Batman in "The Purr-fect Crime"1966Packet
RP-1157Forging a Nation: 1787-18891974Packet
RP-1158Forging a Nation: 1787-1886Packet
RP-1159The Civil War: 1861-18651974Packet
RP-1160Landmarks of American History1974Packet
RP-1161÷2Westward Expansion: 1775-18971974Packet
RP-1163÷4The Revolutionary War: 1773-17831974Packet
RP-1165÷6The 20th Century: 1901-19701974Packet
RP-1167 Aquaman in "The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts"1976Packet
RP-1168Wonder Woman in "Peril Over New York"1976Packet
RP-1169÷70Shazam! "The Return of Black Adam"1972Packet
RP-1172Casper the Friendly GhostPacket
RP-1173Bazooka JoePacket
RP-1174Star TrekPacket
RP-1175Casper the Friendly Ghost in "The Witch's Broom"1961Packet
RP-1176The Flintstones' Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm1964Packet
RP-1177÷8Charlotte's Web1973 Packet
RP-1180Prehistoric Monsters1956Packet
RP-1183Land of the Lost1974Packet
RP-2000Washington, D.C.Packet
RP-2001New York CityPacket
RP-2003Puerto RicoPacket
RP-2004Mexico, Central America Packet
RP-2005Brasilia, BrazilPacket
RP-2006The Great Pyramids of EgyptPacket
RP-2007Athens, GreecePacket
RP-2008The PhilippinesPacket
RP-2013London, EnglandPacket
RP-2014Paris, FrancePacket
RP-2015Vatican CityPacket
RP-2018Yellowstone National ParkPacket
RP-2101The Scenic WondersPacket
RP-2102Mountains & DesertsPacket
RP-2105National ParksPacket
RP-2111Animals of North AmericaPacket
RP-2112Animals of Latin America1958Packet
RP-2113Animals of Africa1958Packet
RP-2114Animals of Africa & Asia1958Packet
RP-2115Animals of Australia & Southeast Asia1958Packet
RP-2116Animals of the Arctic1958Packet
RP-2117Apes & Monkeys1958Packet
RP-2122Planet Building BlocksPacket
RP-2123Life Forms Before ManPacket
RP-2141The FlintstonesPacket
RP-2142Pebbles & Bamm-BammPacket
RP-2143The FlintstonesPacket
RP-2145Top CatPacket
RP-2146 Huckleberry Hound Lands on the Moon1960Packet
RP-2147Yogi Bear in "Patron of the Arts"1960Packet
RP-2151Donald Duck in "Sky Hammock"Packet
RP-2152Mickey Mouse in "Pluto, the Pointer"1958Packet
RP-2153Mickey Mouse in "The Toy Shop"1958Packet
RP-2154Uncle Scrooge in "Donald's Gold Mine"Packet
RP-2155Lady & the TrampPacket
RP-2156Pluto Tries to be a Circus Dog1959Packet
RP-2157Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree1964Packet
RP-2161Cinderella 1965Packet
RP-2162The Jungle Book1966Packet
RP-2163Peter Pan1957Packet
RP-2165Sleeping Beauty1959Packet
RP-2166The Sword in the Stone1963Packet
RP-2171Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer1955Packet
RP-2173Little Red Riding Hood1959Packet
RP-2174Jack & the Beanstalk1951Packet
RP-2175Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs1955 Packet
RP-2176Aesop's Fable1959Packet
RP-2177Goldilocks & the Three Bears1963Packet
RP-2181Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A.Packet
RP-2183Disneyland: FrontierlandPacket
RP-2184Disneyland: New Orleans SquarePacket
RP-2191Casper the Friendly Ghost & Nightmare1969Packet
RP-2192Popeye in "Missile Muscle"1962Packet
RP-2193Snoopy & the Red Baron1969Packet
RP-2194The True Story of Smokey Bear1969Packet
RP-2196 Tom & Jerry in "Touché Pussycat"1956Packet
RP-2197Beep Beep the Road Runner1967Packet
RP-2201The Beverly HillbilliesPacket
RP-2207The Mod SquadPacket
RP-2208Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpPacket
RP-2222Instructional Football1970Packet
RP-2224Instructional Tennis1970Packet
RP-2225Instructional Surfing1971Packet
RP-2227Instructional Bowling1971Packet
RP-2231Disney World: Main Street U.S.A.Packet
RP-2232Disney World: AdventurelandPacket
RP-2233Disney World: FantasylandPacket
RP-2234Disney World: FrontierlandPacket
RP-2235Disney World: Liberty SquarePacket
RP-2236Disney World: Walt Disney CharactersPacket
RP-2237Disney World: The Haunted MansionPacket
RP-3001Puss in BootsPacket
RP-3002The Three Little Pigs1955Packet
RP-3003The Ugly Duckling1956Packet
RP-3004Hansel & Gretel1952Packet
RP-3005Mother Goose Rhymes1960Packet
RP-3006The Wizard of Oz1957Packet
RP-3007Alice in Wonderland1952Packet
RP-3011Bugs Bunny in "The Chiseler"1959Packet
RP-3012Woody Woodpecker in "The Daredevil"1964Packet
RP-3013Peanuts, "Throw It Home, Snoopy!"1966Packet
RP-3014Casper & Spooky in "The Haunted House"1969Packet
RP-3015The Hardy Boys1970Packet
RP-3016Superman in "Payday Incident"1970Packet
RP-3017 Bullwinkle in "Picnicgamesmanship"1962Packet
RP-3021Snow White & the Seven DwarfsPacket
RP-3022Mickey MousePacket
RP-3025Mary Poppins1964Packet
RP-3026The Love Bug1968Packet
RP-3027Disneyland - Disney FavoritesPacket
RP-3031The Scenic WondersPacket
RP-3032Mountains & DesertsPacket
RP-3033Wonderful CitiesPacket
RP-3035The National ParksPacket
RP-3036Historylands Packet
RP-3041Our Planet EarthPacket
RP-3042Prehistoric LifePacket
RP-3043Matter & EnergyPacket
RP-3044Lost Civilizations of MexicoPacket
RP-3045Rocks & MineralsPacket
RP-3046The Plant KingdomPacket
RP-3047Conquest of SpacePacket
RP-3071÷2Snoopy & the Red Baron1969Packet
RP-3073Peanuts, "Good Grief, Beethoven!"1966Packet
RP-3075÷6Charlie Brown's Summer Fun1972Packet
RP-3077Snoopy in "Vampire Days & Nights"1972Packet
RP-3078Peanuts, "Steaaaady, Charlie Brown!"1966Packet
RP-3081Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie"Packet
RP-3082Snow White & the Seven DwarfsPacket
RP-3083Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners"Packet
RP-3084Davy Crockett, "Battle of the Alamo"1955Packet
RP-3085Mickey Mouse Club in "Mickey's Magic Visit"1956Packet
RP-3087Babes in Toyland1961Packet
RP-3088Winnie the Pooh & TiggerPacket
RP-A 1733San Diego ZooPacket
S.DAKSouth Dakota1954Packet
SAM-1Sam Flies to the Moon 1950SetSAM-1/2/3
SAM-2Sam Finds a Treasure1950SetSAM-1/2/3
