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Chinese Art

In Three-Dimensional Colour

This monumental work was published in 1969 by The Asia Society for The Gruber Foundation in the USA. It contains four hardbound books with 180 stereo reels inside. The first three volumes contain 44 stereo reels each, with the fourth volume containing 48 stereo reels (published by GAF Corporation). The complete set also contained the model "D" focusing stereo viewer with stand. The books describe items of Chinese art of the period from 2500 B.C. to 1912 A.D. The 1300 pages describe 1200 objects made of earthenware, bronze, bone, gold, jade, stone, ivory and glass. The stereoscopic pictures were photographed by William B. Gruber (inventor of stereo reel - 1939, also author of reels with plants, mushrooms and a stereoscopic atlas of human anatomy). After his tragic death in 1965, his friend Rupert Leach, completed the photography. The work was then published in 1969 with the effort of Mrs. Norma Gruber. Harry Garner and Margaret Medley are the authors of the books. In each volume you can find descriptions of the corresponding stereo reels, professional foreword and a list of reference literature. Only 1000 copies were published. Authors took pictures of objects from museums in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan and from private collections.

Chinese Art Chinese Art

Time periods taken in four volumes

Volume I
Neolithic period cca 2500 B.C. - cca 1520 B.C.
Shang dynastycca 1520 B.C. - cca 1030 B.C.
Western Chou dynastycca 1030 B.C. - cca 722 B.C.
Eastern Chou dynastycca 722 B.C. - cca 480 B.C.
Warring States periodcca 480 B.C. - 206 B.C.
Volume II
Han dynasty206 B.C. - A.D. 220
Six dynastiesA.D. 220 - A.D. 589
Sui dynastyA.D. 589 - A.D. 618
Tang dynastyA.D. 618 - A.D. 906
Volume III
Five dynastiesA.D. 907 - A.D. 960
Sung dynastyA.D. 960 - A.D. 1280
Yuan dynastyA.D. 1280 - A.D. 1368
Volume IV
Ming dynastyA.D. 1368 - A.D. 1644
Ch'ing dynastyA.D. 1644 - A.D. 1912