Viewers made in Czechoslovakia

Meopta pins

Prototype of Meoskop - made of metal, 5.5x Magnification, possibility of adjustment eye distance.

Prototype Prototype

Meoskop I (1959) - made from red-brown bakelite. Mentioned enlargement 5,5x. It has little bit bigger size (2-3 mm) then Meoskop III.
Links to the catalogue sheet.

Meoskop I Meoskop I

Meoskop II (1962). 7x Magnification, focusing ability in the range from -5 to +3 diopters.
Viewer was produced in different brown-white combinations. Price was 94 CSK. Link to the manual and catalogue sheet.

Meoskop II Meoskop II
Meoskop II Box

Meoskop III (1968 - made from plastic). Mentioned enlargement 5,5x. Meoskop III was produced in different colours,
price was 35 CSK. Links to the manual version 1, 2 and 3 and catalogue sheet.

brown grey
grey-brown, grey-black box
marbled-brown marbled-brown

Meoskop IV (1973). Like other Meoskops also this one is sized to view pictures at 10.5 x 11.5 mm. Price 35 CSK, Magnification 5,5x. Catalogue sheet

Meoskop IV Meoskop IV
Box Box

Meoskop V (1981), price 40 CSK, 6x Magnification. Link to the catalogue sheet.

Meoskop V Meoskop V
Box Box

Illuminator for Meoskop I, II and III was sold in a paper box for 34 CSK. Link to the manual and catalogue sheet.

Illuminator Illuminator

Original battery

Illuminator adaptation - The bulb was replaced with a 4 piece white LED for illumination.
The illumination is more intense and have a white natural color (instead of a yellow tint).

Modification of illuminator Together with Meoskop II

Folding viewer Filip (1971). Producer was company called "Filmové laboratoře Gottwaldov" (Film labs). Link to the manual and patent document (pdf).


Filip Filip

Viewer Klad - producer was company called "Okresní kovopodnik Kladno" (Czech manual).

Viewer Viewer