SAM-3Sam in the Land of the Giants1950SetSAM-1/2/3
SAM-4Sam in Darkest Africa1951SetSAM-4/5/6
SAM-5 Sam in the Land of Ice1951SetSAM-4/5/6
SAM-6Sam & the Flying Saucer Pirates1951SetSAM-4/5/6
SCSouth Carolina1954Packet
SDSouth Dakota1954Packet
SLB 492BatmanPacket
SLB 528Mickey MousePacket
SLB 544Snoopy & the Red BaronPacket
SLB 549The Six Million Dollar ManPacket
SLJ 12The Pink PantherPacket
SLJ 26The Incredible HulkPacket
SLK 26Meet Jim Henson's Muppets Packet
SLK 31The Amazing Spider-ManPacket
SLK 67Mork & MindyPacket
SLK 69Snow White & the Seven DwarfsPacket
SLK 71KISSPacket
SMPX-1Sam Sawyer Adventures IPacket
SMPX-2Sam Sawyer Adventures IIPacket
SP-0001Skyline Caverns, Front Royal1947
SP-0049Glacier National Park IV, Mountain Trip
SP-0058Golden Gate International Exposition, 1940
SP-0059 Golden Gate International Exposition, Night Scenes, 1940
SP-0067Maui the Valley Island Hawaii1951
SP-0072Kauai the Garden Isle Hawaii1951
SP-0088New York World's Fair I
SP-0089New York World's Fair II
SP-0092Oregon Caves National Monument II
SP-0117Sequoia National Park III
SP-0152Bonneville Dam & Columbia River Highway1950
SP-0184 Monterey Peninsula1949
SP-0188Santa Barbara, California1951
SP-0189San Juan Capistrano Mission
SP-0207Sun Valley, Summer
SP-0216Knott's Berry Farm I1954
SP-0217Knott's Berry Farm II1954
SP-0218Knott's Berry Farm III1954
SP-0231Cedar Breaks National Monument
SP-0236Million Dollar Highway, Colorado
SP-0237Berthoud Pass, Highway 40, Rocky Mountains1949
SP-0241 Seven Falls & Cheyenne Canyons1949
SP-0243Broadmoor Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado1949
SP-0282Santa Fe1948
SP-0285Death Valley National Monument II
SP-0287White Sands, National Monument New Mexico
SP-0287White Sands National Monument
SP-0288Aztec Ruins National Monument1947
SP-0307Ketchikan & Vicinity1950
SP-0321Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta1948
SP-0382 Laurentian Mountain Area, Quebec
SP-0384Quebec City II
SP-0387Rural Quebec
SP-9001Skyline Caverns, Front Royal, Virginia1947
SP-9002Trees of Mystery, Requa, California1948Set111/112/SP-9002
SP-9003The Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia1950
SP-9004Maligne Lake - Canadian Rockies, Alberta1948Set0318/0320/SP-9004
SP-9005Vancouver, British Columbia1948
SP-9006Fraser Canyon, British Columbia1948
SP-9007Indian Days, Banff, Alberta 1948
SP-9008Hoover (Boulder) Dam, Nevada1946Set0008/0011/SP-9008
SP-9009Hoover Dam, Nevada - Canyon Cruise1946
SP-9010Virginia City
SP-9012Natural Bridge of Virginia
SP-9013Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother I, Portland
SP-9014Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother II, Portland
SP-9015The Seven Dolors Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Portland
SP-9016Cranmore Mountain Skimobile Tramway, White Mountains
SP-9017Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, Franconia Notch
SP-9018Ausable Chasm, New York
SP-9019Mount Washington and Cog Road
SP-9020Old Covered Bridges, New England
SP-9021Howe Caverns I
SP-9022Howe Caverns II
SP-9023Timberline Lodge & Mount Hood
SP-9024Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mt.
SP-9025Franconia Notch, Lost River, White Mountains
SP-9026Beautiful Caverns of Luray I1946
SP-9027Beautiful Caverns of Luray II1946
SP-9028Adirondack Mountains, New York1950
SP-9029Fort Ticonderoga & Crown Point
SP-9030Gloucester & North Shore
SP-9031Petersen's Rock Gardens, Redmond
SP-9032Monticello, Home of T. Jefferson
SP-9033Water Skiing, Cypress Gardens
SP-9034Sea Lion Caves, Florence, Oregon1948
SP-9035Crawford Notch, Eastern Slope, White Mountains
SP-9037Indian Tribal Ceremonial, Gallup1948
SP-9038Ghost Town, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park
SP-9039San Diego1952
SP-9040Badlands National Monument, South Dakota1949
SP-9041Beautiful Lambert Gardens, Portland1948
SP-9042Estes Park & Big Thompson Canyon1949Set0101/0102/SP-9042
SP-9043National Monuments of Western Colorado1949Set0236/0238/SP-9043
SP-9044Las Vegas1952
SP-9045Oak Creek Canyon1951
SP-9046 Weekiwachee Springs, Florida1949
SP-9047Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania1950
SP-9048Arches National Monument1950
SP-9049Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina & Virginia1950
SP-9050Northern Maine1950
SP-9051Martha's Vineyard Island1950
SP-9052The Bok Tower & Florida Flowers1951
SP-9053The Everglades Nat'l. Park, Florida1950
SP-9054Big Bend National Park, Texas1950
SP-9055Mesa Verde National Park1950 Set0226/0227/SP-9055
SP-9056Joshua Tree National Monument1950
SP-9057Interior of George Washington's Mount Vernon Home1950
SP-9058Home of Santa's Workshop North Pole1951
SP-9059St. Louis, Missoury1951
SP-9059St. Louis1951
SP-9060The Cody Highway1951
SP-9061Big Horn Mountains1951
SP-9062Boys Town, Nebraska1951
SP-9064Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile1953
SP-9065Prince Edward Island1951
SP-9066Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia1951
SP-9067Bird Sanctuary, Bonaventure Island, Quebec1951
SP-9068Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto1951
SP-9069Kenora & Lake of the Woods, Ontario1951
SP-9070The Lakehead Region, Ontario1951
SP-9071Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan1952
SP-9072The Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota1952
T 100Isis1976Packet
TCPXTom Corbett, Space Cadet Packet
TWPX20,000 Leagues Under The SeaPacket
VL001Unlocking Earth's SecretsPacket
WDPXWonders of the DeepPacket
WF-01÷10Alpine Wild Flowers Western U.S.A.1946Packet
WVAWest Virginia1957Packet
XMThe Christmas Story1948Packet
XPXThe Christmas StoryPacket


Reel No.TitleYear of issueFileFile No.
1002The FlintstonesPacket
1003Batman in "The Joker's Wild"Packet
1004The Amazing Spider-ManPacket
1005Peanuts in "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown"1980Packet
1007Superman Meets Computer CrookPacket
1008G.I. JoePacket
1009Daffy DuckPacket
1011Woody WoodpeckerPacket
1013Bugs Bunny/Porky Pig/Daffy DuckPacket
1014Casper the Friendly GhostPacket
1016Scooby Doo in "That's Snow Ghost"Packet
1018The Pink PantherPacket
1019Little Orphan AnniePacket
1021The Incredible HulkPacket
1022The Sub-MarinerPacket
1023Tweety & SylvesterPacket
1024Superstar BarbiePacket
1025Doctor StrangePacket
1026The Fantastic FourPacket
1028Raggedy AnnPacket
1029The JetsonsPacket
1031Bugs Bunny/Road RunnerPacket
1032The Smurfs #1Packet
1033The Smurfs #2Packet
1035Shirt TalesPacket
1036Masters of the Universe1983Packet
1037 Snoopy & the Red BaronPacket
1038It's a Bird, Charlie BrownPacket
1039It's Your First Kiss, Charlie BrownPacket
1040Inspector GadgetPacket
1041The BiskittsPacket
1042Cabbage Patch KidsPacket
1043Rainbow BritePacket
1045Rose Petal PlacePacket
1046He-Man & the Masters of the Universe #2Packet
1047Hugga BunchPacket
1048My Little PonyPacket
1050My Little PonyPacket
1051Super PowersPacket
1053The Transformers1985Packet
1060Lazer TagPacket
1062The Real GhostbustersPacket
1065Dennis the MenacePacket
1066Flintstone KidsPacket
1067Fraggle RockPacket
1069Looney TunesPacket
1072Happy Birthday Bugs BunnyPacket
1073Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IPacket
1076Tiny Toon AdventuresPacket
1077Bugs Bunny & TweetyPacket
1080The FlintstonesPacket
1084Ren & StimpyPacket
1085The X-Men in "Captive Hearts"Packet
1086Batman, The Animated SeriesPacket
1096Taz ManiaPacket
1097The X-Men in "Deadly Reunions"Packet
1103Bugs Bunny Down Under Australia1994Packet
2001Goldilocks & the Three BearsPacket
2003The Wizard of OzPacket
2004A Christmas CarolPacket
2005The Night Before ChristmasPacket
2006Mother GoosePacket
2007Noah's ArkPacket
2008Bible HeroesPacket
2009Moses & the Ten CommandmentsPacket
2010Rudolph the Red-nosed ReindeerPacket
2011Jesus ChristPacket
2012Golden BookPacket
2014Wolf ManPacket
2015Curious GeorgePacket
2016Eskimos of AlaskaPacket
2022Wonders of the DeepPacket
2023Wild Animals of the WorldPacket
2027America's Man in SpacePacket
2029Apollo Moon Landing, 1969Packet
2038Indians of the SouthwestPacket
2039The American IndianPacket
2042Old TrainsPacket
2047National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian InstitutionPacket
2049Smithsonian Museum of History & TechnologyPacket
2050Animals of Our National ParksPacket
2051Children's Zoo, San DiegoPacket
2052National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian InstitutionPacket
2055Naval Air MuseumPacket
2058Tutankhamun: King Tut, the Boy KingPacket
2060Dragons & Other Creatures, Metropolitan Museum of ArtPacket
2069Era of the Space Shuttle Packet
2070Dungeons & DragonsPacket
2267Sesame Street #2Packet
2362Star Trek: The Motion PicturePacket
3000The Fox & the HoundPacket
3002Snow White & the Seven DwarfsPacket
3003Peter PanPacket
3004Mickey MousePacket
3005Donald DuckPacket
3007Sleeping BeautyPacket
3009Cinderella Packet
3010Winnie the Pooh & the Honey TreePacket
3011Winnie the Pooh & Tigger TooPacket
3012Disney on ParadePacket
3014101 DalmationsPacket
3015Walt Disney World, TomorrowlandPacket
3016Walt Disney World, Vacation KingdomPacket
3020Walt Disney World, FantasylandPacket
3021The RescuersPacket
3022Pete's DragonPacket
3023 The New Mickey Mouse ClubPacket
3024The Cat From Outer SpacePacket
3025Return From Witch MountainPacket
3026Mickey Mouse JubileePacket
3030Measure with MetricsPacket
3033Disneyland: New Orleans SquarePacket
3034Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery DayPacket
3035Disneyland: AdventurelandPacket
3036Disneyland: FantasylandPacket
3037Families, Seasons, & HolidaysPacket
3038Disney World: Liberty SquarePacket
3039My Disney ABCsPacket
3040The Five SensesPacket
3041Words Make StoriesPacket
3042EPCOT Center #1Packet
3043EPCOT Center #2Packet
3044EPCOT Center #3Packet
3045EPCOT Center #4Packet
3046EPCOT Center #5Packet
3047Sport Goofy Packet
3048Donald Duck's 50th BirthdayPacket
3049EPCOT Center World Showcase #1Packet
3050EPCOT Center World Showcase #2Packet
3051EPCOT Center World Showcase #3Packet
3052Pinocchio RevisitedPacket
3053The Black CauldronPacket
3054Mickey Mouse & FriendsPacket
3055Duck TalesPacket
3056Lady and the TrampPacket
3057Alice in WonderlandPacket
3058Mickey Mouse: 60 Years With YouPacket
3061Disneyland: TomorrowlandPacket
3062Disneyland: FrontierlandPacket
3063Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A.Packet
3065Disney World, The Vacation KingdomPacket
3067Disney World: Liberty SquarePacket
3069Disney World: FantasylandPacket
3070Disney World: AdventurelandPacket
3072Peter Pan Packet
3073Hollywood MickeyPacket
3075Chip 'n Dale in "Rescue Rangers"Packet
3076Mickey Mouse FantasyPacket
3077Minnie 'n MePacket
3078The Little MermaidPacket
3079Beauty and the BeastPacket
3080Mickey's World TourPacket
3081Tale SpinPacket
3082Ariel & the Magic RingPacket
3083Winnie the Pooh & the Honey Tree1995Packet
3084 The Hunchback of Notre Dame #1Packet
3085The Hunchback of Notre Dame #2Packet
3086101 Dalmatins1996Packet
3087The Enchanted World of Beauty & the BeastPacket
3089The Little MermaidPacket
3090The Perils of MickeyPacket
3091Goof TroopPacket
3092Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPacket
3095The Lion King1994Packet
3097Mickey Mouse Birthday Surprise1994Packet
3098The Return of JafarPacket
3099Mickey Mouse Safari ClubPacket
3157Mickey & DinosaursPacket
34031Discovery Channel - Jungle CreaturesPacket
34032Discovery Channel - Secrets of SpacePacket
34164Sesame Street GamesPacket
34166Toy Story Packet
34715Discovery Channel - Dinosaurs: Ancient GiantsPacket
34717Discovery Channel - On SafariPacket
34719Discovery Channel - Creatures of the DeepPacket
34989Okinawa & MiyakoPacket
35065The Christmas StoryPacket
35066The Easter StoryPacket
35067Jesus ChristPacket
35075Old-Time Trains2002Packet
35414Elmo's Happiest Day1997Packet
35422Hot Wheels Racing1998Packet
35428Barbie's Prom Date1998Packet
36334Winnie the Pooh's High Flying AdventurePacket
36339Bear in the Big Blue HousePacket
37006A Bug's LifePacket
38172The Nation's CapitolPacket
39095The Lion KingPacket
4000The Dukes of Hazzard #2Packet
4001More Scenes from E.T. The ExtraterrestrialPacket
4002 The Dukes of Hazzard #1Packet
4003Muppets' Audition NightPacket
4004The Great Muppet CaperPacket
4005The Muppet MoviePacket
4006Muppets Go HawaiianPacket
4007Meet Jim Henson's MuppetsPacket
4008The Secret of NimhPacket
4018Benji SuperstarPacket
4025Benji's ChristmasPacket
4030 Eight is EnoughPacket
4032Buck RogersPacket
4033The Legend of the Lone RangerPacket
4035Superman IIPacket
4036Dark CrystalPacket
4038Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanPacket
4041Jaws 3-DPacket
4042The Lost World: Jurastic Park1997 Packet
4043Droids in "Twice Upon A Time"Packet
4044Superman IIIPacket
4045-AThe A-Team I1983Set4045-A,B,C
4045-BThe A-Team II1983Set4045-A,B,C
4045-CThe A-Team III1983Set4045-A,B,C
4046Dungeons & DragonsPacket
4047Michael Jackson's Thriller1984Packet
4048Sesame Street Visits the FarmPacket
4049Sesame Street: People in Your NeighborhoodPacket
4050Sesame Street: CountingPacket
4051Sesame Street: AlphabetPacket
4052Sesame Street: Shapes, Colors, & SizesPacket
4053Fraggle Rock: Boober's DreamPacket
4054Knight RiderPacket
4056Buckaroo BanzaiPacket
4057The Last Star FighterPacket
4061How to BreakdancePacket
4062New York City Breakers1984Packet
4063Van HalenPacket
4064The GooniesPacket
4065Muppet BabiesPacket
4066Sesame Street: Follow That BirdPacket
4067Wrestling SuperstarsPacket
4068Punky BrewsterPacket
4070Kidsongs Music Video StoriesPacket
4071Barbie & the RockersPacket
4072Sesame Street: Baby AnimalsPacket
4073Howard the DuckPacket
4074Pee-wee's Playhouse1988Packet
4077Sesame Street Goes on VacationPacket
4079The Space Shuttle, NASA Space CenterPacket
4080Wild Animals of the World #1Packet
4081Wild Animals of the World #2Packet
4083Sesame Street1983Packet
4084The Wind in the WillowsPacket
4085Sesame Street Goes WesternPacket
4086Who Framed Roger RabbitPacket
4087The Wubbulous World of Dr. SeussPacket
4092The Legend of Indiana Jones1989Packet
4093Barbie Super StarPacket
4095Star Trek: The Next GenerationPacket
4095Dick TracyPacket
4097Sesame Street: Circus FunPacket
4098Super Mario Brothers #2Packet
4101The Easter StoryPacket
4103Animals of Our National Parks1977Packet
4107Sesame Street Visits the ZooPacket
4109Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The MoviePacket
4111An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestPacket
4114Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, "The Secret of the Ooze"Packet
4115The RocketeerPacket
4116Sesame Street Green Earth & Blue SkyPacket
4118Family MattersPacket
4119Full HousePacket
4125Sesame Street: Elmo Wants to PlayPacket
4126Sesame Street's Silliest VideosPacket
4137Batman Returns Packet
4139Crash Test DummiesPacket
4140The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesPacket
4141Children's ZooPacket
4149Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, "Back in Time"1992Packet
4150Jurassic Park1992Packet
4151Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop & FriendsPacket
4154Berenstein BearsPacket
4158 Kidsongs FavoritesPacket
4160Batman Forever1995Packet
4161The Magic School Bus1994Packet
4166Toy StoryPacket
4167Muppet Treasure IslandPacket
4201Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1Packet
4202Swan PrincessPacket
4203Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2Packet
4215 Southern StatesPacket
4247Sesame Street #9Packet
4400Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse/GoofyPacket
5000Canada ContrastsPacket
5003Kodak Hula ShowPacket
5004Honolulu & Waikiki, Oahu1974Packet
5005Island of OahuPacket
5006Island of HawaiiPacket
5007Islands of Kauai & MauiPacket
5008 Polynesian Cultural CenterPacket
5009Sea Life ParkPacket
5012Hoover Dam & Lake MeadPacket
5014Muir Woods National Monument1972Packet
5019Yosemite National Park #1Packet
5020Sequoia & Kings Canyon National ParksPacket
5021Redwood Highway1982Packet
5023Hearst Castle, San Simeon1969Packet
5024Trees of Mystery, Redwood Highway 101Packet
5025 Palm SpringsPacket
5027Death Valley National MonumentPacket
5029Historic Santa Barbara & SolvangPacket
5031Winchester Mystery House & San Jose1987Packet
5036Crater Lake National ParkPacket
5037Sea Lion Caves & the Oregon CoastPacket
5039Columbia River GorgePacket
5043Mt. Rainier National ParkPacket
5047Glacier National ParkPacket
5048 Grand Teton National ParkPacket
5050Pikes Peak & Colorado Springs AreaPacket
5051Rocky Mountain National ParkPacket
5052Royal Gorge & Central ColoradoPacket
5054Mesa Verde National ParkPacket
5057North Pole, Home of Santa's WorkshopPacket
5058Cliff Dwellings Museum/Cave of the Winds/Seven Falls1976Packet
5060Garden of the Gods & Colorado Springs Area1976Packet
5063Bryce Canyon National ParkPacket
5064Zion National Park1967 Packet
5065Glen Canyon Dam & Lake PowellPacket
5067Oak Creek CanyonPacket
5068Petrified Forest National Park & Painted DesertPacket
5071Grand Canyon River ExpeditionPacket
5073Carlsbad Caverns, Tour OnePacket
5074Carlsbad Caverns, Tour TwoPacket
5080San AntonioPacket
5082NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, HoustonPacket
5083Natural Bridge CavernsPacket
5085The Ozark MountainsPacket
5096Black Hills1970Packet
5097Black Hills Passion PlayPacket
5099Flintstones Bedrock City, CusterPacket
5109Grotto of the Redemption, West BendPacket
5121Henry Ford Museum, DearbornPacket
5123Air Force Museum, Dayton No. 1Packet
5124Air Force Museum, Dayton No. 2Packet
5127New England Covered Bridges and Fall FoliagePacket
5128 Independence National Historical Park, PhiladelphiaPacket
5131Pennsylvania Dutch & Amish CountryPacket
5148Freedom Trail, BostonPacket
5154Washington D.C.Packet
5155A Picture Tour Through the White HousePacket
5156The Nation's Capitol, U.S. Capitol BuildingPacket
5160Beautiful Washington D.C.Packet
5162Shenandoah National ParkPacket
5163Mount VernonPacket
5164 Arlington National Cemetery1970Packet
5168Natural Bridge1965Packet
5169Beautiful Caverns of LurayPacket
5170Car & Carriage Caravan, Luray CavernsPacket
5171Skyline CavernsPacket
5174Mammoth Cave National Park No.1Packet
5176Mammoth Cave National Park No.2Packet
5177Blue Ridge ParkwayPacket
5179Lookout MountainPacket
5181Rock City Gardens #1Packet
5182 Rock City Gardens #2Packet
5193Bellingrath Gardens, MobilePacket
5196Everglades National ParkPacket
5199New OrleansPacket
5202Greater Miami & Miami BeachPacket
5207Parrot Jungle #2Packet
5210Sarasota Jungle GardensPacket
5216Scenic U.S.A.Packet
5224San JuanPacket
5225Historic Puerto RicoPacket
5227Grand Tour of Europe1989Packet
5241The Holy Land, IsraelPacket
5243Inside ChinaPacket
5263Miami Seaquarium No.1Packet
5264Miami Seaquarium No.2Packet
5265Florida's Silver SpringsPacket
5267New York City Tour No.2 Packet
5268San Diego Zoo No.1Packet
5269San Diego Zoo No.2Packet
5270San Diego Wild Animal ParkPacket
5273Yellowstone National Park #2Packet
5274Yellowstone National Park #1Packet
5276Badlands National ParkPacket
5277Mount Rushmore National MemorialPacket
5289U.S. SpaceportPacket
5290Ruby FallsPacket
5300Monument Valley, Land of the NavahoPacket
5304Yosemite National Park #2Packet
5310Monterey Peninsula, Carmel to Big SurPacket
5311California Missions1980Packet
5314Grand Canyon No.1Packet
5315Grand Canyon No.2Packet
5317Sea World Florida No.21982Packet
5318Sea World CaliforniaPacket
5319Sea World Shows & AnimalsPacket
5321Sea World Florida No.1 1982Packet
5325Cedar Point, SanduskyPacket
5326Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show1983Packet
5327London Bridge, Lake Havasu City1975Packet
5329Meramec CavernsPacket
5331The Holy Land, Israel1983Packet
5332Jerusalem & the Judean WildernessPacket
5333Six Flags Magic MountainPacket
5334Meteor CraterPacket
5336Circus World #2, OrlandoPacket
5338Knott's Berry Farm, Camp Snoopy Packet
5339Los Angeles & HollywoodPacket
5340San Francisco Tour #11976Packet
5341San Francisco Tour #21976Packet
5343Six Flags Movieland, Buena ParkPacket
5344Universal Studios Tour #1Packet
5345Universal Studios Entertainment Center Tour No.2Packet
5347Knott's Berry FarmPacket
5348Marineland Palos Verdes1982Packet
5349Las VegasPacket
5350Yosemite National Park1984 Packet
5351Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson1986Packet
5352Niagara FallsPacket
5353San Xavier Mission, TucsonPacket
5354St. Augustine & Alligator Farm1986Packet
5355Scotty's Castle, Death Valley National MonumentPacket
5356Sea World CaliforniaPacket
5357Sea World Shows & AnimalsPacket
5358NASA Spaceport, Kennedy Space CenterPacket
5359Desert Wild FlowersPacket
5360 Universal Studios Tour No. 1, Hollywood1990Packet
5362North PolePacket
5363Sea World Florida1987Packet
5364San Antonio1987Packet
5365St. Louis Riverfront, Jefferson National Expansion MemorialPacket
5372 GermanyPacket
5374Lake Louise, Canadian RockiesPacket
5375Statue of LibertyPacket
5377Canyon de Chelly National Monument1988Packet
5378Butchart GardensPacket
5380Universal Studios Hollywood #21988Packet
5382Sea World CaliforniaPacket
5383Sea World FloridaPacket
5384Statue of Liberty1989Packet
5385Trans-Canada Highway, Ontario to British ColumbiaPacket
5386In the BeginningPacket
5387The Birth of JesusPacket
5388Parables of JesusPacket
5389Moses & the Plagues of EgyptPacket
5390Ste. Anne de BeaupréPacket
5391Prehistoric LifePacket
5392Birds of the WorldPacket
5394Jasper National ParkPacket
5395Muir WoodsPacket
5396Redwood Highway Packet
5397Sea World TexasPacket
5398Sea World FloridaPacket
5399Sea World CaliforniaPacket
5400Sea World Shows & Animals1988Packet
5402Pyramids of EgyptPacket
5404The Easter StoryPacket
5405Banff National Park, Canadian RockiesPacket
5406Sarasota Jungle GardensPacket
5408Great Smoky Mountains National ParkPacket
5410 San Diego Zoo #1Packet
5411San Diego Zoo #2Packet
5412Hawaiian IslandsPacket
5416Inside ChinaPacket
5420Lost Civilizations of MexicoPacket
5422Biblical IsraelPacket
5424The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad1990Packet
5425New England States #1Packet
5426New England States #21965Packet
5427Southern StatesPacket
5430Scenic U.S.A.Packet
5431Mission San Juan CapistranoPacket
5432Denver & Denver Mountain ParksPacket
5433White Sands National MonumentPacket
5435Scenes from Niagara FallsPacket
5436Los Angeles County Natural History Museum1990 Packet
5437Newport MansionsPacket
5438Six Flags Magic Mountain, ValenciaPacket
5439Rock City Gardens & Lookout MountainPacket
5440Lookout MountainPacket
5441Ellis Island National MonumentPacket
5442Ponderosa Ranch, Home of "Bonanza", Lake Tahoe1990Packet
5443Historic Santa Barbara & Santa Barbara MissionPacket
5444San Diego Wild Animal ParkPacket
5445San Francisco Tour #31991Packet
5446 Apollo Moon LandingPacket
5447America's First Steps into Space1990Packet
5448Universal Studios Florida #1Packet
5449Universal Studios Florida #2Packet
54501992 National Stereoscopic Association National ConventionPacket
5451Los Angeles Zoo1992Packet
5452Street Rods #1Packet
5453Street Rods #2Packet
5454San Antonio Missions1990Packet
5455Sea World CaliforniaPacket
5456 Universal Studios #1Packet
5459Mount St. HelensPacket
5460Six Flags Magic MountainPacket
5463The Restored Ford's Theater & Lincoln MuseumPacket
5465Intrepid Sea-Air-Space MuseumPacket
5470Graceland Mansion, MemphisPacket
5472Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton #1Packet
5473Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton #2Packet
5475Universal Studios #2Packet
5476Spaceport U.S.A.Packet
5477Across the Sea of TimePacket
5486Hoover Dam & Lake MeadPacket
5487Las Vegas1997Packet
5488Portland, City of RosesPacket
5489Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. LouisPacket
5490Grand Tour of EuropePacket
5494Oregon Coast AquariumPacket
5495The Civil War Packet
7043More Scenes from E.T. The ExtraterrestrialPacket
7048Pebbles & Bamm-BammPacket
7053Bugs BunnyPacket
7089Super HeroesPacket
7091Bugs Bunny/Road RunnerPacket
7100The Fox & the HoundPacket
7102The Amazing Spider-Man #2Packet
7105E.T. The ExtraterrestrialPacket
7114Jaws 3-D Packet
7115Superman IIIPacket
7119Sesame Street Visits the FarmPacket
7127Knight RiderPacket
7130Inspector GadgetPacket
7134The Last StarfighterPacket
7138Rainbow BritePacket
7140Masters of the Universe #2Packet
7148Hugga BunchPacket
7152Barbie & the Rockers1986Packet
7170Dennis the MenacePacket
7171The Wind in the WillowsPacket
7172Who Framed Roger RabbitPacket
7180Indiana JonesPacket
7181Star Trek: The Next GenerationPacket
7192Super Mario BrothersPacket
7195Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesPacket
7196Dick TracyPacket
7197Fraggle RockPacket
7198Minnie 'n MePacket
7199Bugs BunnyPacket
7200Chip 'n Dale in "Rescue Rangers"Packet
7201Mickey Mouse FantasyPacket
7203Sesame Street Visits the ZooPacket
7204Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesPacket
7205Tiny Toon AdventuresPacket
7206The Little MermaidPacket
7207Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IIPacket
7208Mickey's World TourPacket
7209 Sesame Street Green Earth & Blue SkiesPacket
7211Beauty & the BeastPacket
7212Family MattersPacket
7215The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesPacket
8000Mission San Juan Capistrano1987Packet
8001Meteor CraterPacket
8002Bandelier National Monument, Taos - Santa FePacket
8003California's Historic Capitol, SacramentoPacket
8004George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries, Los Angeles1988Packet
8005Calico Ghost TownPacket
8007White Sands National MonumentPacket
8008Ponderosa Ranch, Home of "Bonanza" TV, Lake TahoePacket
8009Pikes Peak Auto & Rail Tours1987Packet
8010Shenandoah Caverns1987Packet
B 7887The Civil War, Authentic Stereographs 1861-18652003Packet
BA 240DisneylandPacket
BA 689New YorkPacket
BA 997U.S.A.Packet
BB 001Mexico
BB 228 Makkah Mukarrama, Holy City of Islam
BB 315Pinocchio/Lady and the Tramp/Snow White
BB 3164Merlin und Mim
BB 318Cinderella (Aschenbrödel)
BB 342Robin Hood
BB 364Alice in Wonderland
BB 369Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
BB 37020,000 Leagues Under the Sea1978Packet
BB 372Peter Pan
BB 374Gullivers Reisen
BB 376Mary Poppins
BB 3804 A Christmas Carol
BB 393James Bond 007 in "Live and Let Die"
BB 4194Babar
BB 420Rotkäppchen
BB 425Heidi
BB 432Treasure Island
BB 4434Winnetou & Old Surehand
BB 450Mannix
BB 451Space: 1999
BB 452The Rookies
BB 453S.W.A.T.
BB 454Joe Forrester
BB 485 Flipper
BB 487Bonanza
BB 489Lassie
BB 492#1Batman I1978
BB 498Daktari
BB 511Tom & Jerry
BB 512Huckleberry Hound
BB 523Walt Disney Figuren
BB 525Donald Duck
BB 526Mighty Mouse
BB 527Popeye
BB 5271Popeye
BB 529Pluto
BB 532Pongo & Perdita
BB 544Snoopy & the Red Baron
BB 549Bugs Bunny in "Big Top Bunny"
BB 551Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse/Goofy
BB 553Scooby Doo
BB 559The Six Million Dollar Man
BB 584Superman
BB 586Happy Days
BB 5924The Partridge Family
BB 594Hond Op de Vlucht
BB 7284Winnetou
BB 7704Circus
BB 901The Seven Wonders of the World
BC 002Athens
BC 020Greece
BC 115Monaco
BC 179Les Vosges
BC 182Les Pelerins, Lourdes
BC 184Les Environs de Lourdes
BC 199Lourdes, le Calvaire
BC 203Lisieux
BC 212Tour Eiffel
BC 220Grottes de Betharram
BC 227 Les Châteaux de la Loire
BC 230France
BC 231Paris Monuments
BC 2365La vie de Bernadette - Les apparitions1975
BC 237Souvenir de Versailles
BC 265Lisboa
BC 270Portugal
BC 271Madeira
BC 277#5Famous Buildings of London
BC 309The British Isles
BC 320Great Britain
BC 343Ireland
BC 352#4Vallée de la Semois
BC 358Brussels
BC 361Brugge
BC 363Grottes de Hans-sur-Lesse
BC 365Vallée de la Meuse
BC 366#4Gent
BC 367#4Antwerpen
BC 368Les Ardennes
BC 369Meli
BC 3695Oostende
BC 3786Bobbejaanland, Indian Museum Cowboy
BC 3787Bobbejaanland, Cowboy Town 1880
BC 380Echternach & Sure Valley
BC 381Luxemburg
BC 382Vianden to Clervaux
BC 386Traditional Costumes of Holland
BC 388Amsterdam
BC 396De Efteling
BC 400Holland
BC 4155Düsseldorf
BC 4156Bonn
BC 4224Linderhof
BC 4226Neuschwanstein
BC 4364Rüdesheim am Rein1977
BC 4381Phantasialand
BC 470Deutschland
BC 530Sweden
BC 532Jordan
BC 5321Jordan
BC 570Antwerpse Zoo
BC 571Planckendael
BC 680Yugoslavia
BC 705Egypt
BC 713Tunisie
BC 719Maroc
BC 733Sahara
BC 734Algerie
BC 758Queen Elizabeth Visits Nigeria
BC 758Côte D'Ivoire
BC 771Ghana
BC 772Niger
BC 773Mali
BC 774Togo
BC 805Turkey
BC 806Istanbul
BC 815Le Liban
BC 827Bayt al Muqaddas
BC 839Oman
BC 841El Madina
BC 843 Hajj & Ziarah
BC 845Karbala
BC 849Bahrain
BC 850Iraq
BC 940Cyprus
BC 980Japan
BD 105Laurel & HardyPacket
BD 1161Tweety & Sylvester
BD 117ButterfliesPacket
BD 118Secrets of the SeaPacket
BD 123Der Kleine DäumlingPacket
BD 127Safari in AfricaPacket
BD 130 AladdinPacket
BD 131WomblernePacket
BD 135Black BeautyPacket
BD 1414Motor Bikes
BD 1434Bobo
BD 1464Parrots
BD 1474Dumbo
BD 148BozoPacket
BD 1484Bozo
BD 150Mondbasis AlphaPacket
BD 151BirdsPacket
BD 1514Birds of Europe
BD 1524Baby Animals
BD 1554Woogly het Oerwoudjong
BD 1564Donald Duck Goes Gardening
BD 1574Suske en Wiske, de Gouden Locomotif
BD 1575Suske en Wiske, de Minilotten
BD 1576Suske en Wiske, de Zingende Kaars
BD 1577Suske en Wiske, de Regenboogprinses
BD 1614Hugo the Hippo
BD 162Mr. Man1977Packet
BD 162#4Mr. Funny1976
BD 1644Bugs Bunny
BD 165Casimir, Détective Packet
BD 166GedeonPacket
BD 167NounoursPacket
BD 168Paddington BearPacket
BD 169Die BeertjiebootPacket
BD 170Suske en WiskePacket
BD 171Casimir, Comme CouturierPacket
BD 174The Famous FivePacket
BD 175GoldorakPacket
BD 178DustyPacket
BD 179Kenny Everett's Captain KremmenPacket
BD 181The Water BabiesPacket
BD 183Dr. SnugglesPacket
BD 184The PerishersPacket
BD 185Worzel GummidgePacket
BD 186Battle of the Planets1979Packet
BD 187Doctor Who - Full Circle1980Packet
BD 188Dick TurpinPacket
BD 189The Flying KiwiPacket
BD 190Larry the Lamb1980Packet
BD 191SootyPacket
BD 194Smuggler1981Packet
BD 195Pelle SvanslosPacket
BD 196Royal Family1981Packet
BD 197The Munch BunchPacket
BD 198Ulysse 31Packet
BD 199Adam & the Ants1982Packet
BD 201Candy-CandyPacket
BD 203Les Mâitre du TempsPacket
BD 205MorphPacket
BD 206TiswasPacket
BD 208Le Vallée SecrétePacket
BD 210The Royal Wedding, London, July 29, 1981Packet
BD 211Le Village Dans Les NuagesPacket
BD 212Button MoonPacket
BD 214Danger Mouse "Trip to America"1982Packet
BD 215Willo the WispPacket
BD 216Dr. Who in "Castrovalva"Packet
BD 217Metal MickeyPacket
BD 218Postman PatPacket
BD 222British Animals of Field & Woodland1983Packet
BD 247Steam Trains, Railway Museum at YorkPacket
BD 3825Vianden, Grand Duche de Luxemburg
BH 011The Amazing Spider-ManPacket
BH 026 The RescuersPacket
BJ 011M*A*S*H1979Packet
BJ 012Pink Panther1978Packet
BJ 013The FonzPacket
BJ 029Mickey MousePacket
BJ 078Superman: The Motion PicturePacket
BK 026Superman: The Motion PicturePacket
BK 027The Muppet MoviePacket
BK 035The Black Hole1979Packet
BK 036The Fantastic FourPacket
BK 057Star Treck - The Motion Picture1979Packet
BK 067Mork & MindyPacket
BK 068MoonrakerPacket
BL 014CHiPs1980Packet
BL 015Buck Rodgers1980Packet
BL 029The Fox & the HoundPacket
BM 007The Fox & the HoundPacket
BM 009Dark CrystalPacket
BM 037TronPacket
BN 001De Vliegende Smurf Packet
BN 003AnniePacket
BN 007E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial1982Packet
C 3524Vallée de la SemoisPacket
C 3584Brussels, the Grand-PlacePacket
C 3664GentPacket
C 3674AntwerpenPacket
C 3695OostendePacket
C 3786Bobbejaanland Indian, Cowboy MuseumPacket
C 4224LinderhofPacket
CR 395Holland - Souvenir Expo '92 Sevilla1992Packet
D 001Mickey MousePacket
D 002Mickey MousePacket
D 003Donald DuckPacket
D 004PlutoPacket
D 005Snow WhitePacket
D 006CinderellaPacket
D 007Sleeping BeautyPacket
D 008BambiPacket
D 009DumboPacket
D 010Peter PanPacket
D 011Winnie the PoohPacket
D 012101 DalmationsPacket
D 013PinocchioPacket
D 014Disney on ParadePacket
D 015÷8DisneylandPacket
D 1614Hugo the Hippo
L 1687Historic People2006Packet
L 1688Old Time CarsPacket
M 01Alice in WonderlandPacket
M 02Wizard of OzPacket
M 03Humpty Dumpty/Jack & JillPacket
M 1956Unseen Ellis Island2007Packet
RP-B 0012MexicoPacket
RP-B 0963Africa - Cairo to Cape TownPacket
RP-B 2263The Holy LandPacket
T-1÷3Tokyo DisneylandPacket
TK 53-ASuper Friends1979Packet

Demo Reels

Reel No.TitleYear of issueFileFile No.
002-048Godzilla in "Godzilla's Rampage!"
002-053Look & See in 3-D
002-199Jim Henson's Muppets
002-553Look & See in 3-D
002-680Scenic Attractions
002-863Look & See in 3-D
004-397Disney Subjects
004-427 Scenic Attractions
004-863Look & See in 3-D
012-074Look & See in 3-D
012-325Exciting Mickey Mouse Stories
012-419Look & See in 3-D
012995Look & See in 3-D1995
012995.17Free with viewer
012-996Look & See in 3-D
CDR-78Previews of View-Master Entertainment!
DR-01 The View-Master Personal Stereo Camera1952
DR-02"Stereo-Matic 500" Projector Demonstration Reel1949
DR-03The View-Master Stereo Family1954
DR-04Starred in View-Master Stereo1954
DR-05Starred in View-Master 3-Dimensions
DR-06View-Master Stereo-Engineered Positive Alignment1954
DR-07Boys & Girls View-Master Three Dimension Sample Reel
DR-08Boys & Girls View-Master Three Dimension Sample Reel1955
DR-09Your Free View-Master "Fun Parade Reel"1952
DR-10 View-Master Demonstrator Reel1957
DR-11Atlas of Human Anatomy Stereo Demonstrator Reel1952
DR-12Stereos from the Atlas of Human Anatomy1952
DR-13View-Master Scenic Wonders of North America1958
DR-14View-Master People of Other Lands1957
DR-15View-Master Wonders of Nature1958
DR-16Beautiful North America1957
DR-17People Around the World1957
DR-18Animal & Flower Wonders1958
DR-19North American Travel Scenes1958
DR-20World Travel Wonders1958
DR-21Highlights from Classic Stories1958
DR-22Travelogues of North America1957
DR-23Scenic Wonders of the World1948
DR-24The World of Adventure1954
DR-25North American Wonderlands1947
DR-26Scenes of Other Lands1947
DR-27Highlights from Fairy Tales1958
DR-28What's New in View-Master Reels, Spring 19591959
DR-29Stereo Seeing Is At Its Best in View-Master Reels
DR-30Examples of Scientific Uses of Stereo Illustrations1958
DR-35Stereo Gives Your Product a Dramatic Presentation
DR-37Stereo Showcase of View-Master Pictures
DR-38View-Master International Series, "The World At Your Fingertips"
DR-401961 Annual Report to Stockholders of Sawyer's Inc., Portland
DR-41Seattle World's Fair, 19621962
DR-43Preview Reel, New Fall 1962 View-Master Packets1962
DR-44Stereo Showcase of View-Master Pictures
DR-45 View-Master Preview Reel, Picture Tour of U.S. Cities
DR-46View-Master Preview Reel, Picture Tour of National Parks
DR-47VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Vacationlands, Western U.S.A.
DR-48VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Vacationlands, Eastern U.S.A.
DR-49VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Scenic Wonders U.S.A.
DR-50VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of U.S. Tourist Attractions
DR-51VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Historical Landmarks
DR-52VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Famous World Cities
DR-53 VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Nations of the World
DR-54VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of the World at Your Fingertips
DR-55VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Famous World Scenes
DR-56VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of People of Many Lands
DR-57VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of The Ancient World
DR-58VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Classic Children's Stories
DR-59VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Television & Cartoon Favorites1953
DR-62What In The World Do You Want To See?
DR-63 What In The World Do You Want To See?
DR-64VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Famous World Cities
DR-65VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Famous World Scenes
DR-66VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour People of Many Lands
DR-67VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of Classic Children's Stories
DR-68Highlights from the White House 21-scene Packet
DR-69View-Master Preview Reel, Fairy Tales
DR-70View-Master Preview Reel, Scenic Wonders, U.S.A.
DR-71View-Master Preview Reel, United States Cities
DR-72View-Master Preview Reel, TV & Cartoon Favorites
DR-73View-Master Preview Reel, Cities of the World
DR-74Welcome to Sawyer's - Your Plant Tour1965
DR-75Picture Tour of Expo '67
DR-76View-Master Preview Reel, Space Travel & Rockets1959
DR-77Previews of View-Master Entertainment!!
DR-78Previews of View-Master Entertainment!!
DR-82View-Master Preview, Picture Reel of Family Entertainment
DRE-01Stereo Seeing is at Its Best in View-Master Reels
DRE-02The World at Your Fingertips
DRE-05Picture Tour of Classic Children's Tales
DRE-06VM Preview Reel, Picture Tour of T.V. & Cartoon Favorites
DRE-07Picture Tour of Adventure Classics
DRE-08Picture Tour of Nature Series
DRE-09Ein Blick in Nationen der Welt
DRE-10Picture Tour of European Cities
DRE-11-NFKeuze-Schijf VII
DRE-12Picture Tour of People of Many Lands
DRE-13What In The World Do You Want To See?
DRE-14Picture Tour of Special Interest Series
DRE-16Ein Blick in Film und Fernsehen Figuren
DRE-17Picture Tour of Television Shows
DRE-21Newcomers & Best-Sellers of 1968
DRE-22A Little Tour Through the gaf View-Master Collection
DRE-27Children's Stories
DRE-28Children's Stories
DRE-37Auswahl-Scheibe Szenen aus Kinder-Geschichten
DRE-38Children's Stories
DRE-50Discover the Wonderful World of 3-D
DRE-55Discover the Wonderful World of 3-D
DRE-63Free with viewer
DRE-66Preview Reel
DRE-67Preview Reel
DRE-70Preview Reel
DRE-72Preview Reel
PR-1VM Preview Reel: Spring-Summer1953